an advise how to improove your usmle 1 result

Discussion in 'USMLE STEP 1' started by ashish-, Jul 11, 2005.

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    Hi doc,
    Have you gone for kaplan coaching or you have studied on your own?
    Can you provide me with a copy of the material you have prepared for your exams.

    Thanking you in advance,

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    hi congrats.

    HI Congrats.

    I am Pradeep. Now i am iin 2nd Phase of coourse . I would like to know, is it worth if i start preparing for various entrance exams now only. Can you tell me how to prepare for pg's. I am bit confused :? . Please reply to me. My id is
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    hey dr ashish congrates
    Where would notes on hard disk 2002, patho slides, rapid review series, board simulator, and audio review series be available? If u have them, Ill be grateful to u to email them to me. I can pay u the price. It was gr8 to know about your score in MLEs. Best of luck for the remaining parts
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    Ur Simply Superb!!!

    :) U r really very hard working n brainy 2. :wink: .....that is the only thing i understood from ur explanation..apart from how much kaplan material has helped u u maade justice to the material by scoring such a good be frank i neva knew step1 is conducted for the score of????buti felt its very good infact something top ......nyways keep going....bye...i do need your help lyk others but i dont want to buy or grab ur hardwor :) k
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    New Format of the Steps?

    I just heard this from some friends of mine, who are American Medical Students:
    Starting with the incoming first year Med Students, there will be a new kind of Step exam - it will be at the end of the 3rd year of Med School and will combine both Step 1 and Step 2 CK. There will still be Step 2 CS as a separate exam. One of my friends said that they were asked for input on this, but sounded like a pretty sure thing to them. The new Step will be valid for 5 years.

    I wanted to break the news to you and ask you if you have heard anything about this as well?
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    dr ashish congrats again , i need to know many things for usmle, i finished my postgraduation and now want to enroll for usmle .Kindly be in touch with me so that it helps me lot to prepare
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    hi i have the usmle stuff for the step 1 dvds with 2007 edition dvds and 2008 edition notes and also i have the step 2 dvd video lectures and 2008-2009 edition lecture notes and q-banks for step 1 and step 2
    if anyone is interested then please reply to

    gsandhya12345 at yahoo dot com

    i will also send step 3 dvds and notes and also pass programme dvds and latest csa dvd and many more

    send me the email
    and i will send u detailoed info


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    Hello mr ashish ,arun here pls tell me how to approach for exams i want some more details about the exams .......kindly furnish me details of your mail i d ,further i can enquire through that 8)
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    hey dude just congrats n ha M NOT ASKING 4 UR STUDY STUFF,..
    dnt get tensed..
    btw m intern in mumbai..can u plz tel me hw much score we need 4 psychiatry???
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    Hey congratulations. I have given my step 1 but I am confused. after i had completed my last block, then again the screen showed the icons for take break or open another block. I was wondering what to do. And the test ended suddenly saying that your test is completed. I am worried if i have misssed anything and that i should have clicked at open block and see. Would it affect my result in anyway. I am very worried about this only otherwise my exam went well. Someone please...... help me as soon as possible. PLease reply back. I beg. Please.
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    Hello Dr Ashish,

    Congratulations, for such a great achievement....

    I am doing MBBS(3rd year) from PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana......
    I want to prepare for USMLE but dont know from where to start....
    please help me
    my email id is

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    oh wow that would be perfect for my studying,
    would you midn sending it? turtle_038@hotmail
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    USMLE Step 1 Advise

    I took Kaplan program, glad did that. I didn't score 99, but I am happy with 92. I saw many people are posting 99 in the forum, I am not sure how many really got it. Although I had to pay 70,000 INR, but it was worth it. They know what is in exam and they make thign easier for us. I wasted lots of money purchasing old notes, not helpfull. You need to have a structure and right curriculam. Many people are selling different things, all waster. My advise to those who are studing don't waste your time and money take Kaplan course. If you can afford best thing is to take their programs in US or Europe.
    I am aplying for Step 2 now and hopefully will take the program in US. Kaplan people provide student visa, which I wasn't aware of that.

    Also have anyone heard about Falcon, they seems fraud. I called them once and now they are sending me emails trying to take money out. They are lying about the program, they went to extent of Palika Bazar. Trying to bargain... love the style.
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    Free USMLE MCQ resource

    Hi Guys,

    I've started to put together a free MCQ resource for the USMLE.

    USMLEstat dot com

    Please have a look and let me know what you think.



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