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    AMC MCQ 2005B2
    Recall, Adelaide, ‘Version alter, off handwritten original’

    1. 4 days after Normal Vaginal Delivery came with 38oC fever,
    a. Unsutured vaginal tear.
    b. DVT
    c. Endometritis
    d. Mastitis
    e. Breast Engorgement

    2. Which one is normal in new born
    a. fever
    b. HR less than 70
    c. Breast enlargement

    3. Best to know gestational age
    a. US at about 8 wks
    b. US at about 18 wks

    4. Common side effect of olanzepine
    a. Nuetropenia
    b. Hypotension
    c. Sexual dysfunction
    d. Weight gain
    e. Parkinsonism

    5. Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
    a. Carbamazepine
    b. Nortriptyline

    6. Not in MS
    a. 3rd heart sound
    b. calcification

    7. 38wks gestation, in labour with some complain (cant remember properly), PV done, next step.
    a. PV
    b. CTG
    c. CS

    8. A pg women of 32 wks of gestation will report to the hospital for all of the reason except,
    a. show
    b. rupture membrane
    c. profuse bleeding
    d. blurring vision with ankle edema

    9. all true except,
    a. Acute polyhydromneos is more common then chronic polyhydromneos.

    10. pic of hand and forearm (black mark) develop over last six month.
    a. burn
    b. leprosy
    c. TB

    11. pic of osteoma.

    12. Xray of tuberculus lymph node

    13. Consent for operation for a 15 yr old girl who is independent can be taken,
    a. herself
    b. parents who are guardian
    c. grandmother who is not a guardian
    d. not required in case of emergency when need to save life

    14. 15 yr old boy who was diagnosed as UTI got antibiotic, came to outdoor after one wk of last visit when he finished his antibiotic and has no symptoms,
    a. reassure
    b. do the urine test to confirm that he is not suffering from UTI any more

    15. lt upper abdominal mass of a 3 yr old with periorbital/supraorbital pateche,
    a. neuroblastoma
    b. nephroblastoma
    c. hepatoma

    16. fever and rigor,
    a. appendicitis
    b. cholengitis
    c. meningitis

    17. Blood picture Fe decrease, Ferittin increase, transferin decreased,
    a. iron def anemia
    b. hemolysis
    c. anemia of chronic dis

    18. keratoacanthoma
    a. slow growing
    b. rapid growing and can resolve itself

    19. which one is the indication of heart failure in an obstructive dis,
    a. FEV1 < 1 liter
    b. Increased PCO2

    20. 9 Yr old, urine MSU exam, leukocyte 20 (<50), culture 105 thousand what is the management,
    a. Clotrimoxazol
    b. Urine exam again

    21. Qus of ME 67 from AMCQ

    22. A man with exacerbating chest pain for more than an hour, what you will do,
    a. if no change in ECG don’t give streptokinage

    23. A man came to the emergency with sudden sever chest pain radiating to back,
    first step of management
    a. morphine and give streptokinage
    b. aspirine
    c. transesophageal echocardiogram.

    24. which one is more chronic
    a. HBV
    b. HCV
    c. HAV
    d. HDV

    25. Which is not true about polycythemia rubra vera,
    a. increase erythropoietin
    b. decrease WBC
    c. increase platelate
    d. splenomegaly
    e. bleeding

    26. Mammography,
    a. prefer >45 yrs of age
    b. better then self exam.

    27. A qus on lacuner infract.

    28. complication of colles fracture,
    a. malunion
    b. non union

    29. after a forceful vomiting, dyspnea and subcutaneous emphysema and diminished chest movement,
    a. rupture esophagus
    b. rupture trachea

    30. most reliable sign for RHF for a child,
    a. enlarge liver
    b. engorge vein
    c. ankle edema

    31. somatization disorder (previous recall)

    32. Rubela exposure for a 23 yr old school teacher.

    33. A baby of 7 days old found cyanosed and dyspnea, after giving oxygen become alright,
    a. Hypoplastic lt heart
    b. Falt tetralogy
    c. Transposition of great vessles
    d. VSD
    e. ASD

    34. Diagnostic point for ingunal hernia,
    a. Transluminency
    b. Not get above the swelling.

    35. Fourth attack of gout in last 2 yrs, treatment of choice,
    a. alluperinol
    b. NSAID

    36. A person diagnosed with renal stone which is uric acid stone and he had been diagnosed with the same 3 time before which stones were passed in urine previously. Treatment of choice,
    a. Hydrochlorothyazide
    b. Aluperinol

