BAsic LIfe Support Course in INDIA??

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Guest, Oct 30, 2004.

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    Dear All ,

    Could anyone tell, whether any "BASIC LIFE SUPPORT COURSE " IS HELD in INDIA.. if ,yes, which places..Who m shld i contact ,for that..
    Please help me..Your replies are highly appreciated..

    thanks & regards ,
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    I dunno 'bout ny such course in India....there's a BSS course which is held in Mumbai...too xpensive though...there may be sum ATLS course...but never heard of any Basic Life Support course...r u sure of this course? :? :?:
  3. Dates& Venue for IELTS course

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    Re: Dates& Venue for IELTS course

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    Hi ultimatechamp

    Just went through through post where u mentioned about ATLS course in India. IF there is any will you let me know where and when are they held and are they approved by the RCS.
    Thats it, best wishes
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    check this
    It is the body that organizes BTLS in India
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    ATLS ans BSS course providers in Delh


    to all aspirants for MRCS please appreciate the following info

    ATLS and ACLS courses are frequently organised by the concerned bodies . The info may be gathered from Apollo Hospials Delhi 011-26925858 from Dr. Viji

    For BSS courses Prof V.J.Anand

    Professor V J Anand
    Consultant Surgeon
    Director - Academics Department
    Millennium Hospital and Heart Institute
    New Delhi

    Tel: +91 11 25549970
    Email: or

    Dr Uma Krishnaswamy
    ICRCSEd BSS Course South Zone
    3 T.A Street
    Ramakrishna Nagar
    Chennai 600028

    Tel: +44 9841033426


    Secretary ICRCSEd
    51 Jupiter Apts
    Cuffe Parade
    Mumbai 600 005

    Tel: 00 91 22 218 7231
    Fax: 00 91 22 218 8864

    i am preparing for MRCS 25 /04/06 Anybody interested in forming a study gp reach me at . I am resident at apollo hospitals , delhi
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    hi ya they are held and u need to contact john in chennai,visit iiems site u'll get all informations regarding :)
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    For all those interested in courses relating to acute care (Basic Life Support, Advance Cardiac Life Support, Mechanical Ventilation, Hemodynamic Monitoring and many more....), please check the website of TACT ACADEMY FOR CLINICAL TRAINING ( which offers these on a regular basis. TACT is India's first Simulation based healthcare training Center and is accredited International Training Center for American Heart Association.

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