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    MCQ MAY 2005, ‘Version Linsey’, 05B1

    1. 4-6 week old baby comes for a routine check up. Scrotal swelling is discovered. Swelling is soft, transluminate. Testes are normal size after palpation. What is the management?

    review at 1-2 years
    elective surgery – refer
    urgent surgical appointment
    reassure parent

    2. Which of the following is not associated with vomiting in infants

    a) gastroesophageal reflux
    a) pyloric stenosis
    a) congenital adrenal hyperplasia
    a) intersusseption
    a) galactosaemia

    3. A Pregnant lady - 26 weeks, has a dilated cervix 2-3cm and is experiencing regular contractions. Which of the following will you do except

    a) cervical suture
    a) give tocolytic drug
    a) give celestone
    a) give salbutimol

    4. Female with acne and hirsutism. What is the treatment (recall question!)

    a) anti androgens
    a) isotretinion
    a) tetracycline
    a) OCP

    5. Picture of scalp with a round crusty hairless lesion with some bloody patches. What is the diagnosis

    a) psorisis
    a) tinea
    a) eczema
    a) alopecia areata

    6. New born baby with 1 week history of yellow discharge from umbilical stump. A red fleshy lump can be seen on examination. What is the treatment?

    a) reassure parent
    a) povidone iodine (Betadine)
    a) silver nitrate
    a) ultrasound
    a) surgical removal
    7. Patient with black pigmented skin lesion. What would be the most likely association to suggest malignancy

    a) ulceration
    a) greater than 5cm
    a) located on upper back
    a) 2 or more of the same lesion else where on the body
    a) hair seen growing out of it

    8. Picture of groin with lump shown. Patient came with complaint of swelling in groin for last 1-2 years. It is growing slowly and is soft and lateral to pubic tubercle. What is the diagnosis

    a) female hernia
    a) lymph nodes
    a) lipoma
    a) inguinal hernia
    a) pre-vascular hernia

    9. Antenatal checkup chart given. The last checkup was at 28 with normal fundal height for dates. At 32 weeks the fundal height is still the same as 28 weeks. Fetal heart rate is normal. What should you do?

    a) Instruct patient to come back in one week
    a) Perform a CTG
    a) Check to see if patient is developing preeclampsia

    10. How will you detect increase ICP

    a) rise in BP
    a) papilloedema
    a) papillary reflex
    a) level of consciousness

    11. A boxer comes to hospital after a fight in which he was knocked out. His right pupil is dilated but otherwise he feels ok and everything else is normal. What would you do?

    a) give manitol IV
    a) CT head

    12. A 26 week pregnant lady has developed facial palsy. What do you advise?

    a) surgical decompression
    a) Prednisolone 75mg for 2 weeks
    a) Hydrochlorothiazide
    a) Advise it will resolve in 6-8 weeks

    13 How do you calculate the diameter of the endotracheal tube for paediatric intubation?

    a) (age + 4) /4
    a) (weight+4) /4
    a) (weight + 4) /2
    a) (height + 4)/4
    a) (height + 4) /2

    14. A 14 year old pregnant girl comes to you to request a termination. Her boyfriend who is 21 left her when she discovered she was pregnant. She is living away from home. What do you do?

    a) ring parents for consent
    a) ring child care protection agency
    a) inform police because of difference in age of male
    a) take her informed consent and terminate pregnancy

    15. A photo of skin tags on eyelids of a small child. What is the diagnosis?

    a) Molluscum contagiousum
    a) Warts
    a) Skin tags

    16. A 15 year old with a perforated appendix comes to hospital with his 18 year old sister. Parents at home. What do you do to obtain consent?

    a) obtain from sister
    a) ring parents
    a) get informed consent from 2 doctors
    a) take advice from witness/another doctor

    17. Breast enlargement in an 18 month old girl. The most likely cause? (recall qu)

    a) idiopathic premature theliarche
    a) precoscious puberty
    a) adrenal hyperplasia

    18. Staghorn calculi (recall qu) are found in all of the following except:

    a) UTI
    a) Immobilization
    a) Hyperuricaemia
    a) Hyperparathyroidism

    19. What is a characteristic of fibrosing alveolitis

    a) reduced FEV
    a) reduced FEV/VC
    a) increased CO2 concentration

    20. Tension pneumothorax (recall qu). What is the first thing you do?

    a) endotracheal intubation
    a) insert large bore needle into 2nd intercostal space
    a) insert tube into 4th intercostal space
    a) tracheostomy

    21. Photo of buttock (recall qu) showing a large red area with elevated margins. Spread to both buttocks. What is the treatment?

