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    hi guys

    i am going to post a few anatomy keys here. now this is only my evaluation and is by no means certified. readers would be requested to check the MCQ books on their own.

    in solving last few yrs question papers for AIIMS and AIPG, i came across these interesting facts

    topics NEVER asked

    1) attachment of mucles - this thing literally take out 20-30% of anatomy.
    2) very little weightage to brain
    3) relations - like what like ant or post or medial , etc.

    TOpics most likely to be asked

    1) various actions of muscles - and their nerve supply
    2) arteries and their branches - the whole system
    3) blood supply to abdominal organs
    4) nerves - esp those which can lead to syndromes or imporant deficits.

    most of these topics r covered in SARP in JUST 16 PAGES at the end of anatomy section.

    i do hope to get reviews on this post , coz if others agree then maybe with some help we can post the topics to read and more imp. TOPICS TO SKIP
    in other subjects also.

    good luck
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    i agree..

    yes doubt abt it......muscle rigin etc r not important......arteries nd nerves r imp....
    but two more importyant things in ana...
    1..various named fossas nd foramen, triangles etc...
    2..relations of important structures in abdomen....
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    hi nitin

    i am glad to have a reply .
    yes , i guessed i missed out on the two topics which u mentioned.

    any chance of us creating similar posts for other subjects .?
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    For SPM,

    First 116 pages from park, common diseases, vaccines, health programs, health goals, environment and health, biostats, health workers....and rest selected reading(mainly retrograde)
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    I disagree.......

    Fundamental Neuroanatomy comes in Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine,ENT, Opthal, Surgery, Paed, Anaes and Psychiatry

    It is for the same reason that Pharmacology and Pathology are the most important subjects
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    Reason = question from ( and related to) that subject can pop up else where in the question paper
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    i would also add micro to that
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    sorry for being away for sometime. busy with aiims prep.

    now to the quesction of brain geting low weightage.
    it is quite true

    in pathology - the most imp portions r general patho and kidney.
    pharmac - well everything is imp.

    atleast in most of the pervious yrs questions papers that i have solved , brain does not get much weightage in context of anatomy and physiology.
    yes they do ask brain tumours esp. so for that u need to read patho.

    trying to cover each and every thing is not possible.
    thats why i always prefer concentrating on topics which r most likely to be repeated.
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    Agree, Even the questions that are asked from Physiology in AIIMS like Thalamus connections > The answers are only found in Grays after the exam.
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    i rest my case, ur honour.
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    :) hi, i agree niteen plus in anatomy if u do only diagrammes well 95 percent of anatomy is in your hand :p
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    always from neuroanatomy some or the other thing is asked especially the tracts and sensations inhibited by their removal,so many neurological syndromes are a part of maharashtra pgm-cet.i believe that if u study medicine thoroughly u can easily cover pathology,pharmacology,physiology,microbiology etc..
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    dear mr.vickykothari.hai!this is friend i'm interested to know abt sarp that u mentioned in ur it a book or coaching institute?i request u to suggest me some good mcq books for pg prep.also do inform me abt some good coaching institutes in india.thanx a lot. :)
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    Thanks for your info...

    i'll follow it....

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    .can you pls help us with a list of high yield topics in surgery. this will help save a lot of time and effort.
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    for siva krishna... SARP is a series of books for each subject. they have only the important points, hence easy for revision..
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    Hello all..i m going to start prepration of step 1 ...i m relativly week in basics..i have got KAPLAN series.....Can someone plz plz advice me ,How shld i start and wat are some self assesmeent books for step 1..i ll be very thankful if someone can guide me,as i m new to this fourm too so dont knw much about it ...Cheers
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    The anatomy keys are also available in the CD that is provided with the book. Its in flash mode, so that it is better understood and easy to learn.
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    Hello all this is the best motivating site ..for all the entrance exam aspirants
    n I am one among them..,thanks to all in this site for all the Info..

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