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  1. dr adan

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    plz plz dr ARMAAN HELP ME

  2. Guest

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    well u can get bookc from any medical book shop..i know abt lhr and lahore u can get the books from union book shop anrkali...and in pindi prince book shop thats opp rmc..
  3. Guest

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    and u need to get kaplan step 2 though its a variable choice ...must are
    john murtagh genral practise all volumes
    previous recalls
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    hi guys iam dr nisar graduated freshly, iam having plans for amc but i need sum friends to realy go through and hav a discussion beside self study if any one preparing for the same exm 4m khi, then do cntct me
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    To clear AMC PART 1 exam u require these material
    1. AMCQ (MCQ) BOOK

    Contact me,
    amc_friend (AT THE RATE)yahoo(DOT) com
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    Hi everyone,

    does anyone have any AMC MC questions with answers??
  7. hp

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    dr nisar, im also a fresh graduate from khi...what books are u using, the ones of final yr as well as the john murtagh ones or only the john murtagh ones?
  8. guest sm

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    hi, i just moved to sydney and am planning to sit for amc mcq exam in september...can anyone pls tell me how can i get hold of a study partner or study group. also is studyin from annotated mcq, anthology of medical conditions and john murtagh sufficient for passin the exam? i am pretty lost...any tips people? :)
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    HI GYS iam asudanese medical student and iwould like to take the amc exam in india... would u tell me where is the available venue in india ?
    and where i can find the books for styding? and is it a tough exam or an easy as usmle exam ? ...if there in ppl interested in agroup discussion ? ihope to find an answer from u gys soon ...thanks :D
  10. Guest

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    REply to Guest sm

    hi Guest sm,
    I am also based in sydney and planning to give in sep 09. If u are interested we can discuss online or whatever is convenient email me at amukhim8 at the rate of gee mail .
    good luck
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    hi ppl i,m planning to take AMC exam in november this year.
    any one from islamabad interested in group studying or discussion for the preparation, buzz me PLZ ...
    i need to know the the outcome for the masters degree that australian universities have started giving . e.g MS n MD are these beneficial for future ....
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    New AMC Handbook for sale

    Hi guys,

    I have a new AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment for sale if you want it. $200 + postage (from Brisbane) to a good home. In excellent condition. Let me know!
    :D Sam
  13. Dr USH

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    guys need help with AMC

    Hi Guys just saw this forum
    very helpful pointers thanks for all the comments

    i am a Bangladeshi graduate, Sri Lankan national
    planning to AMC

    I have got rid of IELTS (8 overall band score) so no prob there

    Pls advice on the application procedure
    it was confusing
    there is FORM A and EICS

    do we have to fill both
    and pay separately for both

    pls advice on this guys
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    hi i just want to know if after writing amc we need to work to apply for PG exam?? if yes then how may years expericnce is required?? and after that i heard wee need to do one year internship before we join the acutaul PG course!! and what subjects are usually given for foreign nationals , i am from india
  15. doc in need

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    amc prep

    hi ppl!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh !!! after leaving my peaceful life in pakistan i've moved to aus to live with my hubby dearest and now i have to give this stupid exam ( somehow exams always are stupid.... wonder y?) help!!!!!!!
    what do i do now???? need any and every info!!!!! please tell me how you guys have passed it..... and please be optimistc!!!!
  16. dr.sana

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    thanx4 information.its really helpful.i have taken IELTS 1wk wanna start AMC prep from zero.
  17. trackshields

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    First Aid series books for MCQ?

