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    Constrictive pericarditis usually associated with -
    a- A history of rheumatic fever
    b- Orthopnoea
    c- Swelling of the abdomen
    d- Pulses paradoxus
    e- Expanslle pulsation of the liver

    In cardiac tamponade the following occur -
    a- A rising blood pressure
    b- A high venous pressure
    c- Increase pulsation in jugular veins
    d- Progressive Bradycardia
    e- Pallor cyanosis and cold extremities

    The following conditions are likely to cause death of a patient before the age of the ten if untreated -
    a- Biscuspid aortic valve
    b- Transposition of great arteries
    c- Ventricular septal detect < 0.5 cm D
    d- Tetralogy
    e- Coarctation of the descending aorta

    The following are likely to be present in primary pulmonary hypertension -
    a- Polycythemia
    b- Anginal pain
    c- Prominent A wave in JVP
    d- Dilation of the pulmonary artery
    e- Dominant S in Vi

    A large uncomplicated PDA accompanied by -
    a- Cyanosis
    b- Wide pulse pressure
    c- Finger clubbing
    d- Diminished pulmonary 2nd sound
    e- Capillary pulsation

    In a child with rheumatic fever each one of the following taken by itself would justify the diagnosis of carditis -
    a- Tachycardia
    b- A soft systolic murmur
    c- An enlarge heart
    d- High fever
    e- Heart blocks

    A small pulse is example in -
    a- Aortic stenosis
    b- Mitral stenosis
    c- PDA
    d- Beri beri disease
    e- Cor pulmonale

    A systolic murmur best heard in the pulmonary area contributes to the diagnosis of -
    a- Fallot’s tetralogy
    b- Eisenmenger’s syndrome
    c- Mitral incompetence
    d- Tricuspid incompetence
    e- Marfan’s syndrome

    Recognized unwanted effects of the digitalis glycosides include -
    a- Accelerated AV conduction
    b- Anorexia
    c- A decrease in blood coagulability
    d- Gynecomastia
    e- Ventricular ectopic

    Characteristic features of Fallot’s tetralogy include -
    a- Mental subnormality
    b- Forcible apex beat
    c- Fixed split of 2nd heart sound
    d- Metabolic alkalosis
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    In atrial flutter -
    a- There is usually an atrial rate about 150 per minute
    b- Cardiac pain occur
    c- Ventricular rate may be reduced by carotid sinus pressure
    d- Organic disease of the heart is usually present
    e- Sinus rhythm can be restored by DC shock

    Advanced mitral stenosis characterized by-
    a- peripheral cyanosis
    b- Finger clubbing
    c- Reduced pulse pressure
    d- Left ventricular enlargement
    e- An accelerated 1st heart sound

    Secondary prevention after myocardial infarction -
    a- Warferin is of proven valve
    b- Aspirin is of proven valve
    c- Propranolol is of a proven valve
    d- Coronary interventions are of proven valve
    e- Ca channel blockers are of proven valve

    Dobutamine -
    a- Should be given intravenously
    b- Has no dopamonergic effect
    c- Causes the release of adrenalin
    d- Had marked chronotropic effect at therapeutic doses
    e- Is a peripheral vasodilator

    Takayasu’s arteritis -
    a- Is an autoimmune disease
    b- Both sexes are equally affected
    c- Diagnosed by ophthalmolgical examination
    d- Never involve pulmonary artery
    e- Can be diagnosed by arteriography

    Ventricular tachycardia -
    a- May not need treatment always
    b- Requires DC shock in almost all cases
    c- Associated with hyperkalemia
    d- Should not be treated with Amiodarone
    e- Magnesium sulphate is the treatment of choice in trosade pointes

    Causes of R wave in v1 lead include -
    a- Wolff Parkinson White syndrome
    b- True posterior myocardial infarction
    c- Left anterior hemiblook
    d- Hyperkalemia
    e- Right ventricular hypertrophy

