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    Well friends, i wonder really to hear same questions again and again from you guys.I request you all to read the previou posts thoroughly,and after that if u have some confusion,then u can ask.Regarding books, i would like to say again that AMC has send me the preliminary application form for this AMC exam.In their letter,they themselves have recomended two books for studying ie
    1)Anothology of Medical Conditions. The price of this books is 176AUD. You can get this book by an order to,adn address is: PO Box 4810,Kingston ACT 2604,Australia.
    2)Annotated Multiple Choice Questions. The price of this books is 104AUD. You can get this book by an order to, and address is: Blackwell Publishing Asia,PO Box 378,Carlton South Vic 3053,Australia.
    The Australian Medical Council has published this book to assist overseas trained doctors who r prep for AMC exam.It is prepared by an expert panel of AMC board of Examiners.
    I can understand that these books r lil expensive,but if u guys r soooo much interested in AMC exam then u ppl can collect money with sharing and order one pair of book,and can get its photocopied.Thats what i think,will be a lil cheaper to u guys. But other refernces books r the same,which we do study during our MBBS studies.
    I am again posting the same thing,regarding the procedure of applying for this exam.Hope that will help.

    1-Begin the process by submitting to the AMC a preliminary application form and the $100.00 GP application fee. You can submit this Form via the Internet through the AMC website or you can contact the AMC to obtain the preliminary application form by post.
    2-Once you have submitted the preliminary application form, either through the internet or post, the $100.00 fee is processed. A GP pack (containing Form A, Information Booklet for Candidates, and associated information) is then forwarded to you.
    3-Once you have received the GP pack, you must carefully read the Information Booklet for Candidates, which informs you of the documentation required for the application process. This booklet also lists the persons accepted to witness your documentation. It is very important that you submit the required documentation with correct certification. You must fill in the Form A and submit the relevant documentation in order for the application process to commence.
    4-The non-specialist application process takes between 4 – 6 weeks. It is important that the Form A and documentation are submitted to the AMC before the ‘new assessment closing date’ in order for an applicant to be assessed as eligible to sit the next available MCQ examination.
    5-Once the application has been completed, a letter regarding the outcome will be forwarded to you in the post. If you are eligible to undertake the AMC examination process, a Form C-1 application will be included with the assessment letter and you can then apply for the next available MCQ examination. If you are not eligible, the letter will state what is still required by the AMC to complete the application process.
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    Hi! Thanks for all the info. I'm also interested in applying for the AMC. I'll be taking my IELTS this Sat, so hopefully I'll get that done and over with so I can start reviewing for the "real tests"...

    I got a copy of the AMC review book sent to me by my friend, I haven't really had the time to read it yet. But I browsed through it and I was a little disappointed because the text were all in outline form. Hope it all makes sense once I start reading it in March.

    Do u already have a copy of both books? What do u think of them? I haven't ordered the book on MCQ yet.

    Keep us posted. Thanks again! :wink:
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    can i study from books of plab for passing amc exams?
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    hi arman

    hi arman.i m a paki too.nice to meet u :).arman tell me that what are the job prospects in australia after passing ths AMC exam.i have graduated in march 2004 and done my PLAB already.also will it give me some help???plz reply me friend.
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    Thanks for the information Dr.Armaan.I am preparing to sit for MCQ examination. I have already registered for OET test at September.Is it necessary to do the priliminary assessment from AMC before OET? or it can be done after OET.I have done my MBBS from Bangladesh.Pls let me know
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    there has been quite a few changes in the application forms and the fees and the rules....

    New arrangements will apply from 1 July 2005 for the payment of certain AMC application and assessment fees for both non-specialist [AMC examination] and specialist assessment.

    Candidates will no longer be required to pay the full assessment fee when they lodge their preliminary application form.

    From 1 July 2005 the following fees will apply:

    Preliminary Application Fee

    To obtain application materials including Information Booklets and Application Form A or SA to determine eligibility for examination or specialist assessment
    $ 45.00

    AMC Examination Assessment Fee

    To be lodged with Form A to determine eligibility to sit the AMC examination for non-specialist registration
    $ 100.00

    Specialist Assessment Fee
    To be lodged with Form SA to determine eligibility for assessment for registration as a specialist
    $ 250.00

    Combined Assessment Fee

    To be lodged with Forms A and SA for both assessment to sit the AMC examination and specialist assessment
    $ 250.00

    Applicants who have paid the full assessment fee prior to 1 July 2005, must lodge their Form A or Form SA by 30 June 2005.

    NOTE: Current arrangements for paying fees and lodging applications for Area of Need specialist assessment will continue for the time being.

    The Area of Need Specialist Assessment Fee of $250.00 must be paid at the time Form AON-SA and other documents are lodged.