    I am currently reviewing for MCQ and was wondering if the anyone here recommends reading the First aid series for the USMLE specifically the first aid for step 2 CK. So far I have read Murtagh and AMCQ books and a bunch of recalls. I have first aid for steps 1 and 2CK and was wondering if it's wise to read the CK as well. I don't have much time left (1 month) so I better use it wisely. It's either a repeat of the books that I've read already or the first aid book. thanks.
  18. drsadvani1

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    AMC part 1

    I want to know can I get exepmtion from IELTS as I have passed Step 2 CS which contains the english component.
  19. Guest

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    just repeat reading AMC MCQ books

    i think they're strict with IELTS t\you really need to take it either that or OET
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    amc clinical ,tally o conner

    Iwant to sale Tally o' conner with dvd, amc clinical handbook and amc dvd,
    call 0430482889
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    hi dr Arman
    thanks a lot for the information.. i have one doubt.. after passing AMC exam wat is the procedure.. will i get to do post graduation immediately or should i work.. if i work also when will they consider me as a post graduate
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    Dear All

    If you need soft copies of the books needed to clear AMC MCQs plus true past AMC MCQs,join the group: All you need to know about AMC MCQs and NZREX in facebook.

    You will find what you want about past material,books and procedures of application.

    See you there

  23. neha0311

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    step 2 usmle books useful for AMC??

    i would like to know if step 2 and step 1 books are useful for AMC exams apart 4m first aid book...plz reply>>
  24. dr_patel

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    AMC books

    hi all,

    i am preparing for AMC and reading USMLE step 2 CK. is that ok or do i need to read anything else? i read OHCM & OHCS lastime in sept 09. couldnt clear AMC MCQ for few marks. i have noticed step 2 CK books are better. what do u think??? i am planing to appear again in nov 10.
  25. Ko John

    Ko John Guest


    most of the question come from Pharmacology as well
  26. drzhkhan

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    reply plz

    hi everyone.. can someone plzz help me i have few qs tht are bothering me regarding amc.. i plan to give amc in feb 2011.i have 5 months to study..i wantd to knw tht do i need to study the basics subjects for physio pharma or patho etc..secondly whts the best way to study i mean shd we do mscqs after studying or i shd study wid mcqs..? i hope to get a reply soon ..thanks ..:)
  27. dr.amc

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    info on books

    Following list of books advised by Australian Medical Council and are available for sale.

    1.AMC Handbook Of MCQ (Latest Book)

    2.AMC Annotated Mcq Book 2007(latest)

    3.AMC Anthology Of Medical Conditions 2007(latest)

    4.J.Murtagh Gen Practice 4th Ed 2007

    5.AMC Royal College Of Pediatrics Handbook (Latest) 8th ed

    6.Llewllyn Jones Fundamentals of Obs and Gyn 2010

    7.Textbook Of Surgery by Tjandra 3rd Ed (Latest)

    8.250 Common Cases In Australian Medicine (Latest) 2010

    9.Current Surgical Diagnosis And Treatment 2010

    10.Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2010

    11.American Psychiatric Association: DSM IV 4th Ed (Latest)

    12. AMC Guidelines For Control For Infectious Diseases In Australia (Latest)

    13.AMC Handbook Of Clinical Assesment(2007)

    14. Burkitt HG Quick CRG Essential Surgery: Problems Diagnosis And Management 3rd Ed(latest)

    15. Devitt P, Barker J, Hamilton Craig C. Mitchell. Clinical Problems In General Medicine 2nd Ed(latest)

    16.AMC Atlas Of Common Skin Diseases In Australia 2010(Latest)

    17.Illustrated Textbook Of Pediatrics 3rd Ed by Royal College Pediatrics AMC 2010(Latest)

    18.Tally NJ. O'Connor Clinical Examination: Syst Guide To Physical Diagnosis 5th Ed 2010(Latest)

    19. AMC MIMS Australia NSW: Multimedia Australia Pty Ltd 2010

    MIMS PDA (Latest)

    20.AMC Australian Medicines Handbook 4th Ed DVD 2010 (Latest)

    21.Therapeutic Guidelines Complete ALL BRANCHES

    22.Complete Collection Of Recalls (1998-2010) on DVD +

    AMC Question BANK +

    Bridge Course Papers +

    Mock test Papers

    22.Oxford Textbook Of Medicine 4th Ed(latest)

    23. Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Specialities (Latest)

    24.Davidson's Principles And Practice Of Medicine 20th Ed

    25.Harrison's Principles Of Internal Medicine 17th Ed 2010(Latest)