    a) tar
    a) corticosteroids
    a) UV
    a) Imidazol
    a) Emoliant

    22. Irish girl living in Sydney for 10 months. Has had diarrhoea and weight loss for 10 months. Blood test shows low folate and IGA, iron and B12 normal, enomisial and anti gladyn antibodies negative. What do you do?

    a) colonoscopy biopsy
    a) small bowel biopsy
    a) it’s not caeliac diseas because of negative findings

    23. 3 year old with 10 brown spots on body (recall qu) He could have all the following associated except

    a) hypothyroidisn
    a) mental retardation
    a) deafness
    a) hypertension

    24. An Aboriginal woman 57 years old. Lives in a remote community. Has never been to a doctor before. She has swelling in the legs plus difficultly breathing. Bilateral basal creps. Non smoker. Drinks a lot of alcohol. You do all of the following except

    a) chest Xray
    a) ECG
    a) Echocardiogram
    a) CT pulmonary angiogram

    25. An Aboriginal woman 57 years old. Lives in a remote community. Has never been to a doctor before. She has swelling in the legs plus difficultly breathing. Bilateral basal creps. Non smoker. Drinks a lot of alcohol. What is the diagnosis?

    a) heart failure
    a) alcoholic cardiomyopathy

    26. A 50 year old woman who had a CT scan abdomen. CT shows 1.5cm mass on the R) adrenal gland. Non symptomatic, no electrolyte imbalance. No hormonal imbalance. What do you do next?

    a) do MRI
    a) PET scan
    a) Biopsy
    a) Repeat CT in 6 months
    a) Ultrasound

    27. A 19 year old woman with pelvic pain. Ultrasound shows a 4x6cm cyst on her ovary. What do you do?

    a) reassure
    a) repeat ultrasound in 6 weeks
    a) laparotomy
    a) laparoscopy

    28. Which one of the following is the least effective contraceptive?

    a) condom
    a) diaphram & spermicidal cream
    a) progesterone only pill
    a) IUD

    29. What is the most common way of transmitting Hepatitis B in South East Asia? (recall qu)

    a) perinatal
    a) sexual contact
    a) blood transfusion

    30. In which of the following diseases does a person have a distorted perception of their body except

    a) amputation
    a) acromegally
    a) anorexia nervosa
    a) hyperchondria

    31. A man attends hospital after being pinned to wall by forklift at work. He has epigastric discomfort and mild pain. He is haemodynamically stable. What is the indication for urgent laparascopic exploration

    a) liver heamatoma
    a) splenic heamatoma
    a) heamorrhagic fluid in peritoneum
    a) retroperitonial gas

    32. Multiple red inflamed lesions with discharege in auxilla of left groin. What is the diagnosis

    a) pyelenodeal sinus
    a) infected epidermoid cyst
    a) hydroadenitis

    33. A 42 weeks old baby weighs 2.5kg. What is the least likely association?

    a) mother with diabetes
    a) chance of hypoglyceamia is low
    a) length, head circumference and weight not same percentile

    34. A lady with a hisotry of psychosis says she needs to contact you after hours. What should you do?

    a) give your home number
    a) give the number of emergency telephone counseling
    a) give number of nearest psychiatric hospital
    a) give number of general hospital

    25. A 17 year old girl who had a seizure with loss of consciousness for 1 minute. She says that for 1 year she has been experiencing ‘jerks’ in her hands. What is the treatment?

    a) phenitonin
    a) carbamazepine
    a) gabapentin
    a) itho suxximide
    a) sodium valporate

    36. A 19 year old woman who has been to you before for sleeping pills. Has a past history of occasional drug use. Mother who is also your patient has called to tell you the daughter is skipping school. Mother wants to know what the daughter came to see you about. What should you do?

    a) tell her what the daughter said
    a) tell her that her daughter is depressed
    a) tell her that her daughter is a drug addict
    a) interview the daughter
    a) interview the mother and the daughter

    37. All are typical findings in acute asthma in a young adult except:

    a) pneumothorax
    a) right heart failure
    a) atelextasis

    38. An x-ray of 67 year old woman with abdominal pain in left IF and some loose occasional diarrhoea. On x-ray there are some stones. What is most likely?

    a) renal stones
    a) gall stone ileous
    a) appendicular obstruction by faecolith
    a) previous Hx of TB

    39. A couple who wanted advice regarding contraception using rhythm method. Her period in one year varied between 26 and 29 days. What stage do you advise abstinence? (recall qu)

    a) 8-19 days
    a) 10-19 days
    a) 12-19 days
    a) 6-16 days
    a) 4-21 days

    40. Without a previous history of any operation what is the most common cause of small bowel obstruction?

    a) hiatus hernia
    a) groin hernia
    a) sigmoid volvulos
    a) gall stone illeus

