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  1. Friends,

    Delhi University Superspeciality courses are advertised in Times of India, mumbai edition, on 10/04/2009!

    Forms available at Asstt.Registrar's office, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Delhi University, V.P.Chest Institute Building, Delhi-7, from 24/04/2009 till 18/05/09 by hand & till 6/5/2009 by post.
    DD/Banker's cheque of Rs.2000/- by hand or Rs.2050/- by post.
    Write name+address on back of DD/cheque & keep photocopy.
    Last date for submission 18/05/2009.Separate application for each course.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  2. DNB-SS CET exam!

    Wed 20th May, 2009

    Important notice for supplementary exam

    National Board of Examinations

    New Delhi


    Supplementary Examination for the candidates, who failed in the December, 2008. Theory Examination in the Superspecialty courses will be held on 11th and 12th July, 2009. Last date for applying will be intimated shortly.


    (Prof. K.M. Shyama Prasad)

    Hony. Executive Director


    All those to whom this exam maybe applicable may please take note of it urgently.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear Dr.ASHA MAM,
    I am in a strange situation. I passed my MS(Ophthal) in 2003(Aplus University grade). I passed plab and came to UK. Turning point is that I was selected for basic surgical training in UK(Ophthal is very competitive in UK).I completed Basic Surgical training, passed full MRCS in 2007 and was issued CCBST Certificate recognised all 4 royal colleges in 2007.I worked for 3 years now at registrar level in General Surgery.
    I want to come back and settle in India.
    Now, I don't want to practice Ophthalmology.
    I got 2 options
    1. To go for Andhra PG entrance again to get into MS General Surg
    2.Write DNB CET and Join DNB in Hyderabad(I am sure that I can pass DNB If I put a bit of effort due to my UK training background)
    Mam, am I allowed to do second MS in the same university. Does MCI allows this?. I am confused. Please reply. I tried to contact MCI and NTR university, AP with no joy.
    Thank you very much for your help and support.
  4. Sri2010

    Sri2010 Guest


    Dear Dr.ASHA MAM,
    I downloaded the CET June2010 Application. I got 2 queries.
    1. Does the Photos need to be attested by a gazetted officer? It says just attested.

    2. There are contradictory messages in the information buttetin and Application regarding certificate attestation. information buttetin says Gazetted officer attestation, where as Application says Self attestation.
    only 20 days left Please help. I don't want to miss the oportunity of giving this exam in june.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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