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    :D 1. 60 YRS old Male with endoscopy and biopsy - Barrots esophagus, smoker, on aspirin as well, discuss further management
    2. Anaemia Patient, further management, offer colonoscopy
    3. Hyperemesis Gravidarum, further history, exclude hepatitis, twin pregnancy, H mole. Explain further management.
    4. Carcinoma Pancreas/counseling/pain management
    5. Alcoholic patient/interpret blood results, counseling
    6. Amenorrhoea patient, Obese, explain further mx
    7. 1 year old, Undescended testes and associated inguinal hernia/umbilical hernia, explain mx to mother.
    8. Haematuria, benign prostate, case of bladder cancer, discuss treatment options
    9. Hearing loss,clinical exam, diagnosis
    10. Asthma, action plan for 3 yrs old child with mild asthma.
    11. Psychosis, explain the diagnosis to paerents.
    12. Stroke,causes and treatment plan, explain to husband.
    13. Spontaneous pneumothorax, Rx.
    14. DVT, Rx
    15. Sub fertility, Ix
    16. Childhood behavioral problem, further history from mothe
    r, Rx PLAN.
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    Can you post a bit more details???
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    thanks mate

    I've been waiting these for a week. but could you please write more about hte stem sentence ( case sentences ) and we will be all so thankful. thanks again and wish you the best of luck :)
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    I passed !!
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    Brisbane Dec 07

    7 of the cases were repeats. They give different response to candidates, so be aware. The amenorrhea case was actually PV bleeding post 8 weeks of amenohrea, & her cycles were quite irrigular( every 4-8 weeks), & the examiner gave different responses regarding beta HCG( -,+, & pending)
    The Haematuria case was clearly a BPH from history & physical examination, & not a cancer
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    congratulation, well done :D :D
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    could you please write the details of the new ones whch were not recalls. we would all appreciate it. thanks in advance
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    hi there
    The new ones were the lady with 12 months history of pancreatic cancer, who just finished her chemotherapy cycles, & now she refuses any further treatment, & asks you(oncology resident) to give her ENOUGH PAIN KILLERS TO KILL HERSELF, & it's all because of the very bad pain that she's having. It's a case of Euthanasia i guess, which is controversial every where, but illegal in Australia.
    The other new one probably is a man with Histopathology consistent with Barettes Oesophagus with Hiatus hernia, that you need to go through the managementwith him.although it's not a cancer, u need to say Surgery correction, & rpt Endoscopy & biopsy
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    Thanks a lot mate. Good luck
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    no worries.all the best for every one
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    Could anybody post how they approached the lady with pancreatic cancer asking for something to kill herself. This question is repeat and was first appeared in sydney2007 March 10 exams. Thanks
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    Pancreatic cancer

    Hi there, I've got the feedback, i passed 15 stations, & the pancreatic cancer station was one of them.
    It's a 60s lady with 12 months ca pancreas who wanted to kill herself when 1st diagnosed, but spoke with some counseller at that time who convinced her to give it a go with the chemo. Now she wants to go home, 7 wants u ( Oncology doctor) to give her enough pain killers to kill herself.

    I greeted the pt, & directly acknowledged her pain problems & her chemotherapy bad experience, & showed a lot of empathy. She asked me for pain killers to go home & kill herself, because the pain is so bad & she doesn't want to put any burden on her family any more.
    I started by explaining to her that it's agianst law, & against my oath & ethics to do such a thing, In stead, i asked her if she knows anything about palliative care, & she said yes, it's kind of multidisplinary team thing. I said it's exactly right, it's role is to help cancer, & other terminal pt to have a comfortable & a pain free sort of life style for the rest of her life, using combination of pain relief stuff. She asked me if that could be done at home, I said sure it can, we just need to get u admitted to the Pall. care unit for a week or so to get the CADD pump setting accurate, titrated against ur pain, then we will send u home on it, with follow up at home by community & palliative care nurses. I passed that station.
    Any further questions are welcomed.
    Good luck for all
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    can any one give some more help with this one??? I mean the whole recall
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    To Guest 3

    Could u please post all ur stations recall in detail.
    It would be a great help. Thanks and looking forward to it.
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    may I ask your name plaese? It has been wonderful to pass 15 stations out of 16!
    I am trying to sit the exam next year and was wonderying if you can help me with it.
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    hii everyone..can anyone plz tell me which all books to study from for part2?plz plz plz reply coz i m really confused....plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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