    41. A baby born at term. Normal appearance. 6 hours after birth develops tachypnea and cyanosis and was corrected with 45% O2. What is the diagnosis?

    a) transient tachypnia of infant
    a) merconium aspiration
    a) hyaline membrane disease

    42. A 65 year old lady with rheumatoid arthritis has developed a swollen and painful knee and fever. Pulse 120. She also has stiffness of hands in the morning. What do you do?

    a) take blood and cynovial fluid for tests
    a) take fluid from knee, test for gout and give allopurinol
    a) NSAIDs
    a) paracetamol

    43. CT scan at L1 level. Patient has had epigastirc pain 2 months ago. What is the diagnosis

    a) pancreatic pseudocyst
    a) hyadatic cyst
    a) splenic cyst
    a) gastric leiomyome
    a) gastric obstruction

    44. Pregnant lady previously has caesarian and wants to have a vaginal deliver. What will you say about risk of rupture and wound dehiscence?

    a) 0.5% risk of rupture
    a) increased risk if continues after 41 weeks
    a) increased risk if labour induced
    a) increased if difficult or laborious labour

    45. Male with heart failure and AF. What is the risk of him having a stroke? On echocardiogram you see some shadow in atrium

    a) 0.5% /year increased risk of stroke
    a) 25% increased risk of stroke
    a) treat with warfrin
    a) treat with aspirin

    46. A 60 year old Pacific Islander who is a heavy smoker. Has bloating and oedema of ankles. What is the likely diagnosis?

    a) lung cancer with vena cava superior obstruction
    a) ischaemic heart disease
    a) pulmonary emboli with hepatic metastisis

    47. Coagulation deficit in obstetrics in all except:

    a) prolonged dead fetus in utero
    a) protein C deficit
    a) amniotic fluid embolism
    a) placenta previa

    48. A menopausal lady comes for HRT to treat hot flushes. No other medical history. You do all of the following except:

    a) FSH
    a) Oestradiol
    a) Mammogram if not done in last 2 years
    a) Lipid profile

    49. Patient with right sides sciatica and lower limb pain. He was hospitalized and given narcotic analgesia and bed rest. After 8 hours he cannot pass urine. What is the reason?

    a) narcotic analgesic side effect
    a) prostetic bladder outflow obstruction
    a) central cord disc prolapse

    50. A 12 year old girl with anorexia. Has lost 5kg over last few months. She has abdominal pain and anal pruritis. The diagnosis is:

    a) giardia
    a) Chrohns disease
    a) Amoebiec parasite

    51. An 87 year old man that you are going to do a colonic operation on. His daughter has had a 3 hour meeting with the anaesthetist and she is very anxious and agitated about the operation. Now she wants to see you to discuss her father’s surgery. What do you do?

    a) speak to her
    a) choose not to see her
    a) see her only if she has power of attorney
    a) see her only with her father present

    52. Lady on OCP has missed one pill. Had mid cycle intercourse and took morning after pill post intercourse and continues with daily of usual OCP. She is now experiencing spotting after 3 days. What should you do?

    a) reassure and tell to continue taking OCP
    a) pregnancy test HCG
    a) tell her to stop, have a normal periods and then continue taking OCP

    53. What is true except:

    a) gestational sac can be seen after 51/2 weeks of last menstruation
    a) at 7 weeks head, trunk and limbs can be identified
    a) at 8 weeks fetal heart can be seen on ultrasound
    a) fetal bradycardia indicates poor prognosis
    a) Ultrasound at 6-11 weeks can be correct plus minus three days

    54. Inappropriate use of diuretics frequent in the following:

    a) football players
    a) bulimia
    a) anorexia
    a) obese people

    55. Shown a fluid balalnce chart for a 5 days post op for rectal cancer man. He has received 2.5L IV fluids fluids. His output was colostomy 1500ml and urine 2.3L. Which of the following may be the cause?

    a) diabetes insipid
    a) osmotic diuresis since operation
    a) wrong figures in fluid chart
    a) due to resolve of the ileus

    56. A 41 weeks gestation baby. Normal delivery of 6 hours duration. Baby weighed 3kg. While delivering placenta the woman became suddenly shocked. What is the cause

    a) pulmonary embolism
    a) uterine inversion
    a) amniotic fluid embolism
    a) uterine rupture

    57. Which CTG reading shows fetal hypoxia except (recall)

    a) baseline 180 and variable moderate deceleration
    a) baseline 110 and increased by 20 beats twice in 20 minutes

