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    Although i havent prepared at all for the exam as i had loads of other stuff to do before the time, i was quite familiar with all the MCQs asked in the exam.
    My advice would be to intensify your studies on anatomy and i mean it by studying from a reference book(either last anatomy or moore's) not a revision book unless u have your (very good) notes. Anatomy questions were easy to answer in case u have studied for it as nothing tricky was asked(very straightforward questions related to the paths of nerves,muscles and stuff like that). But...
    here comes physiology questions which was the other bulk of questions in the exam..study from gannong physiology i would say, as BRS is not enough if you want to answer more than 70% of the questions but if you are happy with 60% and less then BRS is more than enough. here the MCQs were really tricky as a lot of minor things were asked.a lot of endocrine and cardiovascular physiology were asked.
    Pathology:dont worry about it at all in fact dont even study it as the MCQs related to this subject were so easy that any graduate form Med school can answer without studying.
    In general, i think that physiology was quite hard, anatomy is normal and even easy for those who have studied it thouroughly and pathology very easy.the Raftery applied basic sciences would not help you at all in this exam i guess as it is quite general but it gives you an idea about the exam.
    anyways, best of luck to all, and prepare well..it isnt a hard exam if well prepared..dont worry about it.
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    wat r the topic to concentrate in phsio!

    plz tell me wat topics to ead frm ganong?thanx
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    Can u please tell me what is this BRS ?
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    could you please tell me the books formrcs part1 n part 2 :)
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    Can you recall some of the MCQs and paste em here?
    It would help us.
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    Thanks to all who has helped!
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    its board reiew series brs
    its for usmle step exams
    good book for physiology review
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    board review series . famous for usmle prepaation
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    mrcs part 1

    anybody to tell me how & what to do to register for part 1 mrcs...? (in England)
    what papers they ask for? and how can i find the time of the exam?and the fees? everything ,if possible, please...
    i need these information urgently.
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    Hello friends,
    i want to do my specialization in the field of Orthopedics. What is the MRCS exam that i need to sit.. is it the same 1 that every1 sits or is it a different 1 ?
    What i mean is that is it the MRCS part1 exam or no?
    PLease be sure of ur answers as i've recieved weird replies previously.
    DR Mathew
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    Re: mrcs part 1

  13. Re: mrco part 1

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  15. mrcs mcqs

    pl provide me few sets of mcqs for mrcs free of cast
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    Hello educated fiffa

    i don't know of free mcqs for mrcs but onexamination have a good set of questions for mrcs with which is quite cheap with MDU number - hope you are study well -please tell me what books you are using. when ar eyou taking the exam...?

    god bless
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    hi i have done my masters in otlaryngology i want to appear in mrcs exam but i have no clue about where ca i get this complete info
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    I dunno bout the BRS and Last anatomy that this fella talks about so highly, but i passed MRCS part I by studying Raftery's - cover to cover and I attempted the Chan Pastest series (all) including the MCQ book that accompanies Raftery's revision book. More than that I guess that it helped that I was in a Surgical Training post for the past year as well. Sorry I can't offer more for any of you, but go with it. It will work. The questions are not repeated form the Pastest series, but doing them will help u prepare for the questions that come out.
    Good luck and god bless.

    PS - no one can pass this exam without studying for a single minute...

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