    Marfan’s syndrome -
    a- Equally common in male and female
    b- Cardiac involvement may be absent
    c- Mitral valve is never affected
    d- Cased dislocation of the lens
    e- Dissection of aorta is a recognised complication

    Regarding iron therapy -
    a- Ascorbic acid decreases iron absorption
    b- The advantage of slow release preparations is that higher doses can be administered
    c- If there is poor response to oral iron parenteral iron increases the response
    d- 200 mg of FeSO4 contains more elemental iron than Fe gluconate
    e- Maximal iron absorption occurs in the distal jejunum

    Adverse effects of thiazides include -
    a- Thrombocytopenia
    b- Hypercholesterolaemia
    c- Impotence
    d- Peripheral neuropathy
    e- Hypochloraemic alkalosis
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    Adverse effects of amiadarone include -
    a- Hyperthyroidism
    b- Peripheral neuropathy
    c- Dystonia
    d- Hypothyroidism
    e- Hepatitis

    Sodium valproate -
    a- Causes fetal hepato cellular damage
    b- Causes tremors of fingers
    c- Causes weight gain
    d- Is a potent enzyme inducer
    e- The blood levels correlate well with activity of the drug in the body

    Generally recognized contraindications for therapy with streptokinase include -
    a- Age > 75 years
    b- IDDM
    c- History of peptic ulcer
    d- Bradycardia needing pacing
    e- Bronchial asthma

    Interferon -
    a- Is a synthetic antiviral agent
    b- is capable of inhibiting viral replication
    c- Enhances MHC class 11 expression at the cell surface
    d- its action is on viral infected cells
    e- Is useful in the management of active chronic hepatitis B virus infection

    Oral will be required for the treatment of -
    a- Anaemia of Prematurity
    b- Thalassaemia in infancy
    c- Coeliec disease in a child
    d- Sideroblastic anaemia
    e- Acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis

    Recognized unwanted effects of therapy with tricyclic antidepressants include -
    a- urinary retention
    b- Diarrhoea
    c- Cardiac dysrhythmlas
    d- Postural hypotension
    e- Cholestatic jaundice

    The following drugs are correctly paired with a recognized unwanted effect -
    a- Nitrofurantoin and peripheral neuropathy
    b- Indomethacin and peripheral oedema
    c- Cotrimoxazole and vitamin B12 deficiency
    d- Metoclopramide and oculogyric crisis
    e- Amiodarone and photosensitivity

    Carbimazole -
    a- Crosses the placental barrier
    b- Is a recognized cause of agranulocytosis
    c- Given in excessive doses leads to an increase in the size of the thyroid gland
    d- Inhibits the thyroid trapping of Iodine
    e- Should not be given in Association with Propranolol

    A major route of metabolism for the following drug involves genetically determined acetylation -
    a- hydralazine
    b- Phenelzine
    c- Diazepam
    d- Isoniazid
    e- Dapsone

    Thiazide diuretics -
    a- Act on the loop of Henle distal to the major sit of sodium reabsorption
    b- Case hypokalaemia by blocking the odium potassium exchange site in the distal tubule
    c- Increase the renal excretion of calcium
    d- Increase the renal excretion of magnesium
    e- Elevate LDL cholesterol in long-term use
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    Which of the following is the treatment of alcohol withdrawal hallucinosis?
    a- Diazepam
    b- Chlorpromazine
    c- Haloperidol
    d- Antidepressant

    35 yrs old woman came to you with the history of menorrhagia and anxiety. Recently she feels her husband is detached from her and she is not close to her husband as she used to be. She has two children living in a rented house and bought all household things on higher purchase and they have to pay it off regularly. They can not afford to go out together for dinner. On physical examination no abnormality was found. What is your next step of management?
    a- Refer her to a Psychiatrist for treatment
    b- Send her for marriage counseling
    c- Talk to her husband
    d- Advice them to take a holiday
    e- Refer her to a Gynaecologist