    58. In psychiatric evaluation which shows the least lack of insight and proper judgment?

    a) altruism
    a) denial
    a) projection
    a) splitting

    59. Lady with nausea and sudden onset of abdominal pain. LMP 3 weeks ago. Tenderness in RIF. What is the diagnosis? BP systolic 100 and Pulse 100

    a) perforated appendix
    a) hemorrhaging ovarian cyst
    a) torsion of ovarian cyst
    a) ruptured ectopic pregnancy

    60. A 21 month old baby with occasional diarrhoea that contains undigested vegetables. Normal development otherwise. What is diagnosis?

    a) toddlers diarrhoea
    a) giardia
    a) galactosaemia
    a) lactose/inulose deficiency

    61. ADHD in children. Which of the following is most common:

    a) develops frequently in 5-7 year olds
    a) reading difficulties

    62. Least likely to be primary hypothyroidism

    a) 6 year old child with less bone age
    a) 35 year old lady with menorrhagia
    a) 70 year old lady with goiter
    a) 10 year old boy with mental retardation
    a) lady with anaemia that didn’t respond to folic acid, iron and B12

    63. Elderly lady with large goiter. For which of the following would you advise her to have it removed.

    a) hoarse voice at end of day
    a) difficultly breathing when lying down

    64. 60 year old man attends with his wife. He has lost 10kg in last year. Light smoker for last 30 years. Lately he has lost interest in activities of daily living. On examination all is normal. What do you think is the problem?

    a) chronic fatigue syndrome
    a) occult malignancy

    65. Corticosteroids and psychosis

    a) if no previous psychosis before commencement of Tx there is no increased risk of developing psychosis
    a) prior psychosis menas a high risk
    a) low dose treatment can cause depression
    a) delirium can occur after abrupt withdrawal

    66. Naltrexone given for opiod poisoning is:

    a) short acting
    a) has good absorption orally
    a) only efficient 3 days after heroine intoxication

    67. 40 nulliperous woman with post coital bleeding. All of the following are possible except:

    a) enometrial carcinoma
    a) cervical polyp
    a) submucous fibroid
    a) intramural fibroid

    68.CVS and amniocentesis except:

    a) CVS done earlier than amniocentisis
    a) Both good for detecting chromosomal abnormalities
    a) Both good for spinal bifida
    a) Risk of abortion higher in CVS

    69. O negative Rh negative woman delivers an A negative Rh negative child who is jaundiced at 24 hours. What is the most likely cause of the jaundice?

    a) ABO incompatibility
    a) Breast milk jaundice
    a) Rh incompatiblity

    70. A lady who is 26 weeks pregnant. Fundal height normal at 26 weeks with Coombes test mild positive. At 28 weeks fundal height is 38cm. What is the likely cause?

    a) polyhydramnios
    a) hydrops fetalis
    a) diabetes
    a) UTI

    71. Mother Rh negative, baby Rh negative, Coombes test negative, Kleinhower test ok. What do you do?

    a) still give anti D at 72 hours

    72. A 40 year old nurse threatening suicide. Has had previous episodes but no associated risk of crisis. States she has a syringe in her bag and will kill herself. What is the diagnosis?

    a) depression
    a) bipolar disorder
    a) borderline personality disorder
    a) schizophrenia

    73. Venous ulcer on leg. Treat with all of the following except:

    a) topical antibiotics
    a) enzymes for debridement
    a) compression stocking
    a) bed rest

    74. An olive shaped abdominal mass in a 6 week old infant. Has non projectile, non bile stained vomiting. What is the diagnosis

    a) malrotation
    a) volvolus
    a) pyloric stenosis

    75. All of the following drugs cause gynocomastia except:

    a) digoxin
    a) simetidine
    a) labetolol
    a) alphmethyldopa

    76. All of the following drugs cause gynocomastia except

    a) digoxin
    a) simetidine
    a) fruesemide
    a) alphmethyldopa

    77. Endometrial cancer. All of the following can cause except

    a) obesity
    a) raloxifin
    a) oestragen therapy

    78. Which of the following can cause osteoporosis except:

    a) early menopause
    a) smoking
    a) chemotherapy in a 60 year old lady for cancer

    79. A 35 year old woman with menorrhagia. Bleeding for 8 days and having to change tampon every 2 hours. Mother had colonic cancer. Hb was 115. Is being treated with iron tablets. Should you

    a) do colonoscopy
    a) hysteroscopy and D&C
    a) give norethisterone

    80. Treatment for cluster headache

    a) methyseigite
    a) sumotryptine
    a) ergotimine

    81. Lady with headache for 3 days. Located in temporal and frontal region. Otherwise well. Has been off work for 3 days because of pain. What do you do?

