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    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes

    USMLE Step3 Notes

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes
    Recommended Study Material for Step3
    1.Crush the Boards [5 days]
    2.Swanson's Family Practice [15-20 days]
    3.Ethics in Medicine (U of W site) [1 day]
    4.Biostatistics [2 days]
    5.BluePrints in OBG [2 days]
    6.BluePrints in Peds [2 days]
    7.Compass Surgery & Trauma Notes [1 day]
    1.USMLE 2003 CD (Software Tutorial + Sample Cases)
    2.Kaplan CCS TUTORIAL
    1.Swanson's Family Practice
    2.USMLE 2003 CD – sample MCQs
    3.Kaplan Step3 CD – 200 sample MCQs
    4.NMS Review – 750 questions
    5.Kaplan QBank for Step3

    Critical aortic stenosis: virtually zero chance of successful CPR.
    Gout with h/o peptic ulcer disease: Rx of choice – colchicine (not indomethacin)
    <6w: external rainage >6w: internal drainage
    St. John's Wort: is a herbal medication with some efficacy in treatment of depression
    (no FDA Approval)
    Vaginal d/c pH < 4.5 : Consider Candida
    ph > 4.5 : Consider Bacterial Vaginosis
    Maternal Smoking / Alcohol: Symm IUGR
    Maternal HTN: Symm IUGR
    Physiological Jaundice / Exaggerated Physio / Breast Milk Jaundice: no risk of
    Kernicterus occurs @ 1% x Birth Wt. (in grams) [Bilirubin Level]
    PKU screen can be negative at 48hrs of life
    (requires a repeat screen after 48 hrs. to confirm)
    Maternal SLE: Congenital Lupus & 3rd degree Ht. Block (Anti-Ro)
    Respi Failure: <60 mmHg O2 >60mHg CO2
    Maternal Solvent Abuse: assoc. with nail hypoplasia
    PDA closure achieved by Indomethacin
    NEC: Pneumatosis Intestinalis
    Neonatal CMV: confirm by isolation of virus from urine
    Transplacental spread is highest in primary H
    very low in recurrent HSV
    Breast Milk (cf. Cow's Milk)
    high carboydrate
    low protein
    low iron, but more bioavailable
    inadequate Vit. D, Vit. K
    supplement Iron @ > 6 m in exclusively breast fed
    Infants of Diabetic Mothers with proteinuria, hematuria:
    ? Renal Vein Thrombosis (gluteal. with maternal DM)
    Transfusion Reactions:
    Febrile Reaction: WBCs in Donor Blood (Acetaminophen)
    Anaphylaxis: Proteins in donor blood (Antihistaminics, SQ Epinephrine)
    Hemolysis: Mismatch (Hydration & Diuresis)
    Infantile Colic: (Wessel Criteria)
    3 m child; 3 hrs/day; >3 days/week; > 3 wks. duration
    1.Methylphenidate / Dextroamph / Mg Pemoline
    2.TCA / SRI (second line)
    3.Don't use Benzodiazepines
    4.consider “drug holiday” on weekends
    ACEIs contraindicated in preg.
    HyperTG Rx: Gemfibrozil
    Hypercholesterolemia (Drug Rx):
    >190: 0-1 risk factors
    >160: >= 2 risk factors
    >130: CAD equivalent / CAD
    if > 15% reduction reqd: “statins”
    if < 15% reduction reqd: (Low HDL) Niacin
    (normal HDL) Cholestyramine
    Obesity in Children Triceps Skin Fold Thickness
    OCP induced hepatic adenomas : tendency to rupture
    (Surgical resection)

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes-ELISA â-hCG (Urine) is (+) 14 d post conception
    RIA â-hCG (Serum) is (+) 14 d post conception
    Symptomatic Gallstones: Lap Cholecstectomy
    Ca. Tail of Pancreas: Poorest Prognosis
    Lobular Ca in situ is not premalignant
    Digitalis Toxicity is enhanced by:
    HYPERcalcemia, HYPOkalemia, HYPOmagnesemia
    Infant of HIV + mother (steps to derease transmission)
    1.Intrapartum I/V AZT
    2.LSCS delivery
    3.AZT prophylaxis to child x 6 m
    4.No breastfeeding
    5.HIV test at 6m - 12 m
    Finkelstein Test: Chr. Stenosing Tenosynovitis (deQuervain's Disease)
    Rx for Chlamydial Ophthalmia: ORAL Erythromycin
    (to prevent chlamydial pneumonia)
    Commonest Hernia: Indirect Inguinal Hernia
    T4 / RTU / FT4-I move up or down together unless there is a derangement in TBG
    CPK-MM is increased in hypothyroidism (proximal myopathy)
    Fetal Weight Determination:
    HC, BPD, AC, FL
    Fetal Age Determination:
    Transcerebellar Diameter
    RA: associated with atlanto-axial subluxation
    (“drop” attacks)
    PTE: (A-a) O2 gradient is always abnormal
    even if PaO2 is normal [highly sensitive]

