any one who sat for MRCP MAY 2007 NEED TO DISCUSS?

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by ana, May 16, 2007.

  1. eafreen

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    thanx dr. khan ... what was ur centre of xamination ?
  2. khan23

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    i appeard in London, where are u intending to appear?
  3. dr.doc

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    thank u soo much for replying
    i will appear from lahore , pakistan ...

    i attempted once from riyadh saudia arabia in jan 07,, and i did on.xamination and kalra ,, twice .... but the main problem i faced was time management .... i had to hurry up in last 10-15 questions in both papers ,,, and i missed it by 4% also i want take advice weather in last week shud we go through kalra ,, or we shud do as much BOF ,, as we can ... i have scored comparetevly bad in clinical sciences and psychiatry . where shud i cover these topics from now?im really very dishearted ...
  4. khan23

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    To Pass the mrcp exame is an art, which need multidimentional approach, including, the study of core topics, to practise on standerd mcqs and the time mangament... About the time managment i will say, that before starting the paper just have a look of first as well as last few questions and start from the easy and short questions, like in may paper 1 the last 30 questions were very easy and the first 50 questions were so difficult and time consuming, which left a short time for the last questions which were easy, and it happend with a lot of gays... so mean to say that just have a look of the paper befor starting and if it is easy at the end, d
  5. dr.doc

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    thanx thank u soo much for ur help dr.khan
  6. maria awais

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    thx alot everybody
    it is a real help
    all the best for all of u
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    guest 88
    regarding q 4 wasnt there any other hint like jaundice or anything else?
  8. Guest

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    goserlin is synthetic analogue of GHRH
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    think karla shall be better and more reliable.
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    Dear friends Sad but true I flunked the May 2007 exam and still not able to have the courage to pick up the books ,, set aside the issue of money please tell me what to do !

    Netsimam :oops:
  11. dr.suleiman

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    may 2007

    hello , im looking forward to write the mrcp exsam on may 2007, do u like to share studying scadule???
    se we can encourege eache othere.. let me know.
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    im going to study MRCP questions soon,
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    iam dr hamid from great sudan iwill sit for mrcp part 1in may 2008 my email is
    will you please send to me B O Fquesions to my email thanks to all doctors in for this excellent service to doctors and humanity

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