association of an injury and a consequence is correct

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    Each of the following association of an injury and a consequence is correct EXCEPT
    a- head trauma - contrecoup injury
    b- contact gunshot wound to skull - exit wound larger than entry wound
    c- multiple fractures - fat embolism
    d- crush injury of skeletal muscle - acute tubular necrosis
    e- severe burns - acute gastric ulcer
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    Answer: B. In contact gunshot wounds overlying unyielding bony surfaces such as the skull, the entry wound is often larger than the exit wound, due to the effect of expanding gases under the skin. This is in contrast to through-and-through gunshot wounds, where the reverse is true. Brain contusion in head injuries can occur at the point of impact (coup injury) or on the opposite side of the brain (contrecoup injury). Multiple fractures can be complicated by fat emboli. Skeletal muscle crush injury can result in acute tubular necrosis with myoglobin casts. Severe burns may be associated with acute ulceration of the gastric mucosa referred to as Curling’s ulcer.

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