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes-Fever 24-48 hrs. Postop: #1 Atelectasis
    Pneumococcal Vaccination is required in CSF Leak
    Nephrotic Syndrome: Fatty Casts
    Pyelonephritis: WBC Casts
    Cystitis: WBCs
    GN (PSGN): RBC Casts
    CRF: Broad Casts

    Cold Antibody: IgM - Inravascualr Hemolysis
    Warm Antibody: IgG - Extravascular Hemolysis

    Addison's: ACTH Simulation Test
    Cushing's: Dexamethasone Suppresion Test
    Conn's: Salt Loading Response
    Diabetes Insipidus: Water Deprivation Test

    Hemophilia A: aPTT increased, BT normal
    vWD: aPTT increased; BT increased
    (Ristocetin Cofactor Assay)
    Factor VII def.: PT increased, BT normal
    Aspirin: prolonged BT, no effect on CT
    spiking fever despite antibiotics, 1 wk. postLSCS
    ?Septic Pelvic Thrombophlebitis (Mx: i/v Heparin)

    Mx of Myesthenia Gravis: PYRIDOSTIGMINE
    (not PHYSOSTIGMINE cuz of CNS effects)

    vWD & Aortic Stenosis: gluteal. with Angiodysplasia
    Alcoholic Cirrhosis: â-gamma bridge

    d-xylose test: abnormal in small bowel malabsorption, normal in pancreatic disease
    screening for malabsorption: 24 hour fecal fat

    ? Penicillamine increases survival in Scleroderma

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- May 2003
    Congenital Syphilis may be associated with severe osteochondritis. Child may refuse to
    move limbs (Pseudoparalysis of PARROT)

    Abciximab: decreases restenosis rates post-PTCA
    PTCA: no effect on morbidity or mortality

    Diabetes Mellitus : assocation with hyperTG
    First line management of newly diagnosed diabetic: DIET (not drugs)
    Hypercalcemia: I/V Hydration + Loop Diuretics

    Obesity: BMI>27g/m2 or 120% of ideal body weight
    Caloric Intake increase:
    300 Cal (Pregnancy); 50 Cal (Lactation)

    Pulmonary Embolism: i/v Heparin
    COPD excacerbation: H.flu, Pneumo., Moraxella
    Long term stabilization of exercise induced asthma: Salmetrol & Zafirlukast
    Severe acute asthma: < 50% best PEFR
    Moderate acute attack: 60-80% best PEFR
    Mild acute attack: >80% best PEFR

    #1 community acq. pneumonia: S. pneumoniae
    Ideal sputum sample: <10 epi./HPF & many PMNs

    GERD: Transient relaxation of LES
    Always perform an EKG for any adult with chest pain (esp. with risk factors for CAD)

    Esophageal Ca.: most common type is AdenoCa. (Barrett's Esophagus)
    effective in UC & Crohn's colitis / ileocolitiS

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- May 2003
    Celiac Sprue:
    villous atrophy & reactive crypt hyperplasia
    Dermatitis Herpetiformis (Mx: Dapsone)

    H. pylori association:
    .Serology (Past or Present Infection)
    .Fecal Antigen Detection (False [-] with PPI)
    .Urease Breath Test (False [-] with PPI)
    Triple Therapy, esp. for non-NSAID ass. ulcers
    1st episode of PUD: emperical therapy (H2 -> PPI)
    Recurrent PUD: H. pylori eradication

    Infectious mononucleosis
    EBV, Sore Throat, LN, Splenomegaly
    Atypical Lymphocytes (also in CMV)
    Monospot (+): positivity wanes with time
    Serology: increased Anti-EA; increased Anti-VCA IgM
    â blockers decrease variceal bleed in portal HTN