    37. 34 wks gestation with preeclampsia in labour, next management,
    a. try for NVD
    b. CS

    38. previous recall of bronchial cyst

    39. which of the drug contraindicated in renal artery stenosis
    a. ACE inhibitor
    b. beta blocker

    40. which is an acquired condition,
    a. protein C def
    b. protein S def
    c. anti cardiolipin antibody

    41. pg and antiphospholipid antibody, which one correct,
    a. miscarriage in 1st trimester
    b. miscarriage in 2nd trimester

    42. cause of polyhydromneos,
    a. anencephaly
    b. urinary track abnormality of fetus

    43. cause of hypercalcemia
    a. paget dis
    b. renal failure

    44. Ischemic pain in lower limb due to superficial art obstruction,
    a. pain in buttock
    b. calf pain
    c. pain in rest

    45. Sudden loss of memory with weakness of both leg for 10 min with blurring of vision in an old man,
    a. carotid stenosis
    b. vertebrobasilary insufficiency

    46. H/O asbestos exposure for 4 yrs and 20 yrs smoking with cough,
    a. br carcinoma
    b. broncheactasis
    c. Asbestosis
    d. Mesothelioma

    47. A young boy came with sore throat, mouth ulcer, diagnosis
    a. herpes stomatitis

    48. A women had a baby with cleft lip/palate, became pg again, what is true about her 2nd baby to have cleft palate.
    a. 10% chance
    b. 2-4% chance
    c. same as general population

    49. In hemolytic anemia what is true,
    a. increase urobillinogen
    b. increase billirubin
    c. increase conjugated billirubin

    50. Late complication of colles fracture
    a. Nonunion
    b. malunion
    c. wrist stiffness

    51. Injury to which nerve recover
    a. digital nerve

    52. coming back from bali, fever, jaundice, increase ALP, increase AST, increase ALT. what is the diagnosis,
    a. S cholengitis
    b. hepatitis A
    c. hepatitis B
    d. hepatitis C

    53. Whis is the most important factor in counseling a patient
    a. you should not take notes or attend any phone call during the interview.
    b. should be conducted at the same time and for 50 min each time.
    c. always ask open end question.
    d. confidentiality

    54. A 24yr mother who gave birth to baby boy complaints of insomnia and irritability, she als times has suicidal ideas after the childbirth. What is true regarding this patient?
    a. onset is characteristically with 12 hr
    b. ECT is the treatment of choice
    c. Mothers bonding towards baby want be affected
    d. separation.

    55. regarding non accidental injury, which of the following is true
    a. toddler are more commonly affected
    b. other children in the family wouldn’t be affected
    c. alcohol and drug abuse not important
    d. more common with children of low birth weight, premature and developmentally disabled.
    e. majority of parents would have psychiatric disorder

    56. about post traumatic stress disorder, which is not true
    a. does not develop in every person who is affected with the same severe stressful event.
    b. depends on the age of the patient.
    c. does not depend on the degree involvement.
    d. assaulted spouses of domestic violence.
    e. debriefing and counseling are initial effective treatment

    57. ‘Ecstasy’ A commonly used stimulant drug in Australia. Its similar to which of the following
    a. opiod
    b. methamphetamine
    c. cannabis
    d. cocaine
    e. LSD

    58. a 68 yr old femail COPD pt was brought by her husband complaints that he had seen her wandering in the backyard in her bedclothes on three occasions during the last one month. What is your initial investigation in the emergency department regarding this patient?
    a. chest x ray
    b. urine microscopy
    c. CT scan
    d. psychiatric assessment
    e. pulse oxymeter.

    59. A 40 yr old female treated for schizophrenia was admitted frequently before for not taking her prescribed medication. She has delusional ideas, such as grandiose delusions. She also says she communicates with angels and not having any illness, and she does not have to take any medication. What is her problem called in psychiatry?
    a. therapeutic delusions
    b. side effect of drug
    c. impaired insight

    60. on counseling a patient he was talking irrelevant things and changing topic and trying to avoid that topic and not coming to the point. What is this reaction called,
    a. resistance
    b. suppression
    c. regression
    d. repression
    e. projection

    61. psychiatric side effect of corticosteroid which of the following is true
    a. psychiatric symptoms are affected by the past history of psychiatric illness of the patient.
    b. it does not depend on the psychiatric illness of the patient.
    c. if symptoms are more severe of hypomanic sysptoms
    d. less severe symptoms are of depressive symptoms
    e. on withdrawal it can cause delirium.

