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    N :nerve (femoral)

    A :artery(femoral)

    V : Vein (femoral)

    E :empty space (femoral canal)

    L : lacunar ligament

    With the above pneumonic the orientation is from lateral to medial.
    (femoral nerve is most lateral and lacunar ligament is most medial)
    I should have said-the femoral nerve is medial to the Iliacus muscle at the level of the inguinal ligament

    Upper trunk



    Lower trunk [Like a musti odor of PKU]


    Ti-of T1

    Kinesin Kicks molecules out of cell
    Positive directed microtubules; towards Plasma membrane

    Dynein Drags molecules into the cell body
    Negatively directed microtubules; towards Nucleus (cell body or centromere)

    interossei of hand
    PAD Palmar interossei Adduct
    DAB Dorsal Abduct

    neuroguy No offense but speak Only for your frontal lobe[ignore the pneumonics]
    (word association has been a strategy in the cognition process since the beginning of time) :shock:

    neuroguy No offense but speak Only for your frontal lobe[ignore the pneumonics]
    (word association has been a strategy in the cognition process since the beginning of time) :shock:

    P = Paraventricular nucleus secreates Oxytocin = O

    Victoria Secret
    V=Vasopressin secreted from S=Supraoptic nucleus

    S2, S3, S4 keeps penis off the floor.

    C3,C4, C5 keeps diaphragm alive.

    Put SALT on your hot wings:
    SA (Serratius Anterior)
    LT (Long Thoracic N)

    She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her

    schapoid lunate .triqueral pisiform trapezium traperoid capitate hamate

    Dr. Cuma

    d-wrist drop
    r-`racial n.

    c-claw hand
    a-ape hand

    To remember what the cranial nerves are, remember this colorful mnem:

    oh oh oh, to touch and feel a girl's vagina and hymen

    (olfactory - CN 1; optic - CN 2; oculomotor - CN 3; trochlear - CN 4; trigeminal - CN 5; abducens - CN 6; facial - CN 7; acoustic/vestibulocochlear - CN 8; glossopharyngeal - CN 9; vagus - CN 10; accessory - CN 11; hypoglossal - CN 12)

    and to remember if they're innervated by a sensory or a motor pathway, or both, remember this:

    Some say marry money but my brother says big brains matter more

    (CNs 1, 2, 8 - sensory
    CNs 3, 4, 6, 11, 12 - motor
    rest are via both pathways)

    Strap Muscles are
    Sterno hyoid, Omohyoid, Sternothyroid, Thyrohyoid, Geniothyroid

    SOS - supplied by ansa cervicalis
    rest - by C1 fibers

    Diaphragm innervation and LP site.

    C3,4,5, keeps diaphragm alive and 3,4,5, makes a lumbar puncture drive!

    Out of: Extra Ocular Eye Muscles {EOEM}

    E1 prostaglandin------Open ductus arteriosus
    Epidural hemmorhage------------Middle Meningeal artery

    Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle.

    Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Breasts Matter Most.

    For the Cranial Nerves 1 through 12, in determining whether they are Sensory, Motor, or Both (starting with Cranial Nerve 1).

    Two Zulus Bruised My Cervix.

    T emporal nerve
    Z ygomatic nerve
    B uccal nerve
    M arginal mandibular nerve
    C ervical nerve

    Lucy of upper Middle class Vents under the Bridge.

    Lucid interval, epidural, Middle meningeal artery

    Subdural Bridging Veins

    sister lucy's powdered face often attracts medical students. this is for the branches of external carotid artery
    s sup thyroid
    l lingual
    p posterior auricular
    f facial
    o occipital
    a ascendin pharyngeal
    m maxillary (internal)
    s superficial temporal
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    Branches of External Carotid Artery

    Sex After Lunch For Old People May Suck

    s superior thyroid
    a ascending pharyngeal
    l lingual
    f facial
    o occipital
    p posterior auricular
    m maxillary (internal)
    s superficial temporal

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