    a) CT
    a) Give ergotimine
    a) Reassure

    82. A 40 year old man who is anxious about traveling to other places for business. Uncomfortable outside his home. What is the likely diagnosis (recall qu)

    a) social phobia
    a) panic disorder with agoraphobia

    83. 5 year old child with contaminated abrasion. Had vaccinations at 2 months and 4 months, but missed the 6 month dose. What do you do?

    a) give tetanus plus penicillin
    a) give tetanus plus immunoglobulin plus penicillin
    a) DTPa and immunoglobulin
    a) DTPa and booster after 2 months

    84. Radio opaque stone in renal pelvis, 2cm in diameter. What is the treatment?

    a) ECLT
    a) Advise the stone will pass
    a) The stone being there will cause cancer
    a) He has a urate calculi

    85. Daughter brings in father who is confused. CT scan is given. What does it show (recall qu)

    a) cerebral hemorrhage
    a) cerebral infarct
    a) cerebral tumor

    86. For the past few days woman who has weakness in right hand. She can’t use it properly. Look at CT scan. What is the diagnosis?

    a) cerebral hemorrhage
    a) cerebral infarct
    a) cerebral tumor

    87. Haemolytic anaemia (recall qu) what do you find?

    a) increased lymphoblasts
    a) target cells
    a) reduced reticulocytes

    88. Maculopapular rash in a 35 year old lady. 1 week prior had malaise, headache and fever. Do all of the following screens except

    a) HIV
    a) EBV
    a) Rubella
    a) Varicella

    89. Tonsil ulceration with exudates. Malaise, fever. Monospot test negative

    a) measles
    a) EBV
    a) Rubella

    90. Av 25 year old student with fever, malaise and headache for 2-3 weeks. Exudative tonsils. Perianal soft lesions. Diagnosis?

    a) Yaws
    a) EBV
    a) Secondary syphilis

    91. A 1 week old baby with neck stiffness, vomiting and fever. Lumbar puncture shows raised protein. What do you give?

    a) acyclovir
    a) ceftriexone
    a) vancomycin

    92. A 2-3 week old baby with tachypnea and distress. Chest x-ray shows shadow on lower left

    a) pneumonia
    a) congenital diphramatic hernia

    93. Child with expiratory wheezing after exercise. Presents in Autumn. Bilateral expiratory wheezes on auscultation. What is the diagnosis?

    a) asthma

    94. Child was at birthday party. Came to hospital with sudden onset of wheeze on one side. What do you do?

    a) inspiratory and expiratory x-ray
    a) bronchoscopy
    a) allergy test

    95. Which of the following has the most severe outcome for a child (recall)

    a) with a bruise on the cheek
    a) bluish discoloration on buttocks
    a) diamond shaped lesion on scalp

    96. Patient delirious due to multiple factors - hepatic failure and alcohol withdrawal. What is the least likely associated issue?

    a) asterixes
    a) unable to give consent
    a) sundowning effect

    97. LFT elevated, billirubin elevated, ALP and gama GT high. ALT 600 and AST 500. Igg for Hepatitis A and he drinks 60g alcohol daily. IGM core antigen positive. Diagnosis?

    a) Hepatitis B
    a) Cirrhosis for Hepatitis B
    a) Acutem alcohol hepatitis
    a) Acute Hepatitis A

    98. Which of the following is true regarding haemocromatosis?

    a) you don’t do venesection if the pacient is asymptomatic
    a) 1: 50.000 Australians have the disease
    a) The gene implicated is C28CY

    99. A 4 yo girl wakes up every night complaining of cramps( not related to daily sports and activities) and wants her parents to massage her legs, then falls asleep. Wof is not true?
    a) she has abnormal calcium and electrolites
    b) her parents used to do the same as kids
    c) reasurre that she only wants attention

    100. A 3 yo girl gets apnoeic and cyanosed and falls to the ground when upset or the parents are not doing what she wants. What do you tell the parents?
    a) reassure that it is a benign condition

    101. Lady with BMI 28 she drinks heavily and also has high cholesterol (some other asso features). Mx-
    a) Advice to loose weight.
    a) Tell her to maintain a well balanced protein diet.
    a) Tell her to stop drinking.

    102.Pt with tremor, heartrate…, TSHlow(.2),T3 and T4 high. Mx
    a) Necarmazole
    a) b) Radioactive iodine.
    a) c)Suppress with thyroxine

    103. Pt had fever and neck pain for 2 days, came with slightly enlarged thyroid gland, tender. Mx
    a) Aspirin and atenolol

    104. School teacher anxious and at class keen to do everything perfectly. Goes over things of the day in his mind at the end of the day Tries to stop doing it but can’t. Mx

    105. All of the following will give increased pulmonary vascular evidence except
    c)Anomalous pulmonary vein
    d)Overriding of aorta.

