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  1. hi friends.......

    i am doing my DNB in Neurosurgery at VHS medical centre Chennai, which was started by Dr.B.Ramamurthi one of the pioneers in Neurosurgery.

    they have called for DNB applications for 5 year neurosurgeryat this centre.
    aspiring candidates kindly apply

    for more deatails contact

    or can call at
    044- 22542160
  2. ozgood

    ozgood Guest


    this gives an immense shock to learn how people can be dear fellow are u not aware that 5 yr courses have been stopped long back by board authorities......kindly be more responsible in your attitude
  3. cugati

    cugati Guest

    hello ozgood....

    i am now doing my neurosurgery DNB at this place and i have no good reason to mislead people amidst my busy schedule. to your knowledge, it is only few days back that we have got the notification regarding the re-introduction of 5 yr neurosurgery.......
    so my dear friend please know thing before you react to them.
    and also i dont think that there are any fools out there who just blindly believe anything....
  4. hey even i got 2 knw tht this 5 yr direct dnb course is nt in shedule r u sure abt d re-introductn of this course????plz don't take it in wrong sence bt v don't hav any authorised notice informing abt this.......
  5. lk

    lk Guest

    you cleared only primary

    hi, that is true that dnb 5 year course has been restarted but i wanted to know that we have to clear dnb primary cet or any other specified exams for neurosurgery is required.
    kindly answer as soon as possible so that i can prepare for next time.
  6. guest24

    guest24 Guest

    hi. i have done my mbbs and preparing for various entrance.. could someone tell me how the pass percentage inVHS for DNB Neourosurgery is
  7. dr.harsha

    dr.harsha Guest

    im doing my internship, it will b done by may 2010..
    when am i elgible to write dnb cet? is the cet conducted only once a year in june???
    please reply..
  8. what is the fees,stipend,accomodation facility etc??

    can i know that how much is the stipend they pay,,and any extra fees they charge,,& regarding the accomodations ???
  9. dr.bharat

    dr.bharat Guest

    namaste, could somebody guide me the procedure for 5yr ns course
  10. GUY...

    GUY... Guest

    First apply for DNB primary and clear..
    With the result apply at Places where DNB is available - Eg. VHS - Chennai
    In December as soon as your DNB primary results are out.
  11. trojans

    trojans Guest


    how to get the portion for applying DNB primary exams to join DNB Neuro surgery- I'm interested to apply at VHS
  12. tycoon

    tycoon Guest


    Now the course is for 6 years.
    There is no special exam separate for 6 yrs neurosurgery.
    You should clear the primary DNB CET. They will give u a score. With the score, apply to this institution in December- 2010 or January-2011.
    They will call u for interview. They might have an internal written or oral assessment. Ideal book is Greenberg pocket neurosurgery 2010.
    All the best
  13. rajyaguru

    rajyaguru Guest

    need info.

    for all those who are interested in primary DNB Neurosurgery prog.

    Share your knlg regarding

    1.which center is better?

    2.pros and cons of the programme...

    3.any opinions from seniors whom you asked about.

    4.and any other info what you think can be useful to all those who r interested

    thanx in advance....

    i had a discn wit NS who did DNB 6 year at apollo.

    They call the venture is lyk a "Calculated Risk"

    exit is damn diffi.

    Take up it ony if you are highly passionate abt NS.

    which r the othr centres???? whr 6 yr available

    plz share the info.

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