    26.J.Murtagh Patient Education 3rd Ed

    28.Totonto Notes + Kaplan USMLE WORLD 2009

    29.Bates Clinical Examination Videos On DVD

    30.USMLE STEP I and STEP II BOOKS 2010

    For details and price list contact me on my e-mail


    amcbook@ gmail. com

    remove the spaces from the address above.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dr arman i want know about specialsit exam in australia is the same AMC OR SOME THING OTHER
  29. chenne

    chenne Guest

    depressing thought

    :cry: I took the MCQ exam for the second time last Nov. I failed. What must I do to clear it......
  30. guest norm

    guest norm Guest


    sorry to hear that... but u should consider with ur cool head... as this exam should not have been that tough... but there are many who could nt make it even after 5 attempts... however, failure at the second attempt is also too much. not to discourage u, but i'm impressed that u r thinking about another attempt. cheers for that attitude. but consider a few things.... what do u get after passing this exam ? are u already employed in Australia? otherwise, u are very less likely to get a job after that, so think about ur fruitless amc attempts. if u want to pass it anyway,.....
    consider taking a bridging course, u may need a serious help!
    follow only a few books, don't try to follow a great deal of variety. rather follow some good sources with proper technique.
    in my experience, Kaplan step 2CK set+ J Murtagh+ New AMC handbook of MCQs+ lots of MCQs practice from USMLE world/ Q bank by understading all the explanations.
    Some of the mistakes people might do are-
    ~ following many books
    ~ failure to do frequent revisions of the ur master planned set of books (Kaplan as per my advice)
    ~ Memorizing recalled Qs... misleading questions with mostly wrong answers
    ~ Worry too much, and loose the ctrl
    ~ Failure to devote good deal of time and endeavors, you should do full time study- an average of 3-4 months, maybe 5-6 months for you, continuously (stop working esp when this is non medical job)
    ~ don't listen to many people, they just speak non sense

    Trust on urself and have faith on god
  31. Study plan

    Hey everyone,
    Anyone have any tips on specific topics to study for the mcq exam and for each, how long to study for? ie. the more 'important' topics to focus on etc.

    Thanks heaps :)
  32. mrsa.gr8

    mrsa.gr8 Guest

    hi everybody
    i need AMC MCQ books n all stuff in good condition with reasonable price......anybody interested should contact me at mrsadotgr8atgmaildotcom
  33. mrsa.gr8

    mrsa.gr8 Guest

    i need a study partner in brisbane preferably a female for amc mcq exam for june2011.....kindly contact me at mrsadotgr8atgmaildotcom
  34. Guest1234

    Guest1234 Guest

    Books needed

    Hey guys,
    I would need these books for MCQs:
    1) Anthology of Medical Conditions
    2) Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions
    Pls, contact me 040 3142897. Thanks!
  35. nicedoc_sush

    nicedoc_sush Guest

    australia exam

    if anyone interested in selling AMC books.Pls contact me at;919999030627 :roll: [/b]
  36. nicedoc_sush

    nicedoc_sush Guest

    australia exam

    i m delhi, based thx .Any reply wd b highly appreciated.
  37. adoctor

    adoctor Guest

  38. adoctor

    adoctor Guest

    Hello every body,
    just to warn you guys that you should not be wasting your money,time and effort in AMC .
    I took IELTS and AMC MCQ 2 years back.Still have not got dates for clinical exams.
    without Australian citizenship or permanent residency you are not eligible to apply for jobs in 4 states out of 8 states in Australia.Even in the remaining 4 states ,you have to have AMC clinical passed and 1 year experience in Australian hospital to apply for a job of medical officer.

    You can see they have created a cycle where it is almost impossible to enter for an IMGs.
    they won't give us jobs because to get jobs we need 1 year experience in Australian hospital.