    106.Child 10 yrs cough for 2 weeks, fever. Bilateral hilar diffuse shadows. Likely organism
    a) Bordetella
    a) Mycoplasma

    107.Woman after 3 days of laparotomic operation during shower became cyanosed, tachypnoec, breathless. Dx
    a) Myocardial Infarction.
    b)Pulmonary embolism
    c)Vasodilatation due to hot shower

    108.Daughter lost father 6 months ago. Can’t get over it.Lost weight 6-10 kg. What will you enquire about
    a)Eating pattern
    b)Suicidal ideas
    c)Menstruation regularity

    109.In senile dementia what pt most likely to forget last
    a)Recent events
    c)People’s faces
    d)Where they are (get lost)

    110.Pt with aortic aneurysm repair after 3 days developed distention of abdomen(other features). Cause
    b)Dissecting aortic aneurysm

    111.Haemochromatosis indication for venesection except
    a)Asymptomatic patient
    b)Genetic pattern given

    112.Iron deficiency anaemia, which is true
    a)Ferritin increased
    b)Premature babies more prone

    113. Haemolytic anaemia what does not occur
    a)Increased urine urobilinogen
    b)Increased unconjugated bilirubin

    114.1 hr after difficult urethral instrumentation under GA pt developed sweating, pale, breathless. Cause
    a)Concealed hge
    c)Gram –ve bacteraemia

    115.Before cardioversion to see progress what do you do

    a)Adrenaline IV every 10 min
    b)Put ECG monitor

    116. Regarding IUCD use what is true except
    a)Excellent form of contraception
    b)Risk of ectopic pregnancy

    117.Which of the following is true about depression presentation in a GP practice
    a) It affects all age groups
    a) Both sexes are affected equally
    a) It is the commonest psychiatric disorder to present to a GP

    118. X-ray of suprachondylar fracture(anthology book), pt’s limb is pulseless. First step of management

    119.Mammogram and USG of breast given what is it (Anthology book pg 104)
    a) breast cyst

    120.Pt came from warzone area,what he might suffer from most likely

    121.Man has fear of flying. Avoids flying and staying away from home. Dx

    122.Most likely cause of wasting of small muscles of hand is due to which nerve lesion
    a) ulnar
    a) median
    a) digital
    a) radial

    123.Pt can do planter flexion and inversion but dorsiflexion and eversion weakly. Knee jerk and ankle jerk okay. Where is the lesion.
    a)Common peroneal nerve
    b) L4
    d)Sciatic nerve

    124.Seamstress came with needle prick on finger. Can’t extend it. Dx

    125.Child came acyanotic, when feeding cries. Systolic murmer at left sternal border, loud S2. apex beat not shifted but tapping in 5th intercostals space. Dx

    c)Disposition of great vessels.

    126. Commonest form of epilepsy that occurs between ages 4-10years
    a) Petit mal
    a) Generalised tonic-clonic
    a) Myoclonic
    a) Infantile spasms

    127.In Polycythaemia rubra vera is associated except

    a)Anaemia persistent
    b)Normal lifespan of RBC
    c)Osmotic fragility
    d)Persistent spherocyte

    128. Photo of skin lesion (from Anthology of Medical Illnesses pg 396). Dx
    a) melanoma
    a) psoriasis
    a) Bowen’s disease
    a) SCC (invasive)

    129.Girl wants to have umbilical ring but on examination splenomegaly. What to do.

    130.Keratin scaling does not occur in which one

    131.What is NOT true about Australian snake bites?
    a) most are not poisonous
    a) cranial nerves are usually affected
    a) you should apply a torniquet immediately
    a) observe for symptoms before administering antivenom

    132.Lady can’t see outside in bright light. Dx

    133. Lady with tremor at rest and when she reaches for phone but not when she looks at her hand. Treatment
    a) propanolol
    a) carbidopa and l.dopa
    a) benzehexol

    134.Child with signs of pneumonia and in X-Ray consolidation of lower lobe. Rx

    135.Paracetamol overdose.

    136.Pt with left sided scrotal hydrocele growing fast, what is likely cause
    a) left renal cancer
    b) left testicular cancer

    137. Unilateral nasal discharge foul smelling and child not allowing you to examine nose. What to do.

    138.Boy with knee pain, worse after exercise. Dx

    139.Mother came with son 12yrs old who had limp. Dx
    a) slipped femoral epiphysis
    a) Perth’s disease
    a) Osteomyelitis

    140.Child crying and vomiting due to intussucception.
    a) surgery
    a) air contrast enema
    a) N/G tube

    141.Common cause of bleeding from nipple in 50 Yr old woman.