    The State and Territory Medical Boards have agreed on a uniform national standard for English language proficiency for the registration of overseas trained doctors. With effect from 1 July 2005 the following provisions will apply: Please click here to view the full English Language Proficiency Requirements as of 1 July 2005.

    Medical Boards will require an applicant for registration to have completed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination (Academic module) with a minimum score of 7 in each of the 4 components.

    Alternative English proficiency tests that will be accepted are:

    A pass in the Occupational English Test (OET) administered by the Centre for Adult Education with grades A or B only in each of the 4 components
    A pass in the English language component of the United States Medical Licensing Examination [USMLE – previously ECFMG] but not the TOEFL component of the current USMLE
    A pass in the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) examination in the United Kingdom; or
    A pass in the English language proficiency component of the New Zealand Registration Examination (NZREX).

    These English language proficiency standards will apply to all applicants for assessment through the AMC.
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    amc sept..

    hi guys ...
    anyone for sept//amc?
    i have good collection of old question papers..
    need a good discussion..only genuinely interested..!!

    Hope we overseas docs can prove that we are good in whatever we do.

    meanwhile i have cleared fresh from the OHCM and OHCM..

    Please do reply..
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    Hi all! My exam will be on Sept. A quick question though, after I sent and paid for the Form C1, what's next? Will the AMC send me an exam permit or anything like that?

    Cool heart, if you're interested in serious discussion, PM me.

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    A quick question though, after I sent and paid for the Form C1, what's next? Will the AMC send me an exam permit or anything like that?

    The AMC will be sending a admit card / hall ticket for both parts of exam to only an australian address, that too only 2 weeks before the test.

    If you reside overseas, you can ask for confirmation latter of your place, in my case the AMC faxed that to me. That was useful for visa purpose.

    Any more questions?
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    Thanks indica!

    Did you mean they BOTH send the admit letter to an Aussie address and faxed you a confirmation letter in your country?
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    Yes, But you would need to request that you need a faxed confirmation of booking of your seat in the test.

    And you need to send them an australian address soon
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    I am a Doctor from India in Auckland ,New Zealand.

    I wish to give my AMC MCQ Exam.

    Please let me know if need to take the exam in Australia and how should I prepare for the exam.


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    Re: amc sept..

    Where do u Live in?
  14. drkrizg

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    hi cool heart

    hi i m appearing for sept 2005 as well
  15. Guest

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    where do u stay????

    i really wud love to have those past AMC papers....

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    AMC Exam

    Tribe of Doctors,
    all of us must know more information about AMC exams and that should be cleared for us . Also we need a past MCQs examples so i asked you to be together as a unit .
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    I have one question for you: the AMC exam is for those who want to apply for AON or is a step? thanks
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    hi im takin up amc in nov u have any old papers so that we cud discuss??
  19. Rijal Pooja

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    I also passed from bangladesh,recently migrated to Aust.Submitted documents for assessment.Don't know how to start for preparing exam......
  20. RIFAT

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    hello Rupa and rijal puja
    i'm also from bangladesh and quite new in aus. i also like to know about how i can prepare for AMC.can you ppl pls help me?
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    Hi there,

    Anybody up for any online discussions or revisions? I'm planning to take the AMC MCQs in May 2006, so, there's plenty of time still.

    Gimme a shout if interested.

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    Dear DR Arman,
    THank you for the informations that you have provided. I have cleared my PLAB this year in January and have been trying for jobs & locum in UK but unfortunately its very very tuff here. I am seriously considering about taking AMC exam next year but as I dont know the real job situation in Australia I am hasitated. If you could tell me the actual situation over there it would be really helpfull. Do you know if my UK experience will be helpful to get a job.
    I will be grateful to you if you help me giving these informations.
    Thanks again.
  23. Rupa

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    Rifat and Rijal pooja

    Hi Guys

    I am preparing for March 2006 MCQ exam.Just follow the books guided for AMC.First have to clear the English test / IELTS (Score 7).

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    Re: HELP!!!

  25. Flaxxid

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    AMC MCQ book

    The book Anotated MCQ's by Blackwellasia publishing is the 1998 edition. Is there a newer one? This book is about 7 years old , so there has to be an update... does anybody know? :roll:
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    no newer edition flaxxid as far as I knew from the publisher's website
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    dentist help

    hi dear dentist
    I hv done bds and now i wish to migrate australia and do post graduate studies.So please help me in this regard .
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    dr Arman i am pakistani too and just have finished my graduation.i`m very much interested in AMC but is in very much ambiguity about books do u know abt the availibility of books in pakistan and there names the centres of AMC and all basic information i would really be grateful to u if u or any other can help me by anyway thanks and regards my email adres is


    AMC Part 1

    Hi guys , i recently came to Tasmania, any body is there who is writing AMC in May 2006??? Give me reply please????
  30. hi guyS
    Iam doing final year medicine in India.I hold a 457 4 year buisness visa.Can I work there after my graduation ,without sitting for AMC?
  31. Guest

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    You can if

    1) there is no 8107 in your visa , If there is one condition then you have to reapply for visa on changing jobs.

