Best Institute for DNB Training ?

Discussion in 'DNB CET board - DipNB' started by Mad Dog Bush, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Mad Dog Bush

    Mad Dog Bush Guest

    Comments and personal experiences invited regarding the best institutes in Delhi for DNB training (subject wise if possible)...........
  2. friend

    friend Guest

    best institutes for opthal / paediatrics?

    can anyone please help?
  3. Mad Dog Bush

    Mad Dog Bush Guest


    For Medicine in Delhi, It's St.Stephen's and Holy Family Hospital. No working experience at SGRH.
  4. drpalls

    drpalls Guest

    anyone have knoweledge about a good inst for DNB in pathology...plz help.
  5. DR Nousheen

    DR Nousheen Guest

    any one pllease guide for best institute for obs & gynae in Delhi.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    where does safdarjang hospital stand in the ratings of medicine dnb ??
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi this is dr.sourojit gupta doin my i'ship now. i wanted to do dnb courses in medicene and surgery in jahangir hospital,pune and tata main hospital, jamshedpur . my net id is
  8. drsv

    drsv Guest

    dnb vacancies

    if any one knows best institute for dnb obg from delhi plz help me
  9. rose9

    rose9 Guest

    can somebody please rank the hospitals in mumbai for dnb radiology based on personal experience?
    i would really appreciate any help that will help me into getting a good hospital for dnb.
  10. Gattu

    Gattu Guest

    Baby memorial hospital

    How is dnb anaesthesia at baby memorial hosp,kerala?
    Somebody please guide me.
  11. dr. shilpa

    dr. shilpa Guest

    :roll: anyone plz tell me abt the best institutes for obgy in uttar pradesh and delhi............
  12. Dr.puja

    Dr.puja Guest

    How abot St. Stephen's ?

    Which departments are good?
  13. Alibaba

    Alibaba Guest

    Good Departments: Well, due to some strong HODs : Medicine, Paed, Ortho are still good.

    As, far as institutions go, well St. Stephens is no more what it used to be. It is more of a corporate hospital (at least trying to be one) now. A corporate hospital without corporate pay. No sixth comission pay dear. So what if Supreme Court guidelines say 'State Govt. Pay'. Resisdents get a little less than HALF, of the present ste govt, pay!

    What once used to be the 'AIIMS ' of DNB institutions is a money churning, cash guzzling business enterprise, a brand new branch is coming up in Gurgaon soon! hat means, academics has taken a back seat (way back). It is now one of the last priorities. After profits, marketing, public relations, customer care, ISO standards etc.
    Inspite of all these profit making, the management does not want to pay the residents a decent salary. They are fighting a case in Delhi, and filed a writ petition that they cannot pay 6 th pay commission salary, as directed by the Supreme Court.
    Of, course poor patients are "attended" to, in "separate", "free OPD" days.

    Resisdents are being used a cheap labour. They even cater to CGHS, any other panel patients, even from neighbouring hospitals.

    36hrs calls, average MINIMUM 8-9 times a month, no post duty offs. MAXIMUM CALL DUTIES AND WORK HOURS IN ASIA!

    Results speak for themselves, steady decline in pass percentages in the recent few years. Only 4-5 candidates out of some 40 who appeared this yr made it.

    U might think why do the residents take all that lying down? Well they don't have much choice. The last time they had their pays revised ( SUPREME COURT CAME TO RESCUE), their annual leaves were halved, and fees was raised five times!
  14. Alibaba

    Alibaba Guest

    Best options: Safdarjung, Delhi Govt. Hospitals (but then every one wants to get in), ESI, Rajiv Gandhi.
  15. dr Gauri

    dr Gauri Guest


    hi everybody,

    me completed my da . now want to seek dnb[sec.] from delhi.
    can will u plz lend me some good institute names where its done.

    is safdarjang a better option?
    can i appear 4 the MD degree after doing my dnb there??/?

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