    Ascites: Salt Restriction, Diuretic: Spironolactone

    narcotic analgesic switching
    use 1/5 equianalgesic dose

    Graves': Rx – Radioactive Iodine
    children & pregnant: Propylthiouracil

    WHO analgesic stepladder
    1st LINE
    Aspirin, Acetaminophen, NSAIDs
    2nd LINE
    Hydrocodone, Codeine
    3rd LINE
    Morphine Sulfate, Hydromorphone, Fentanyl, Methadone

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- May 2003
    Ca. ass. cachexia & anorexia: Prednisone, Magestrol
    Agitated Depression Rx: sedating TCA (not SSRI)
    Rx of choice for narcotic induced costipation: Lactulose

    Nephropathy Incidence: IDDM (40%) > NIDDM (20%)
    but #1 cause of Diab. Nephropathy is NIDDM
    ('cuz NIDDM prevalence is much higher than IDDM)
    Prevalence Inreases: PPV of test increases
    (NPV of negative test decreases)
    Screening for GDM
    Oral 50g Glucose: Bl. Glu. @ 1 hr. > 140mg% (+)
    F/U with Oral 100g Glu. 3 hour GTT
    values > 105 (0h) / 190 (1h) / 165 (2h) / 145 (3h)
    Obese Diabetic: Diet/Wt.Loss -> Metformin
    (ass. With Lactic Acidosis)
    Insulin in DM
    Initial dose: 15-20 U
    2/3 of total : AM dose (2/3 regular, 1/3 intermediate)
    1/3 of total : PM dose (2/3 regular, 1/3 intermediate)

    Conn's syndrome Mx
    Adenoma: Sx resection
    B/L hyperplasia: Spironolactone

    "cold nodules" on thyroid scan: ? Malignant
    #1 Thyroid Study: Serum TSH (yields max. info.)

    Multiple Sclerosis:
    2 attacks more than 24 hours apart
    > 1 area of damage (Oligodendrocyte damage)
    m/c variant: relapsing-remitting type

    CSF mononuclear pleocytosis, CSF IgG increase
    Oligoclonal Banding of CSF IgG
    Myelin Breakdown Metabolites
    Headache on stopping NSAIDs:
    Analgesic withdrawl headache

    Jaw Claudication & Scalp Tenderness: GCA
    ESR increased
    Visual Loss
    Start Glucocorticoids without waiting for Bx results

    Aspirin in febrile children: Reye's Syndrome
    Continue anticonvulsants till seizure free for 4 years
    Menorrhagia with hemodynamic compromise:
    i/v conjugated estrogen
    normal Hb in women: 12.0
    normal Hb in pregnancy: 11.0 (1st & 3rd trimester)
    10.5 (2nd trimester)
    m/c variant of Hodgkin's : Nodular Sclerosis

    Hodgkin's: Supraclav. node
    NHL: epitrochlear node / likely to be extranodal

    Joint space narrowing
    subchonral cysts
    osteophytes (mere osteophytes are not OA)
    OA: Isometric exercizes are better than isotonic
    CFS: T cell activation -> CNS effect of cytokines
    nonREM sleep anomaly
    (also seen in Fibromyalgia)

    Gout prophylaxis: required for recurrent attacks
    (not indicated after first attack)

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- May 2003
    Strep Sore Throat Rx: can prevent Rh. Fever
    NOT PSGN!!!

    Potassium sparing diuretics can cause severe
    hyperkalemia in CRF
    SULINDAC: NSAID with no nephrotoxicity
    Asymp. Bacteruria in Pregnancy : Treat with antibiotics [Amoxycillin is safe] (high risk of
    Give Chlamydia Rx in Gonorrhea
    -> i/m Ceftriaxone + PO Doxycycline

    Biophysical Profile : TBMAN
    Tone, Body Movements, Breathing, AFI, NST
    Early Deceleration: Head Compression
    Variable Deceleration: Cord Compression
    Late Deceleration: Uteoplacental insufficiency
    GU+NGU: 1 g Azithromycin stat

    ACNE Mx
    .Benzoyl Peroxide
    .Topical Tretinoin
    .Topical Antibiotics
    .Systemic Antibiotics
    .Systemic Isotretinoin
    Acne Rosacea Mx
    Topical Metronidazole -> Systemic Antibiotic
    [Benzoyl peroxide & Tretinoin can aggravate rosacea]

    Female Infertility (Hormonal)
    Hyper-estrogenic: CLOMIPHENE CITRATE
    Hyper-PRL: Bromocriptine (PIH)