    62. alcoholic patient admitted with epigastric pain, on taking history he says he drinks 3 bottles per wk of bobourn whisky. On counseling him what wil be your important initial point.
    a. advise for controlled drinking.
    b. give his doxacard(drug)?
    c. giscuss about the safe leveling of drinking.
    d. refer him for detoxication
    63. prolonged neurological sequale in the baby can occur if the mother has taken which of the following drug in third trimester?
    a. TCA
    b. antipsychotics
    c. anticonvulsants
    d. benzodiazepines
    e. opiods

    64. a 22 yr old girl with history of vomiting, loss fo weight and amenorrhea. History compatible with anorexia nervosa. At present what are the investigations you will do except
    a. serum electrolyte
    b. liver function test
    c. gonadotrophin levels.
    d. ECG
    e. bone densitometry

    65. a 58 yr old businessman finds it difficult to travel by air. When he things about traveling he feels nauseated and dizzy. Because of that he is mostly confined to his house. What is the most likely diagnosis,
    a. social phobia.
    b. panic attack with agoraphobia
    c. depression
    d. generalized anxiety
    e. specific phobia

    66. body image dysmophism is found in which of the following disorders except
    a. hypochondriasis
    b. anorexia nervosa
    c. acromegaly
    d. dody dimorphic disorder
    e. non dominant parietal lobe

    67. both parents have definitive schizpphrenia. What is the chance of their child getting affected by schizpphrenia?
    a. less than 1%
    b. more than 90%
    c. more than 50%
    d. about one third
    e. 10%

    68. which of the following is not related to cultural background
    a. homicidal frenzy and later amnesia
    b. anorexia nervosa
    c. chronic fatigue syndrome
    d. schizophrenia

    69. a patient has taken 50 tablets of paracetamol within 8hr. what is the least likely effective management in preventing hepatic failure.
    a. oral methionine
    b. oral N acetylcystine
    c. IV N acetylcystine.
    d. activated charcoal
    e. peritoneal dialysis.

    70. A weakness of all the intrinsic hand muscles except the thenar is caused by:
    A. Ulnar nerve
    B. Median nerve
    C. Radial nerve
    D. Axillary nerve

    71. Which tumour almost NEVER metastasises to the brain?
    A. Malignant melanoma
    B. Pancreatic carcinoma
    C. Prostate cancer
    D. Breast cancer
    E. Lung Cancer
    F. Renal cell Cancer

    72. A 40y old woman cannot read the telephone book. What is the likely problem?
    A. Glaucoma
    B. Cataract
    C. Presbyopia
    D. Myopia
    E. Hypermetropia

    73. A 70y old lady has recurrent superficial thrombophlebitis and DVT. She has been treated with anticoagulants, warfarin AND aspirin, but it still occurs.
    A. She has small cell lung cancer
    B. She has epithelial ovarian carcinoma
    C. She has mucinous carcinoma of the colon
    D. Myeloid leukaemia
    E. Pancreatic cancer

    74. Tension pneumothorax, treatment:
    A. Wide-bore needle insertion in the 2nd intercostal space anteriorly
    B. Intubation
    C. Chest drain tube insertion in the 4th mid-axillary line

    75. The number one cause of death in Australia is cardiovascular disease, what is the second most common cause of death?

    A. Accidents
    B. Respiratory disease
    C. Malignant tumours
    D. Cerebro-vascular cause

    76. A patient who has had a kidney transplant 1 year ago has now developed meningitis (CSF results consistent with TB). What is the diagnostic test?

    A. Antibodies to Cryptococcus
    B. Ziehl-Neelsen Stain

    77. All of the following are associated with Pulmonary Embolism EXCEPT:

    A. bronchial breathing
    B. syncope
    C. pleuritic pain
    D. reduced P2
    E. Dyspnoea

    78. Which of the following would make you MOST LIKELY to suspect malabsorption?

    A. Presence of undigested vegetables in stools
    B. Iron deficiency anaemia
    C. Megaloblastic anaemia
    D. Bulky, offensive stools for one week

    79. An elderly diabetic lady presents with symptoms of a UTI. Urine culture shows E. coli sensitive to ampicillin. She was started on amoxicillin and gentamycin but after 2 weeks shows no improvement and a blood culture shows persistent growth of the organism. What is the most likely explanation?