    2) someone offers you a job which may be possible if you are doing postgraduation in India.

    3) it is strange to get a 457 visa without a job unless you are a dependent.
  32. hI support team
    Iam pleased to know your reply.Iam a dependent.Can I kow what does 8107 mean?But I have a mention in visa that Iam not prohibited from work or study in Australia.
    IF Iam eligible to work as a doctor will I be able to work in a urban area?
    Waiting for your reply.
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    IF Iam eligible to work as a doctor will I be able to work in a urban area? 
    There is no Guarantee, if you have a PG degree & IELTS band 7 in all , there may be chances. We would advise to appear for AMC part 1, apply at all places and visit / talk to employed doctors at a place before accepting.

    Yes, we know some people who got jobs immediately after PG degree and IELTS but due to increase in number of doctors applying; this is not the norm these days.

    If you are planning for next yer or after next 2 yrs; then the situation is supposed to be more difficult.

    Good Luck with your job hunt and keep us updated.
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    dear cool heart,

    im taking the AMC this march... do you mind sharing with me your past questions? i live in central coast... where are you based?

    to whom it may concern:

    whether you are in australia or overseas, i would like you all to know that there are plenty of jobs for overseas doctors at central coast area health service... click the website: to look fo job vacancies and apply through the internet.. you dont have to sit the AMC beforehand as they can grant you conditional registration and send youa nomination letter so you can apply for an occupational trainee visa... that way you can work adn earn money in australia while you review and sit for your AMC exams... that's what happened to me... i applied for emergency resident medical officer and now in central coast on occupational trainee visa... i am just sitting the AMC so i can have security of future and i can work as a locum and get higher rates.... hope this bit of information will help those aspiring to go to australia...

    regards to one and all!

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    Hi, I am appearing AMC 2006A MCQ exam on 25th March at Syd. Can you send me electronic copy of Sept MCQ exam.

    Dr. Nirzhar
  36. Guest

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    m how do we go abt it

  37. from_syd

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    Dear drs,
    i am appearing in next exam(may 2006)i was wandering if any one would be able to tell me how to find that past year exams(A,B,C,D&E),i would be very graetfull
  38. Guest

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    Re: AMC Exam

    hi yaar!this siva.if u know anything pls let me also know abt it.thanx a lot :)
  39. doctor0206

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    regarding total expences of amc exam.

    hello sir.
    thx 4 all d informations. can u plzz tell me abt d whole expences 4m applying upto d exam.,
    thanx in advance.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hey can any body tell me how much time a fresh graduate must spend for the prepration of MCQs...
  41. Neel_C

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    Which books to use

    Hi Docs,
    Was just wondering if the books for PLAB are good enough coz I cleared PLAB part 1, ifnot are the books from AMC good enough, along with OHCM and OHCS.
  42. masi

    masi Guest

    hey all,
    checked out,all jmo jobs seem to be outdated.anyone know of more current sites or is there any other avenue.Appreciate any inputs.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello people , my name is Francisco and Im from Lima Peru , Im really interesting in the AMC , I´ve been searching information for a long time , so im glad to find this website.

    I have many question about the MCQ and all the things about it , I really hope you can help me.

    1) Where I can buy all the books to prepare the MCQ
    2)MCQ is difficult ?

    These are my question for now , thank you.
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi ,
    I am from boxhill, Melbourne.How was your AMC exam? i am planning to appear for the sept 2006 AMC MCQ. Please let me know if u have any study materials and past Mcq papers.Please contact me at[/code][/i]
  46. vikas saxena

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    Hello Friends,
    i have exam in september 2006 (Mcq). I am looking for books to study for the same. Has anybody got books in London or India so that i can buy. I think it will take a long time to get the books from australia.
    Kindly help me in the same at your earliest.
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    AMC book for sale

    Book: Anthology of Medical Conditions.
    Age: 2 months old
    Condition: new (I just looked the photos once)
    Original prece: A$ 176
    Selling price: A$95
    Contact: 0410109556 (in Perth)
    Comment: I did the 2006B and passed. A few photos in the book were used in the test.

  48. xz

    xz Guest

    Dear Dr Hiraya In response to ur post,can u plz guide us a little bit more on how to apply via internet.
  49. dynamic

    dynamic Guest

    about amc books

    hi there,
    i wanna give the amc exam in novemberand so want to know which all books do i need to study for it ... i would love to have a study partner ... if anyone interested in tht... plz contact me - 0411211995... i have last few yrs papers also ...
    hope to hear from you guys ..... good luck
  50. drjeev

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    question papers please!

    If someone has got the question papers for AMC please pass it on to me as this will help me revise and practise.

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