    Narcotic Dependence: Methadone replacement

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- May 2003
    External Hemorrhoids: Excision with elliptical incision
    Internal Hemorrhoids: Banding

    2nd trimester eclampsia: Molar pregnancy
    Molar pregnancy: hyperemesis gravidarum
    Most important obstetric measurement:
    Diagonal Conjugate (at least 11.5 cm)
    Amniotomy: perform after enagement of fetal head
    Rx of HTN in preg.: á-methyldopa, hydralazine
    BP reduction goal in pre-eclampsia:
    Lower diastolic to 90-100 mmHg (lowering to 80mmHg could jeopardize placental perfusion)
    #1 maternal disease causing IUGR: Maternal HTN
    #1 cause for 1st tri. abortions: Chromosomal ab(n)
    Postpartum Blues: < 2 weeks
    Postpartum Depression: > 2 weeks
    Major Depression: >= 5 symptoms for > 2 weeks
    Mania: >= 3 symptoms for > 1 week

    Primary Type 1 Osteoporosis: # vertebrae
    Primary Type 2 Osteoporosis: # neck femur
    Progesterone required only if uterus is present
    Estrogen: dec. LDL, inc. HDL
    Progesterone: inc. LDL, dec. HDL
    Estrogen's cardioprotective effects of estrogen are not mediated through cholesterol.
    Estrogen promotes EDRF synth. In vascular endothelium
    Repeat Pap: if reqd., no sooner than 6 weeks

    Hormonal contraception if h/o DVT/PE (+):
    Norplant & DMPA (Progesterone based), not OCPs

    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- May 2003
    Jarisch Herxheimer reaction: Syphilis Rx (chills)
    HPV: condyloma acuminata
    HPV 18: fastest progression to Ca. Cx

    Acute Epididymitis:
    #1 cause: Chlamydia trachomatis
    #1 bacterial cause: E. coli (m/c in >40 y age)

    Depression: Cognitive Psychotherapy + SSRI
    Drug Rx of Bipolar Disorder:
    Li, Carbamazepine, Valproate,
    Gabapentin, Lamotrigine (ass. With SJS)
    Lithium: Hypothyroidism, NDI
    Atypical Antipsychotics are especially useful for negative symptoms of Schizophrenia

    Drug Dependence: WITHDRAWL & TOLERANCE
    Mx of DTs
    .Intermediate acting BZDs (Diazepam)
    .IV saline (no glucose containing fluids)
    .IV thiamine
    BZD in Hepatic Enceph.: Oxazepam

    Fluid Deficit in Burns
    = 4mL/kg x %BSA (Parkland Formula)
    1st degree:
    2nd degree: clean, sulfadizine, nonadhesive dressing
    3rd degree: refer to plastic surgeon for escharotomy
    Heat Cramps: ORS
    Heat Exhaustion: IV Fluids
    Heat Stroke: neurological dysfunction & absence of sweating (may not be dehydrated), Temp. >104
    Mx- cooling fan/blank, check CPK

    Hypothemia: Osborne (J) wave on EKG
    Mild: (32-35 C) Passive External Rewarming
    Moderate: (27-32 C) Active External Rewarming
    Severe: (< 27C) Active Core Rewarming

    Depression: Cognitive Psychotherapy
    Anxiety Dsorders: Behavioral Psychotherapy
    Adjustment Disorder: Supportive Psychotherapy
    Social phobia: bea blockers & assertive training
    Specific phobia: systematic desensitization
    Panic: SSRI & Alprazolam (short T1/2)
    .Na Lactate can mimic a panic attack
    .use alprazolam for panic, not GAD
    .may be associated with rebound anxiety
    OCD: (associated with anxiety) SSRI
    OC PD: insight-oriented psychotherapy
    Somatization Disorder:
    4 Pain, 2 GI, 1 sexual symptoms
    (associated with abuse in childhood)
    Depression: SSRI + Cognitive Psychotherapy
    “Atypical” depression: MAOIs are first-line
    Generalized Anxiety: Buspirone (selective anxiolytic)
    Sexual Dysfunction
    Young Males: Premature Ejaculation
    (Mx: start and stop penile stimulation, not SSRIs)
    Older Males: #1 Erectile Dysfunction
    Females: #1 Hypoactive Sexual Desire
    Young males with sexual dysfunction: Psychogenic
    Older males with sexual dysfunction: Organic
    The PATIENT is the head of the healthcare team

    ADHD associated with:
    Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    (also with Tourette's Syndrome)
    ADHD with (+) h/o or F/H tics