    A. Resistance to E coli
    B. Inappropriate dose
    C. Infection somewhere else in the body
    D. Renal papillary necrosis
    E. Perinephric abscess

    80. Staghorn calculi can be found in all of the following EXCEPT:

    A. Hypercalcaemia
    B. Hyperurea
    C. UTI
    D. Hyperparathyroidism
    E. Hyperuricaemia

    81. A 26 year old Irish man presents with a history of weight loss of 4 kg, diarrhoea and other symptoms of coeliac disease. Investigation shows slightly low IgA levels. Which is the correct statement?

    A. Small bowel biopsy is required to confirm diagnosis
    B. Anti-gliaden and anti-endomysial antibodies will exclude coeliac disease
    C. Colonoscopy and colonic biopsy

    82. Most common cause of small bowel obstruction in Australians who didn’t have a previous abdominal operation?

    A. Adhesions
    B. Groin hernia
    C. Hiatus hernia
    D. Intussusception

    83. Which of the following measures will not reduce serum potassium levels in a hyperkalaemic patient?

    A. Sodium Bicarbonate
    B. Ca salts
    C. Resonium A
    D. Dialysis
    E. Glucose and Insulin

    84. Old man with acute onset of vertigo and nausea. Now presenting with hearing loss on the L side. Diagnosis?

    A. Acute labyrinthitis
    B. Middle ear infection
    C. Menière’s disease
    D. Acoustic neuroma
    E. Vestibular neuritis

    85. What is most likely complication of ERCP?
    A. Cholangitis
    B. pancreatitis
    C. .bleeding
    86. Transmission of chronic hepatitis in Asian societies???
    a. Sexual
    b. Blood transmission
    c. Orally

    87. WOF about Mycoplasma pneumonia is not true
    1. severe cough
    2. high fever
    3. pleuritic pain

    88. Hereditary spherocytosis, wof does not occur after splenectomy – except:
    a) osmatic fragility
    b) anaemia persistence
    c) normal life span of RBC
    d) presence of spherocytes in PBF

    89. All of the following are features of basal ganglion lesion EXCEPT:
    a) ataxia
    b) chorea
    c) dystonia
    d) tremor
    e) rigidity

    90. Most common Lung Carcinoma in Non smoker?
    a. Squamous cell Ca
    b. Epithelioma
    c. Adenocarcinoma
    d. Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    91. A woman with a history of recurrent eye discharge and infection , was given course of antibiotics , responded in 2 days to antibiotics, after 2 weeks that she comes back with recurrence
    a) Antibiotics prescribed for short period
    b) Blocked lacrimal duct
    c) Gonococcal infection
    d) Chlamydia infection

    92. In a woman with mastalgia in whom conventional treatment fails the next approach should be:
    A. Danazol
    B. Bromocryptine
    C. Oral contraceptive pill
    93. Causes of post-coital bleeding in a young woman are:
    A. Cervical polyps
    B. Endometrial Carcinoma
    C. Cervical carcinoma
    D. Low oestrogen levels
    E. Trichomoniasis
    94. a young woman with acne and severe hirsutism. The treatment should be:
    A. Anti-androgens
    B. Retinoid A
    C. Isotretinoin + Tetracycline
    D. Topical steroids
    E. Broad spectrum antibiotics
    95. There is blood-stained discharge from a nipple of a 50y old female. The cause is:
    A. Ductal papilloma
    B. Paget’s disease of the nipple
    C. Fibrocystic disease
    D. Fibroadenoma
    96. A couple are both 26y old. They have not been able to conceive for 2y. She is having regular periods with 28day cycles. There is no history of previous illness or surgery. Which of the following is NOT necessary at this stage?
    A. Check for impotence and ejaculation problems
    B. Karyotyping
    C. Check progesterone levels at 21days
    D. Semen analysis
    E. Laparoscopy and hysterosalpingography
    97. All of the following are correct for Depot-Provera EXCEPT:

    A. Causes mild hypertension
    B. Amenorrhoea after 3 months
    C. First periods are irregular
    D. Weight gain
    E. Infertile for 6-12 months
    98. 21 year old woman. No abnormal findings on physical examination. On ultrasound the left ovary has 3 cystic structures, 3 mm, 7mm, and 2.2cm. What is your next step in the management of this woman?

