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  1. Please answer these questions

    1. 36 yr old lady with h/o 20 ciggerettes a day. what is the choice of contraception?
    2. Patient had a fight,ear is bleeding ringing and deafness,investigation of choice.CT, or Xray or otoscopy.
    3. chances of carrier state in cystic fibrosis(sister have it)1:4,2:3,1:4
    4. chances of carrier state in a non symptomatic girl whose sister was a pt...1:4,1:2,2:3
    5. infertile lady with 5cm subserosal and 3 cm submucosal
    6. Management of trauma,a) small subcapsular hematoma of spleen b) umblical protusion of small part of omentum,c)one had severe abd pain after fight with all examination nrmal
    7. Diagnosis,foul discharge,vulvovaginitis and ph anove 4.5.
    8. PID investigations,choices-chlamydia +gonrrhea, chl+gon.+vaginosis,
    9. Electrolyte abnormality in a)addisons b)frusemide.C)in pyloric stenosis
    10. pain relief in pt with cancer,dont want morphine and has obstructive jaundice... 3 opiods,one nsaid,ganbapentin..
    11. pain relief in pt with widespread ovarian ca...had obstruction annd severe colic for 2 hrs and was normal in between pain...i was confused between s/c morphine and palliative stoma ...?
    12. pt with tuberculous abcess drained previously has fever and tender between l2 l3..investigate...mri,ct,usg,xray?
    13. one was lady with CA and had a number of neurologicalsymptoms...urinary retention,loss of reflexes,poer and had some eye problem...ans were paraneoplastic neuropatyhy,progression of brain tumor...?
    14. copd pt in type 1 respfailure on 28%o2 wht next...24%o2 or ippv
    15. pencil rubber in ear of a 32 yr old male..i marked remove with hook
    16. pshyciatry...delusion of double
    17. obese man,smoker ,alcoholic has hoarseness for 6 weeks...histology shows noninvasive dysplasia...wht advise...stop smoking,reduce wt,voice therapy,take ppi
    18. obese man with gerd,hiatus hernia has hoarseness for a month,refer to...git,ent?
    19. eye..sudden loss of vision..dots lots haemmorage...swollen macula...CRAO,CRVO,branch RAO,branch RVO,ciliosomething vein occlusion...i marked crvo
    20. congenital adrenal hyperplasia-specific sign?hypotension,genital pigmentation,some electrolyte imbalance
    21. femure fracture pulseless leg which artery involved-
    22. pregnant lady constipation t/t-glycerien,lactulose,macrofibre
    23. t/t hyperemesis gravidarum-nacl/,5% glucose
    24. t/t of fecal impaction-phosphate enema,laxatives...
    25. speech delay what to do next
    26. hx of mi+depression-t/t
    27. anorexia next step-refer to medical ward(correct?)
    28. pt with dementia-wants surg consent?psychiatry assessment
    29. A 58 year old man to have anterior resection of rectal CA. Preoperative magt.
    a. Give iv antiboitics 24hr to surgery
    b. Give broad spectrum antibiotics a dose before induction of anaesthesia.
    c. prioperative rectal therapy
    d. no treatment needed.

    29. a lady feels rotational vertigo,nausea..anxiet,BPPV.. anxiety?
    30. pencil rubber in ear canal..removal by hook ?
    31. Management of menorrhagia
    a. Depo provera
    b.Uterine embolisation
    c.Hysteroscopy myomectomy
    d.Abdominal myomectomy
    e.Endometrial ablation
    F.Mirena coil
    I.tranxemic acid
    j.progesteron only pill

    1. A 32 year old woman who smokes 20 sticks of cigarrete/day with complains of heavy bleeding and prolong menstrual period.
    2. 17 year old secondary school girl with complain of prolong menstrual period and heavy blood loss
    3. A 32 year with with heavy blood loss, USS shows uterine thickeness > 14mm
    4.37 year old woman with heavy bleeding, investigation shows subserosa fibroid measuring 4cm and intramural firoid of 6cm.
    5. A woman with sickle cell disease complain of heavy menstrual blood loss.
    32. Theme : Urinary incontinence
    Option : Pessary,
    Vaginal oestrogen
    Pelvic floor exercise
    Choose the most appropriate management.
    1. 80 year old lady feel some dragging sensation and she has very severe MI.
    2. An very old lady who is sexually active present with symptoms of UTI.
    33. 32 year old man present with breathless on exertion all the investigations are normal except Echo finding which shows thinning of the septal and ventricular wall with some kind of ejection fraction.
    dilated myocardium ?
    34. a patient had history of DVT what is the next investigation....
    cxr ....spirometry CT of chest
    35. History of osteoporosis?? what is next management for prevention of fractures??
    Bisphosphonates/ VitD /Catcium
    36. History of syncope and investigation???
    Ecg / Echo
    37. History Of postural hypotension initially 140/90mmhg went down to 110/85
    I think it was asking for the cause
    38. Pregnant woman tinel's sign negative with tingling and numbness of 1st and middle finger......diagnosis???
    carpal tunnel syndrome/ radial nerve entrapment?
    39. A patient recently started treatment what is cause of ankle edema?
    AMLODIPINE/ beta blocker/ ACEI.
    40. pregnant woman was constipated despite high fibre diet ( can't remember the gestation ...2nd trimester i think) next step for management?
    41. a patient had a history of RA treatment who is producing copious amounts of sputum.........diagnosis? it also mentioned features from an xray(which i can't remember)
    Bronchitis / Asthma /Bronchiectasis / Pulmonary fibrosis / mesothelioma
    42. patint had white scaly plaques on tongue and do you treat?
    Fluconazole suspension / Flucloxacillin / Metron / Chlorhexidine mouthwash...
    43. Old patient with sudden onset of constipation.... treatment???
    phosphate emema
    44. A patient with decreased perineal sensation, full bladder tenderness at L2 also had history of multiple myeloma......diagnosis?
    Cord compression / L2-L3 disc protrusion.
    45. Unequal chest movement with dysponea which nerve is affected????
    phrenic / subcostal / Vagus.......
    46. A man with massive H&M with massive blood lost. Blood transfusion was given and next day he vomit about 1.5 L of blood again what investigation would u like to do?
    Option : clotting profile

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