    142. Cause of toothpaste like discharge from nipple.

    143. 80 Kg man came with 15% burn how much IVF needed?
    a) 3L Hartmanns + 2L 5% D/W
    a) 3L N/S + 2? 5% D/W
    a) 3L Hartmanns + 2 L blood

    144.Man came with vomiting, eyes sunken, dehydrated what type of fluid does he need?

    145. What is true about febrile convulsion.
    a) recur in 3% of children
    a) the majority will develop epilepsy
    a) commonly occur between 6 months and 4 years
    a) associated with focal seizures
    a) last less than 15 minutes

    146.Pt came in labour with PV bleeding about 1000 ml. How to know it was placenta praevia.

    147.Infant with urine in bag culture 105. Next what to do?

    148.Second commonest cause of death in Australia after cardiovascular disease.
    a) motor vehicle accident
    a) malignancy
    a) respiratory illness

    149. Which tumour does not metastasise to brain.
    a) breast
    a) lung
    a) kidney
    a) melanoma
    a) prostate

    150.Lady with DVT and superficial thrombophlebitis taken medication but still it occurs. Reason.

    151. An old man who has difficulty reading the telephone book. The Dx is
    a) myopia
    a) cataract
    a) hypermytropia
    a) presbyopia

    152. A butcher presents with fever, myalgia, jaundice, maculopapular skin rash and hepatosplenomegaly. What is the most likely Dx
    a) leptospirosis
    a) brucellosis
    a) Q fever

    153. WOF is true about iron deficiency anaemia in infancy
    a) malabsorption is the commonest cause
    a) peak time is around 2 months
    a) blood loss is the commonest cause

    154. What is the first sign of puberty inm
    a) increased penile shaft size
    a) increased testicular size
    a) increased breast size
    a) presence of pubic hair

    155. A young adult from Fiji presents with fatigue, ascites, hepatomegaly, increased JVP. What is the most likely Dx
    a) Tuberculosis pericarditis

    156. Which of the following is not the first investigation of an infertile couple
    a) semen analysis
    a) karyotype
    a) hormone profile
    a) laparoscopy and hystersalpinogram

    157. Methotrexate is effective in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy in all except
    a) unruptured gestational sac
    a) live fetus
    a) HCG level low
    a) The gestational sac is small on U/S

    158. The best method for imaging bile ducts
    a) CT
    a) U/S
    a) ERCP
    a) Oral cholecystography

    159. Most common manifestation of pyloric stenosis in adults
    a) frequent vomiting
    a) abdominal distension
    a) one or two large vomits per day

    160. The commonest form of cancer in non smokers
    a) SCC
    a) Small cell ca
    a) Adenocarcinoma

    161. WOF is not true about amniocentisis and chorionic villus sampling
    a) both can detect chromosomal abnormalities
    a) CVS is done at earlier gestation
    a) Amnio is slightly less accurate

    162. WOF does not get transmitted to baby during delivery
    a) herpes
    a) syphilis
    a) B. Streptococci
    a) CMV

    163. WOF is less likely to be a manifestation of first degree hypothyroidism
    a) an 8 year old child with retarded growth
    a) a 65 year old woman with multi nodule goiter
    a) a 35 year old woman with depression
    a) a woman with menorrhagia

    164. In WOF is anaerobic bacteria growth most likely
    a) lung absess
    a) brain absess
    a) hip prosthesis
    a) GI tract

    165. WOF is not true about emphysema
    a) decreased FEV
    a) decreased VC
    a) increased TLC

    166. Management of a breast cyst
    a) fine needle aspiration
    a) biopsy
    a) mammectomy

    167. A lady immediately post partum develops shortness of breath and increased JVP
    a) conjestive heart failure
    a) PE

    168. Drug of choice for myoclonic seizures
    a) carbamazepine
    a) sodium valproate
    a) phenytoin
    a) phenobarbitone
    169. In a patient with a loss of dorsiflexion and eversion but has intact inversion, plantar flexion, ankle and knew reflex. WOF nerves is injured
    a) L4
    a) L5
    a) S1
    a) S 2 or 3

    170. WOF is contraindicated in a child with ALL in remission
    a) MMR vaccination
    a) DPT vacc
    a) Polio vacc

    171. An elderly man 10 days post op from a hemicolectomy collapses following a hot bath. Reason for collapse
    a) vasodilation due to hot bath
    a) bleeding
    a) anastomosis leak

    172. In a patient who is agitated and depressed, with suicidal threats, appropriate management is
    a) haloperidol
    a) contact the police
    a) try to convince him to take medication
    a) involuntary admission