    A. Ignore the findings
    B. Laparoscopy and drain the 2.2cm cyst for cytology
    C. Suppress with oestrogen/progesterone
    D. Repeat US scan in 4 weeks
    E. Ask her to come back after 6 weeks to check the ovaries again

    99. A patient with supraclavicular lump, what is least likely to be the primary site of metastasis:

    A. Melanoma of arm
    B. Bronchial Ca
    C. Stomach Ca
    D. Thyroid Ca

    100. A 40y old woman had severe epigastric pain 2 months ago, now came with the complain of abdominal mass, what is the diagnosis,
    A. Pancreatic pseudocyst
    B. Gastric lyomyoma
    C. Splenic cyst
    D. Gastric dilatation
    101. A 68y old lady who had a cholecystectomy 8 years ago now presents with epigastric pain of 3 days duration with jaundice and abnormal LFTs (ALP is elevated more comparing to other liver enzymes). What will be your next investigation?
    A. U/S abdomen
    B. CT scan abdomen
    C. Blood test for amylase
    D. ERCP
    102. In a patient with jaundice. What is the most important purpose of ultrasound?
    a. Check for gall stone
    b. Dilated duct

    103. The following are associated with uncomplicated haemorrhoids EXCEPT:
    A. Perianal pain
    B. Fresh Bleeding
    C. Mucous discharge
    D. Pruritus ani
    104. A 40y old male presents with a 2 day history of pain in the scrotum. The most likely diagnosis is:
    A. Acute epididymitis
    B. Torsion of the testis

    105. An 82 year old female complains of bowel irregularity. She is pale, has microcytic hypochromic anaemia. PR examination and sigmoidoscopy were normal. Most likely cause of her anaemia could be diagnosed by:
    a) colonoscopy
    b) Barium meal
    c) biopsy of rectum
    d) endoscopy
    e) Barium enema

    106. Which of the following is the most common hiatus hernia?
    a. Sliding oesophageal hernia
    b. Rolling hernia
    c. Pare oesophageal hernia
    d. Mixed hernia

    107. Which of the following symptoms in a patients’ limb is an unequivocal indication for urgent intervention?
    a) Pain
    b) Pallor
    c) Paraesthesia
    d) Temperature
    e) Loss of sensation

    108. What is characteristic of febrile convulsions?
    A. They are focal
    B. Typical age range is 6months-4years
    C. Recurrence happens in about 5% of cases
    D. Epilepsy develops later in life
    E. Family history
    109. Suddenly a child becomes dyspnoeic during his 5y old brother’s birthday party. What will be your initial investigation?
    A. Allergy testing
    B. Inspiratory and expiratory CXR
    C. Chest CT
    110. A child is having diarrhoea and is dehydrated, now having convulsions. Which of the following is the most likely association?
    A. Na 156mmol/l
    B. Na 132mmol/l
    C. K 2.5mmol/l
    D. K 6.9mmol/l
    111. A 9 day old baby comes in with forceful vomiting for 2 days. The biochemistry shows:
    - Na 125mmol/l
    - K 7.7mmol/l
    - Cl 80mmol/l
    - HCO2 18mmol/l
    112. A Child presents with sunken eyes, delayed skin turgor and seizures. The most likely electrolyte picture will be:

    A. Hypernatraemia 166mmol/liter
    B. Hypokalaemia 2.5mmol/liter
    C. Normal chloride
    D. Low bicarbonate

    113. An 18month old baby girl has enlarged breasts. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    A. Precocious puberty
    B. Premature thelarche
    C. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

    114. Which of the following is the most important predictor for a fatal outcome in a 3 month old baby?

    A. Bald patch
    B. Blue-purplish lesions on buttocks
    C. Angry looking rash in nappy region
    D. Bruise on left cheek
    E. Diamond-shaped cut on scalp

    115. A child with lesions above the eyelid ( Photo, both sides, more on the right; multiple pedunculated skin tags)

    a. Warts
    b. Molluscum contagiosum
    c. Neurofibromatosis
    d. Herpes
    e. Skin tags

    116. What is the first sign of puberty in a male?

    A. Increase in size of testes
    B. Pubic hair
    C. Axillary hair
    D. Enlargement of penis

    117. A child with fever, headache and neck stiffness. The LP showed increased protein, increased lymphocytes. What is the treatment?