    Phototherapy isomerizes bilirubin to a state that can be excreted in urine & bileunchanged. (does not enhance conjugation)
    Water Supply > 1 ppm fluoride: No supplementation
    Retrocecal Appendicitis: poorly localized pain
    #1 cause : lymphoid hyperplasia
    Mx: Surgery
    Yersnia enterocolitis can mimic appendicitis
    Painkillers & antibiotics can alter presentation
    Preg. With appendicitis: atypical location of pain
    Elderly: higher chances of perforation
    Appendiceal abscess: Delay surgical intervention
    If on lap., some other cause is found – do an appendectomy anyway, to prevent confusion in future
    Oral Dissolution of Gallstones URSODIOL
    single floating cholesterol stones in functioning g.b.
    Asymp. Gallstones: DO NOTHING
    Symptomatic Gallstones: Lap. Cholecystectomy
    #1 complication of Lap Chole: Bile Duct Injury
    Choledocholithiasis: ERCP with sphincterotomy
    idications of ERCP:
    .small stones
    .dilated CBD
    .palpable stones in CBD
    Plantar Warts: Cryosurgery
    Venereal Warts: Podophyllin (not in pregnancy)
    Cullen's Sign: periumbilical discoloration
    Grey Turner Sign: flank discoloration

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    Posted: Sun May 25, 2003 4:33 pm Post subject: Ast-page15


    Aster's USMLE Step3 Notes- 2003
    Grey Turner Sign: flank discoloration
    #1 radiological signs in pancreatic disease
    acute pancreatitis: sentinel bowel loop
    chronic pancreatitis: pancreatic calcification

    Crucifer intake reduces Colon Ca.

    Ca. risk of polyps is dependent on villous content
    #1 risk factor for pancreatic ca. : smoking

    #1 cause for chronic low back pain: idiopathic
    .bed rest has no role
    .no need for imaging (X-Ray / CT / MRI)
    .prescribe an exercize program (can temporarily excacerbate symptoms)

    Acetohydroxamic acid: urease inhibitor
    (acidifies urine in patients with struvite stones)

    HTN with BPH: Terazocin (á blocker)

    Vestibular Neuronitis: NO hearing loss

    Meniere's Diseass: Tinnitus, Vertigo, Hearing Loss
    Ac. Labrynthitis: Ac Hearing Loss, Nystagmus, Vertigo

    Acute Bacterial Sinusitis:
    no role of imaging (Dx by h/o & PE)
    ? antibiotics – PO Amox x 7-10 days

    Antidep. of choice in depresion in elderly: TCA (Nortryptaline) - minimal side effects cf.
    other TCAs

    Alzheimer's Rx: DONEPEZIL (OD) & Tacrine Cholinesterase Inhibitors

    Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Oral Steroids

    GCA: I/V Seroids

    Elderly black HTN: CCB & Thiazide Diuretics

    Parkinson's with Tremor has a better prognosis than pts. with symptoms of Postural Instability & Gait Disturbance

    Perform Postvoid Residual Urine measurement on every elderly patient with Urinary
    incontinence to r/o Urinary Retention
    Alzheimer's & Parkinson's cause Detrusor Hyperreflexia : URGE INCONTINENCE
    @ high risk for pressure ulcers: reposition q2h
    low-risk patients: reposition q6h
    .prenatal ultrasound not mandatory
    .? role of PSA & DRE in screening of asymptomatic individuals

    Hyperlipidemia screening:
    if elevated: do a FASTING LIPID PROFILE
    á-FP estimation at 5-17 weeks to r/o NTD
    .increased: ultrasound (can detect 80% anomalies)
    .decreased: does not necessarily indicate Downs'

    QUIT SMOKING before starting Nicotine replacement
    Transdermal Nicotine Replacement:
    21mg -> 14mg -> 7mg
    [Pts. with CAD, start with 14 mg.]
    [Nicotine is vasoconstrictor, risk of MI]

    Pesticide exposure has been linked to Prostate Cancer

    HTN increases the risk of stoke > CAD

    2% reduction in CAD for every 1% decrease in serum cholesterol

    Cancer mortality is increasing
    stroke/CAD mortality is decreasing

    HAART drug interactions
    “statins”, Antihistaminics, Ergot alkaloids
    AIDS in infants: better prognosis cf. adults

    d/o/c for malaria prophylaxis: MEFLOQUIN
    once-a-week (1 w before travel & 6 weeks after)

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