    The best thing you can do is get permanent residency first(By marrying a girl with australian citizenship or PR),then take AMC exam.
    Otherwise it is a lot of pain,frustation,waste of money and time out there.
  39. adoctor

    adoctor Guest

    If you decide to take a risk and take AMC
    then i suggest you to read USMLE Kaplan step 2 books.
    Anthology book is not of help,text is useless,the pictures can be of some help.
    the book by Murthak is not necessary at all,the book describes basically the clinical approaches which may be helpful in a doctor's clinical career but not for exams.
    The new ediciton annortated MCQis a must.Recently a doctor known to me took exam .He said more than 30 questions were from that book.
    study ECG basic,pics of dermatology, orthopedics portion from Shurchil's handbook of surgery
    Other books suggested by AMC like for gynae-obs ,paediatric are useless.
    I went throught them once,It did not help me at all.My friend studied only Kaplan USMLE 2 books and scored better than me
    Lots of questions posted in this blog will be repeated.but since neither the questions nor hte answers given are complete and may be incorrect too.
    i got a photocopy of all the posted past AMC MCQ ,tried to search the correct answers,did so for more than 2 weeks ,then I had to give up,as the questioas posted are so vague that it is impossible to search correct answer in 5-6 boooks for 1 question.
  40. adoctor

    adoctor Guest

    guys, idon't mean to discourage you.
    But the fact is fact.
    5 of us took AMc in 2008 in Delhi .
    2 of them immediately took USMLE and have got residency in US,3 of us had hope of getting into australian hosptial and here we are stucked in the middle of nowhere.

    4-5 of my friend's friends went to Australia,took exam and stayed there for 5-6 months applying for jobs,returned empty handed.
    People say that if they go to Australia ,then they have better chance of getting jobs; that's not true at all.Because you apply online for jobs.

    there is no fixed season when the hospitals advertise for vacancies,it varies according to the state.
    So it is not possible that you go to Austrlaia apply for jobs and come back.....And you can't stay there for long too.
    you have to go australia with tourist visa,which will be difficult to get in the first place.And even if u get it ,you will get for maximum for 3 mnths.
  41. maria m

    maria m Guest

    hi everyone
    i just need some help,i want to pass the AMC exam.actually i have not registered yet.I have heard that it has changed recently.could you let me know more about all of the steps(registration,AMC exam,finding RMO position and finally clinical exam).i am really stressfull about all of them.let me know your helpful tips
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Sudha Rao here.

    Wanted three books for AMC MCQ exams:-1)Annotated MCQs.
    2)Anthology of Medical Conditions.3)Kaplan Step 2 Notes.

    Anyone willing to ship it either to India or to Ghana, pls mail me the details with payment mode and the amount- to sdhmahesh at yahoo dot co dot uk.

    Tnx in advance.

  43. books

    books Guest

    hi dear,

    i have your required books as PDF files at very very low price.....if you are willing i can send you...reply
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Cool Heart,
    I am sitting for Sept AMC, please let me know if you are still interested for discussion. would be keen to do that.
  45. books

    books Guest

    ya im too interested in combine study
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Planning to take Amc Mcq in India in Sept 2011.Online serious study partner needed pls.

    Just sent my P1 forms and got my response from AMC.

    Got a new Murtagh and OHCM,OHCS and canada Qbank for 3 months.

    I'm doing my membership in Paedics now.So may be 3 to 3 and a half months should be okay.

    Anyone to discuss the time schedule and prep plans?

    Sudha Rao.
  47. TeoMogan

    TeoMogan Guest

    Preparation for the AMC clinicals

    My dear colleageues,
    I passed my clinical exam finally.
    The secret:
    1.Must get a partner for role play. Interchange as necessary.
    Go through as much common topics(available on this site) and the AMC clinical handbook.
    2. Speak slowly and clearly.
    3. Always have a history. Follow a format:

    1. Presenting complaint
    2. History of presenting complaint
    3. Past medical history, and surgical history
    4. Medication and allergies
    5. Immunization ( this one vy vy important in paeds. Have to know if they missed any and reason)
    6. Birth history (this one only applicable if the kid is less than 2 years old. Or.. only if there is any birth related prob that is affecting the kid in later life)
    7. Development history ( main aim find out any DELAY. Divide the area into 4 : gross motor, fine motor & vision, hearing & speech, social behavior) Know the main milestone for each domains in different age as well. Important things like if the 3 months can roll, 6 months sit with support, 9 months sit w/o support, 1 year should stand and walk with support etc. Know the primitive reflexs and when they disappear etc…)
    8. Nutrition ( what the baby eat whole day from breakkie , lunch , dinner etc..when solid food is introduce , any feeding probs )
    9. Family hx ( esp disease affecting other siblings. )
    10. Social Hx( living condition, who is the main carer, is the carer coping well, any child abuse/neglect that may ring alarm bells )
    11. Exam ( as with others but make sure u take the weight, head circumference, and length. Note any growth delay or drop from the graph, Check also reflexes

    Obs (for review in antenatal clinic)
    1. Age
    2. G? P?
    3. Expected due date( based on what ? dating US or later scan )
    4. Current gestational age. Current preg : note last menstrual period, dating U/S, 1st Trimester screen, antenatal blood, rhesus status, anatomy scan at 18 weeks, DM check, GBS status
    5. Check : mum well? Bub moving? Any PV loss?
    6. Is the preg uneventful to date or is there anything else happened during the preg
    7. Previous obs Hx ( mode of delivery, complication pre, post natal, weight of baby, ask also still birth, miscarriage, postnatal depression !! problem with anesthesia)
    8. Past medical, surgical prob
    9. Medication and allergies ( illicit drugs and over the counter drug use)
    10. Social hx( important to ask who they live with , hows the relationship with the partner . Try to gather info about support in the community). Smoking and Alcohol of course!!
    11. * if review patient post partum: check mum for ( mode of delivery, complication, general health and coping, breast, abdomen, fundus , wound, perineum, lochia, calves for DVT, bladder and bowel ) Check also pap smear, rubella status, rhesus, feeding prob and contraception. Don’t forget post natal depression and social situation!!!! Then check baby for weight, general appearance, reflex, feeding
    Gynae ( general )
    1. Age
    2. Menarche
    3. Menstrual hx ( LMP, freq, duration, amount, dysmenorrhoea, any clot )
    4. Abnormal bleeding ( inter menstrual, post coital)
    5. Menopause ( when, hysterectomy??, any probs related menopause? HRT?)
    6. Contraception ( what, effective? What they tried before in the past? Reason for discontinuation, risk factor with contraception etc HTN, cloting prob…)
    7. Pregnancies( no of preg, complications, outcome..pretty similar as what you ask in obstetric history)
    8. Pap smear (regular? Any prob in the past, if so…what was done)
    9. Sexual hx( how many partner, protected sex? STI screen in the past?, previous STI, any discharge, sexual practice ie anal, vaginal…, ask all bout STI symptoms if any ie discharge, itch, dysuria, previous PID…)
    10. Urinary and bowel sx ( important esp with elderly lady with prolapse. )
    11. Gynae complaints ( current / previous ) – if discharge present : ask amount, onset, timing ( is it related to menses? , colour, smell , consistency, any pain, bleeding?, assoc itch, dysuria, agg/relieving factor like drugs ( steroid)
    12. Breast ( do they perform breast self exam, any previous Hx of breast prob, FHx of breast, are they on OCP etc)
    13. * these are the additional more focus history for gynae. The other stuffs to include will be the same as Gen Med Hx
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi i am indus and at the moment i am in my Final year. I needed to ask if i could give the mcq type assessment before completion first, and then the Part 2 clinical based exam once i am in Australia Am i eligiblefor AMC Exam ????? please reply. :roll:
  49. bayindirci

    bayindirci Guest

    Hello adoctor. I want to know that why do you prefer Workplace-based Assessment. Can you tell me something about that position.
  50. Filiz

    Filiz Guest

    Hello Bayindirici,
    R u a doctor graduated from Turkey? If so i would like to know more about your AMC experience. What you wrote here is a little frustrating. I am at the beginning of all the path and i hope the situation not to be so bad. But i think after passing AMC MCQ, Workplace-based Assessment path will give you the PR and limited registriation to the board. Am i wrong?
    Thank you

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