    173. A pregnant lady delivers at 34 weeks gestation. The neonate develops respiratory distress. What is the cause?
    a) hyaline membrane disease
    a) transient tachypneoea of the newborn
    a) congenital pneumonia

    174. A lady with avenous ulcer. WOF is not the appropriate management
    a) elevation of the leg
    a) sustemic antibiotics
    a) local antibiotics
    a) debridement

    175. A group of people at a banquet present with GI symptoms within 6 hours. Some recover spontaneously, others develop diarrhoea and are admitted to local hospital. WOF is the most likely causative agent
    a) salmonella
    a) staph aureas
    a) clotridium
    a) E. Coli

    176. WOF is not found in pulmonary embolis
    a) synope
    a) pleuritic pain
    a) SOB
    a) Bronchial breath sounds

    177. In subacute bacterial endocarditis, prophylaxix antibiotics is appropriate in all except
    a) appendisectomy
    a) cystoscopy
    a) reduction of simple #
    a) dental filling

    178. WOF is not a side effect of Depoprovera
    a) mild hypertension
    a) prolonged ammenorrheoa
    a) thromboembolism
    a) hypelipidemia

    179. WOF won’t decrease potassium level in a patient with hyperkalemia
    a) glucose + insulin
    a) calcium
    a) resonium
    a) sodium bicarbonate

    180. In a ‘diabetic foot’ WOF isn’t true
    a) unlikely in the presence of intact pulses
    a) neuropathy plays a significant role
    a) major presenting problem in hospital
    a) 3 year survival rate after amputation is around 50%

    181. A young man is brought to hospital by his girlfriend. He is angry and repeatedly shouting ‘I love you, drive to Timbuctu’. Most likely DX
    a) mania
    a) thought disorder
    a) faetitious disorder
    a) drug abuse

    182. Evaluation of an acute head injury
    a) change in level of consciousness
    a) pupil reaction change
    a) BP
    a) Pulse rate

    183. Varicocele is associated with
    a) left testicular cancer
    a) left renal cancer

    184. Tension pneumothorax management
    a) wide bore needle 2nd intercostal space
    a) chest tube

    185 Diagnosis of gout arthritis is best made by
    a) serum uric acid
    b) x-ray
    c) joint aspiration


     4 ECG’s were given for diagnosis – 3 or 4 were Mastery questions
     2 X-rays for mastery questions
     3 CT scans of head for diagnosis
     6 photos of lesions also given
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    excellent work
  3. Guest

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    i wish someone would put this up as a sticky.. i nearly missed all these questions
  4. Is this a real thing?

    Dear niruben,

    Firstly, on behalf of all the potential AMC candidates here, I thank you for all your great helps.

    Secondly, could you please reply my following observation?

    My observation is that many (if not most) of these 2005 recall questions have been around in the previous recall lists (eg, in 2001-2003 recalls). Not only the subjects but the questions look exactly the same. It looks too good to be true.

    Is it likely that the AMC tests will repeat so many questions?

    With all my thanks and best wishes!

    An AMC condidate
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    beauty well done
  6. Guest

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    Dear AMC candidates!
    Don't worry too much about all these recalls. Save your time!
    Most of them are not completed and will not be repeated at all.
    Study with topics which were mentioned there.
    Good luck!
  7. fr

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    Dose any one haver answers?

    thank you very much Sticky.

    Does any one have the answers for it?
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  9. mrsa_gr88

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  10. boga

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    answers as per my knowledge

    4.anti androgens
    5.NOT SURE(alopecia arecta)
    6.surgical removal
    7.greater than 5 cm
    9.come bk in one week
    11.ct head
    12.resolve in 6 -8 weeks
    14.take her consent n terminate
    16.get informed consent of 2 doc
    17.I premature thelarche
    19.reduced fev/vc
    20.insert bore needle in to 2 nd ics
  11. tappy_md

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    here are 2 questions that came out in the june 2011 exam. more to come if i can remember them.

    1. You caught an intern taking sleeping pills from the medicine counter in your hospital, defensively he tells you he is so stressed and not able to sleep at night and says that
    he has also been drinking alcohol before going to bed. at this point, you should
    a] confiscate the pills and call the police
    b] tell him the dangers of mixing alcohol and sleeping pills
    c] tell the nursing staff
    d] advice him to speak to your senior

    2. A nurse approached you in the hallways and tells you she is a diagnosed hypertensive and on medications. her meds are nearly depleted and asks you for a script because
    she's too busy to go back to her GP. you should
    a] write her a script
    b] take her BP
    c] advice her to make an appointment with her gp
    d] do blood test and ekg

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