    A. Acyclovir
    B. Antibiotics
    C. Nothing, observe
    D. Anti-toxoplasma treatment

    118. In children between 4 to 10 years of age which of the following is most common

    A. Petit mal
    B. Generalised tonic clonic seizures
    C. Infantile spasm
    D. Myoclonic palsy

    119. Mother brought her 6 months old baby in with intermittent funny turns, drawling legs. What could be the likely diagnosis?
    A. Infantile spasm
    B. Intussusception
    C. Colic

    120. An 8 week old baby with purulent discharge from one eye from birth. In the smear pus cells and few polymorphs were found. What is the most likely diagnosis:
    a) gonococcal conjunctivitis
    b) chlamydia
    c) congenital syphilis
    d) closed naso-lacrimal duct

    121. A 2 year old child with clean-cut on his head. He has never been immunised. The optimum management is:
    a) Tetanus immunoglobulin
    b) Tetanus toxoid
    c) Triple antigen vaccination
    d) Penicillin
    e) Childhood DT vaccine

    122. An 11 year old boy presents with pain in the anterior part of the knee after vigorous exercise. The pain has been present for a few days but has now become worse. It is tender on palpation just below the knee . The knee is not swollen nor red. What is the most probable diagnosis.
    A. Perthes disease
    B. osteochondritis of the tibial tuberosity
    C. osteomyelitis
    D. epiphysiolysis of the tibial growth plate
    E. poliomyelitis

    123. A 2 years old boy has purulent unilateral nasal discharge and occasional bleeding, for 2 weeks. He has had a course of antibiotics with no improvement. On examination he is very irritable and doesn’t allow you to examine his nostrils. What is your further management?
    A. Repeat course of antibiotics
    B. Topical antibiotics
    C. Carefully examine is nose under general anaesthesia
    D. Refer him to an ENT specialist
    E. Change the antibiotics

    124. A couple. Husband 33-year-old, wife 25 years old. They have three children. The wife is not allowed to go anywhere alone to socialize. Nor is she allowed to leave home without relatives. Husband hires detectives to spy on his wife, even though she is loyal. This morbid jealousy is an example of:

    A. Paranoid delusions
    B. Schizophrenia
    C. Over valued idea
    125. A 50 year old woman complains that she believes her husband of 20 years will die of cancer though he is perfectly healthy. She also believes she was a member of a secret service organisation. On examination she appeared to be normal and her pre-morbid personality was normal. When asked about her beliefs she became withdrawn and had evasive and vague answers. What is the diagnosis:
    a) delusional disorder
    b) paranoia
    c) schizophrenia
    d) organic mental disorder
    e) dementia

    126. Which of the following is not treated with topical steroid therapy :
    f) Psoariasis
    g) Actopic excema
    h) Discoid excema
    i) Perioral

    127. 40 years old gentleman with a 5 year history of gastro-oesophageal reflux when stooping. He has 1 kg weight loss for 1 month. In the last 3 months he has a progressive dysphagia with solid. This man most likely would have :
    a. achalasia
    b. carcinoma oesophagus
    c. gastro-oesphageal reflux

    128. A 2 year old with foul smelling stool for 12 months which of the following is the best test for diagnosis:
    d. Duodenal biopsy
    e. Barium enema
    f. Endoscopy
    g. Endomyseal antibody
    h. Anti gliadin antibodies

    129. The most cause of small bowel obstructive in adult :
    i. adhesion

    130. post partum depression which of the following is the best treatment:
    j. ECT
    k. Tricyclic anti depressant

    131. Which of the following will give negative mantoux result?:
    l. military TB
    m. inactive TB
    n. active TB
    o. calcification TB
    132. Antidote for heparin is:
    a. Prothamine sulphate
    b. Vitamin K
    c. Fresh frozen plasma
    133. A child presents with a lump in his posterior cervical triangle of the neck. On examination the lump was soft, fluctuating and was transilluminable. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
    a. Carotic body tumour
    b. Enlarged lymph nodes
    c. Thyroglossal cyst
    d. Cystic hygroma

    134. for a declining cancer of cervix:
    a. develop vaccine
    b. accessibility of PAP smear
    c. developing technique CIN

    135. A child has fever for 3 days, after the fever subsides, there is rash all over the trunk. What is the diagnosis?
    a. Measles
    b. Roseola infantum
    c. Rubella
    d. Mumps
    e. Scarlet fever

