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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by VIKRAM, Jun 2, 2004.

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    VIKRAM Guest

    hi friends,
    can anyone solve my queries regarding MRCS?
    1) is PLAB a prerequisite?
    2) wot is the requirement on postings? i mean, shud the posts be done frm some specific colleges/recognised instituitions?
    your help will be v much appreciated
  2. AJdoc

    AJdoc Guest

    HI Vikram
    after taking MRCS 1 2 3 YOU ARE EXEMPTED FROM PLAB!
    ielts may be neceassary if more than 2 yrs have passed!
    according to new regualtions no specific /certified postings are neceassary u just need to prove the beginning of your basic surgical skills training before taking MRCS 2 !
    within three and a half years of taking MRCS 2 you must comlplete whatever is left of MRCS 1 or MRCS 2 as the case may be!
    read posts on MRCS by me and Dr.Giligili also read articles in the MRCS forum on this website...also visit
    have u completed your MS? Where did u graduate from?
    respond please
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thnx a lot aandrei
    im doing MS ORTHO final yr frm SMS HOSPITAL, JAIPUR. am appearing for my exams in july. i passed MRCS 1&2 this may.
    thnx for the references too. nething else dat u wud advice, in particular?
  4. AJDoc

    AJDoc Guest


    Really glad to know that u from Sawai man sign jaipur....there must be some guys from Nepal there...indian embassy usually sends students who pass the compex exam to SMS ...must be a very competitive school!
    in fact one of the Nepalese guys who passed maybe last year is already in UK...but via the plab route...all he has is the attachment so far!

    Hey! this is aandrei from Nepal...i will join AIIMS(General surgery) in July this year...i cleared via the foreign quota...was a hell lot easier...cud u please advise mem on one thing....what do you think is aiims good for general surgery....i am kinda collecting responses from all people in this forum about this...cud u please read my post (under the name AJ Doc) headed "Am i really luky"....what do you think shall i let the AIIMS General surgery go....i do not have any surer option right now! Given that u are a final year resident u are senoir to me and it would indeed be a previlige if u cud tell me sthg on this.....also please know that my ultimate destination is is also UK just lke yours ...i intend to take the MRCS 1 and 2 sometime within next 15 months! Now given that is it wiser to spend atleast three years doing the SHO (not to mention the Job prospects just after and sans MRCS in the UK) or is it better for me to spend three years as general surgery resident at the AIIMS ,even though they make us do more paperwork than surgery) and then go to UK after MRCS 2 like u are doing right now...job prospects are better as everybody on this forum agrees! like this u are exempt from plab plus minus ielts and u will be able to applly for registrar appointment...i have been told...the MRCS people onthe website relpy your mails religiouly although they will very professionally decline to comment on anything that they do not find themselves comfortable with!
    so given that intention to pusue UK after MS is it worhtwhile spending 3 years jst for the sake of the degree!
    U ARE IN A SOLID POSITION RIGHT NOW...JUST CUD NOT BE BETTER....try to get some references from FRCS surgeons that you know....letter and all that!
    please respond!
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