Among patients who require nutritional resuscitation

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    Among patients who require nutritional resuscitation in an intensive care unit, the best evidence that nutritional support is adequate is-
    a- Urinary nitrogen excretion level
    b- Total serum protein level
    c- Serum albumin level
    d- Serum transferrin level
    e- Respiratory quotient
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    Answer: c. (Schwartz, 7/e, pp 36-46) The serum albumin level provides a rough estimate of protein nutritional adequacy. The accuracy of this estimate is affected by the long half-life albumin (3 weeks) and the vagaries of hemodilution. The acute-phase serum proteins have a very short half-life (hours) and may also provide good short-term indications of nutritional status. Transferrin is one of these acute-phase proteins, but unfortunately its levels too are influenced by changes in intravascular volume and along with the other acute-phase reactions, rise nonspecifically during acute illness. All the listed responses provide some useful information about nutrition and adequacy of replacement.

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