    136. Which one of the following is consistent with Primary ovarian failure:
    a. FSH increased
    b. Oestrogen decreased
    c. LH increased

    137. A child comes with undescended testis, which of the following is most likely to be associated with:
    a. Teratoma
    b. Indirect inguinal hernia
    c. Direct inguinal hernia
    d. Torsion testis
    e. Malignancy

    138. A 50 year old man with 3 months diarrhea, which of the following is the least likely diagnosis?
    a. Campylobacter jejuni
    b. Colorectal carcinoma
    c. Ulcerative colitis
    d. Crohn’s disease
    e. Giardiasis

    139. A newborn baby to a Hepatitis B carrier mother. What do you administer at birth
    a. Hepatitis B vaccine alone
    b. Hepatitis B immunoglobulin and Hepatitis B vaccine
    c. Serum Immune globulin and Hepatitis B vaccine
    d. Hepatitis B immunoglobulin only
    e. Serum immune globulin and Hepatitis B immunoglobulin

    140. A young male presents with left sided chest pain. He fell 6 meters from a scaffold. O/E: Multiple rib fractures on the left side, less chest movement on left, increased JVP, BP 80/60, HR 110, decreased resonance on right side. Which of the following is the initial step of management?
    a. IV Fluids.
    b. Nasogastric tube.
    c. Endotracheal intubation.
    d. Intercostal drain.
    e. Needle thoracostomy
    141. wof is the most common cause of jaundice in late pregnancy?
    a. hepatitis A
    b. hepatitis B
    c. cholestasis

    142. A 55 year old malewith 5 year Hx of reflux.Reports 3 months of progressive dysphagia for solids and lost 1 kilo during this time, no physical abnormality on examination.
    a. oesophaegal pouch
    b. achalasia
    c. constrictive oesophagitis
    d. cancer of oesophagus
    e. oesophageal ring

    143. Wof is the drug of choice for alcohol withdrawal induced hallucinosis?
    a. Diazepam
    b. Haloperidol

    144. A woman 16 weeks pregnant with hypertension, slightly increased creatinine and urinalysis shows protein +++
    a. preeclampsia
    b. preexisting renal disease

    145. A 10 Year old school boy with repetitive facial movements worsening when watching TV. Had a URTI 2 weeks ago.
    a. habitual tic
    b. Sydenheim chorea
    c. Epilepsy?

    146. An old man presents with an acute abdominal pain, low-grade fever, left iliac fossa pain and dysuria, abdominal rigidity (rebound tenderness of the abdomen), diarrhea. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    d. UTI
    e. Chron’s disease
    f. Ulcerative Colitis
    g. Colon Carcinoma
    h. Diverticulitis
    ADELAIDE MCQ, MARCH 2005 “05A”

    A 3 year boy, recurrent UTI, investigation shows vesico-ureteric reflex, what’s the most effective management in preventing future infection?
    a. continuous antibiotics
    b. intermittent antibiotics.
    c. circumcise
    d. hygiene procedure.

    HIV infection is in high risk of which following groups except:
    a. transfusion history in 1988
    b. homosexual
    c. unprotected sex with a pro.
    d. Drug users

    A old man was on warfarin (for rheumatic heart disease), and was discovered a resectable colon cancer, what’s your management?
    a. substitute heparin for warfarin and operate when INR is normal
    b. stop warfarin 1 week before admission for surgery
    c. change his prosthetic heart valve to biological substitution, then operation the cancer.
    d. no operation, medical treat.

    A 56-year-old woman is under HRT for 5 years, she had oestrogen and progesterone for 14 days and got 4 days of bleeding for the past 4 years or so, but recently (half year) she doesn’t have vagina bleeding any more. What’s your management?
    a. US endometrium thickness
    b. endometrium biopsy
    c. reassure patient

    A 7-year-old girl had a intermittent headache 2-3 years, and has several recent attacks recently. Her mother said she had similar ones when she was young and the headache “be gone after a good sleep”, what’s your management:
    a. paracetomol
    b. CT
    c. reassure

    the incubation period of chickenpox is: (most books say 11-21days! This is an old recall question, when I first saw the question, I thought the answers were recalled wrong, but the real one is the exactly same!)
    a.10-14 days
    b. 15-19 days
    c.6-10 days
    d. >20 days.