    A depressive patient is under treatment for two years and he is in remission. He wants to stop the drug. You will tell him at this stage-
    a- you can not stop the drug
    b- You may have another episode of depression
    c- You have to continue the drug life long in low dose
    d- You can withdraw the drug gradually by 2 weeks
    e- This is good time to take an alternative medicine

    Which of the following is the Prodromal feature of Schizophrenic patient at risk?
    a- Ideas of reference
    b- Unemployment
    c- Dysfunctional parenting
    d- History of childhood abuse
    e- Parietal lobe tumour

    In mini-mental state examination the use of “Proverb” and expansion of the meaning is assessed in which of the following disease -
    a- Depersonalisation
    b- Dementia
    c- Delusional disorder
    d- Dysthymic disorder
    e- Personality disorder

    Which of the following is true for Borderline personality disorder?
    a- Lack of social relationship
    b- Mood instability
    c- Actively avoid social situation
    d- History of conduct disorder

    Naltrexone is used in heroin addiction as it is-
    a- Short acting
    b- Effective orally
    c- Can increase tolerance of heroin
    d- Should be used within first 3 days of the opioid use
    e- It is ineffective in medically prescribed opioid addiction

    Psychiatric primary health care is important for all following reasons except -
    a- One third of all patients present with mental illness to Psychiatrist
    b- It needs referral to Psychiatrist for a small number of patients
    c- Most of the patients present with psychotic symptoms
    d- Psychiatric patients concomitantly have medical problems
    e- Drugs and Alcoholic are commonly overlooked by the primary health care provider
    An 18-year-boy dressed as a female came to you with his boyfriend for problem in sexual relationship. He always felt uncomfortable with his sex since childhood. He is taking oestrogen for the last two years. He has been cross-dressing in several occasions since he left home. What is this phenomena in Psychiatry called?
    a- Gender identity disorder
    b- Transsexualism
    c- Transvestism
    d- Masochism
    e- Homosexualism

    Defense mechanism is very important in Psychiatry. It is of three types “Mature”, “Neurotic” and “Immature”. Which of the following is an Immature defense mechanism?
    a- Identification
    b- Introspection
    c- Projection
    d- Humour
    e- Sublimation
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    All of the following are true for Tourette syndrome except -
    a- Both motor and vocal tics
    b- Tics occurs in bouts several times in a day
    c- Patient is not usually distressed by the tic
    d- Less than10% has Coprolalia (Vocal Tics)
    e- Onset always before the age of 18 years
    An anxious mother of a 6 yrs old who has stolen a pencil case from his classmate in the school came to you for consultation. She said he is doing well in the school and he never did it before. The family is well off and is no family problem. What is your next appropriate step?
    a- In this stage you should adopt an “wait and see” policy
    b- Refer her to the family child counseling service
    c- A friendly trip to the nearest police station would be a good lesson for the boy
    d- Inform the police to prevent further occurrence
    e- Punish the boy

    A young Schizophrenic patient comes for his antipsychotic medication stops at the front of your office salutes you repeatedly. What is the most likely cause of his action?
    a- Mannerism
    b- Therapeutic behaviour
    c- Obsessive compulsive disorder
    d- Epilepsy
    e- Migraine

    A lady came to you with acute paralysis of the limbs following severe distress. She was diagnosed as suffering from an acute conversion disorder. The following is true regarding the management of this patient-
    a- get her a wheelchair and refer her to the social welfare department
    b- Graded physiotherapy to recover her physical disability
    c- Refer her to psychiatry for psychodynamic study to resolve the conflict
    d- Admission to the hospital in the psychiatry department
    e- Refer her to physician for treatment

    Antipsychotic drugs sometimes causes hyperprolactinaemia which results in all except -
    a- Increased libido
    b- Decreased libido
    c- Osteoporosis in female
    d- Galactorrhea in female
    e- Gynaecomastia
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