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  1. shalks

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    hi all usmlers,
    I wish you all the best of luck and to get the highest score you ever dreamt of...

    let's make this topic as the single easyily found source mentionening book source for step 1 for the aim of making things easy for us and our colleugues who are confused about which books to choose for step 1....i wish everyone of you to come in here and mention his book sources...i am gonna start by myself..

    Main source: Kaplan series 2002 for all subjects and their webprep plus Goljan Review (stars) for pathology (i don't have goljan audios i need somebody to make me a favor and snd them to me).

    Adjunctive books:high yield in neuroanatomy, histology and immunology

    Questions books: Q book and Q bank, pretest and NMS test books,

    BRS or goljan rapid review, stars pathology written by goljan himself
    FA , pathology- BRS and Robbins, , Biochemistry- Lippincott's Illustrated Review, anatomy- Kaplan and Atlases, Microbiology-Levinson and Jawetz , farmacology-BRS, the rest Kaplan..

    Q book, Q bank, Webpath, Robbins path, Physio Qbank, Pretest Series

    I need advise for immuno source, please.

  2. shalks

    shalks Guest

    pt. has severe Alzheimer disease. He is dependent on others

    Mr. B, a 69-year-old resident of a nursing home, has severe Alzheimer disease. He is dependent on others to carry out all activities of daily living and is incontinent of urine and feces. He does not recognize his family members, and his speech is limited to moaning and crying. He has had fever, a cough producing green sputum and shortness of breath for 48 hours. He is transferred to hospital for treatment of suspected pneumonia. His wishes regarding treatment for pneumonia have not been documented. The nursing home has already notified Mr. B's wife, who is now driving to the hospital and will arrive in about 30 minutes. A. Wait for the wife to give you consent
    B. Start Rx as soon as possible
    C. Call for his children and ask consent
    D. Get consent from nursing home supervisor
  3. vijay83

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    1. First Aid - the mother of all preparations
    2.kaplan notes.... (jus write extraa on the margins)
    3.Anatomy : high yield for embryo, neuro , histo and gross
    4.Physiology : brs physio jot extra points to kaplan (courtesy:georgia)
    5.Biochemistry :Lippincott
    6.Microbiology :Jawetz (for reference only ...)
    7.Pathology : Brs with points on kaplan
    8.Webpath for slides
    9.Behav science:Brs is okk
    10.Biostats :NMS
    11.Q book kaplans...+/- nms series

    personalise the list according to ur time n needs

  4. ankita1011

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    verification from india

    hi all

    can anyone plz tell me if i need to get some of my forms for mle signed from authorities in india from my med coll? since i am in US and will submit my application here i will then have to go back to get it signed.

  5. djinn

    djinn Guest

    reply to nikita

    you form may be sign by a public notary not necessary by your school
  6. DrArnab

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    I have currently started preparations.

    anatomy is my WORST subject.. so i am starting it first

    Anatomy Kaplan + HY embryo + cell biology form grays + HY neeuro > adding margin notes to Kaplan

    Patho is the second subject i have started

    Read Robbins (basic ) chapter first -> go through goljan notes on that chapter -> hear goljans audio for that section -> note all the information foown on the kaplan pathology notes book.


    i am just in my first month of preparation will let you known when i reach other subjects.
  7. drmar

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    usmle books

    :D hi frnds.,
    i am new to this site.
    doing final mbbs.
    need help to start usmle prep,
    where to get these books and how much they cost each?
    what about starting coaching from various centres?
    kindly help.... :? :? :?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Kaplan coachin will cost u around 140000 for two steps... If u join it.. Dey will be givin u much of the material itself... M also a final yr MBBS student.. Will be starting prep for USMLE soon......
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Abhishek Gaur..... hav u started your usmle thinking of joining kaplan course at Banglore too..but dono hav time or not...because i am waiting for my houseman placement in Malaysia........So looking for online preparatory course now :p
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i want usmle step 1 material

    i want usmle step 1 material
    hi friends i want to buy usmle authentic step 1 books if anybody having this plz call to me to this number very interested to study usmle plz help me to do this thanq friends
  11. ASSALAM 2 all em student of frst yr MBBS guyz i want da whole information abt USMLE and stuff coz i know nothing :?: can anybody plz tel me abt da exam, books etc :( :( :( :(
  12. Sutanaya

    Sutanaya Guest

    hi! i'm an intern. i've just joined the kaplan course to prepare for step 1. can anyone tell me whether the material they provide is enough. are additional text books required?
  13. Renee

    Renee Guest

    just make sure you do all the q bank questions
    the more questions oyu do the better
    if the qbank has 2100, do them all 2 or 3 times, so your total questions done is something like 6000
    then you will be ready
  14. shenglu

    shenglu Guest

    Kaplan joined in Bangalore, of course .. but dono HAV time ... because I am waiting for my intern placement in Malaysia ........ so now online preparatory course.

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