    The pathogen for Herps zoster is:
    a. Varicella
    b. herps I
    c. herps II

    Which of the following is not true in polycythaemia rubra vera:
    a. WBC decreases
    b. RBC increases
    c. Platelet increases
    d. Bleeding tendency (not a right answer for question, but I have never seen this choice before in other recall papers)

    a 28 years old female, history of diabetes, presented with fever and increasing frequency of urinary. Urine culture showed E.Coli and she was put on Ampicillin and Gentamycin based on the drug sensitivity result. However, 3 days later she was still running temperature, and lab result shows mobile germ in the specimen. What would you explain her symptom?
    a. perinephric abscess
    b. inadequate dosage
    c. the pathogenic organism became drug resistant
    d. papillary necrosis
    e. infection from other part of the bodies.

    A Woman, G2P1, her first labour was breech presentation, low forceps helped baby out. Now she is in 37 weeks, and occipito-posterior presentation. The head is in +1 position, cervix dilation 5 cm in 3 hours. Suddenly large amount bleeding, what do you think about the cause?
    a. placenta accreta
    b. polyhydramnios
    c. consumption of coagulation factors.
    d. placenta previa
    e. something other than “abruptio placentae”

    Dystonia of antipsychotic drugs is most frequently seen in which of following group?
    a. young male patients
    b. young female
    c. old patient—long time of taking the drug.

    Which of the following bacteria pneumonia will not form abscess:
    a. Pneumocystis
    b. Klebsiella
    c. staphylococcal

    An asthmatic boy, symptoms aggravate after treatment, which would be least likely the next step:
    a. bronchoscopy
    b. X-Ray
    c. Sputum culture
    d. FV1

    Loose of association is in which of the following:
    a. schizophrenia
    b. mania

    A mid-aged man, sleepy during the daytime, and has to quit his job. His wife says he snores at night and wakes up frequently. He’s very obesity and has hypertension. What’s your first management?
    a. aggressively loss weight and control blood pressure
    b. sleeping pills
    c. refer to.., a review for potential C-pap candidate.

    OCP using for more than 10 years, which is NOT correct?
    a. decrease breast cancer
    b. decrease endometrium cancer
    c. all the rest answers are obviously correct for OCP prolonged use.

    The following questions you may find in old recall papers.

    Which of the following is not the feature of mycoplasma pneumonia:
    a. pleuritic pain
    b. fever
    c. cough
    d. white sputum

    What is the best follow up investigation for patients with duodenal ulcer due to helicobacter pylori infection:
    a. C13 urea breath test
    b. Endoscopy biopsy
    c. Serology
    d. Histological examination

    Which of the following is most likely to become chronic:
    a. HAV
    b. HBV
    c. HCV
    d. HEV
    e. EBV

    Which of the following is the LEAST likely effective in treatment of paracetamol poisoning with 8 hours:(Given the high dosage of paracetamol and the body weight in the question).
    a. Peritoneal dialysis
    b. Charcoal
    c. Oral NAC
    d. IV NAC
    e. Oral methioine

    All of the following can cause staghorn calculi except:
    a. Hyperuricaemia
    b. Urinary infection
    c. Hypercalcaemia
    d. Hyperparathyroidism
    e. Idiopathic hypercalcinuria.

    All of the following would be expected after splenectomy for spherocytosis except:
    a. Short life span of the erythrocytes
    b. Transient leucocytosis
    c. Same RBC fragility
    d. Anaemis will be cured

    In heparin induced thrombocytopenia which of the following is typically seen:
    a. thrombosis
    b. petechcial purpura on the skin
    c. bleeding
    d. haematuria
    e. ecchymosis

    a 23-year-old man comes to you because of sharp abdominal pain and lower back pain. The sample of urine, which he has brought with him, is obviously blood stained. He is asking you to give him a pethidine injection for pain relief. On examination, the abdomen appears normal without guarding or tenderness. What is the next most appropriate step?
    a. ask for a fresh urine sample, taken under supervision
    b. send him home
    c. give him pethidine and reassess him 1 hour later

    Which of the following is Not a symptom of polymyalgia rheumatica:
    a. muscle weakness
    b. fever
    c. depression
    d. tiredness
    e. increased ESR

    30-year-old man presented with malaise, nauseated, upper abdominal discomfort, laboratory: ALP mildly increased, AST200,ALT 630, Total Bilirubin200, --this question is incomplete:
    a. acute hepatitis B
    b. Hep. A
    c. cholecystitis
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