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  1. Filiz

    Filiz Guest


    i would like to learn which books you have in PDF format and how much do you ask for them?
    Thank you
  2. Sonaljain

    Sonaljain Guest

    hey every1
    r dese 2 buks ( anthology of medical conditions and annotated mcq book ) enough 2 clear amc mcq examination? i need to start my preparation. how many mnths of study is needed for an average student?
    plz help me
  3. vivekaraj

    vivekaraj Guest

    hi there,
    vivek here..planning to take amc part 1 on early 2012. anyone has got any books for amc 1 preparation. would like to buy. am currently in auckland. study partners welcome. cheers, v.
  4. SydneyDoc215

    SydneyDoc215 Guest

    Hey Guys,

    I recently passed AMC part 2 and am selling my books. I am currently based in Sydney. I have the AMC MCQ first edition book for A$100, AMC Anthology of medical conditions for A$125, AMC Handbook of clinical assessment for A$180, AMC Clinical Assessment DVD A$25, John Murtagh's General Practice 4th edition for A$100, Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital Paediatric Handbook 8th edition for A$40. The Murtagh book and the Paediatric Handbook were essential in my opinion to passing both parts of the exam. These prices don't include postage charges. The AMC Handbook of clinical assessment and the DVD were just bought by me from the AMC website in August 2011. The rest of the books were bought brand new in July 2009. Some of the books have sections highlighted by me using a yellow marker but otherwise they're in good condition. The DVD has only been used once. Please contact me at if you're interested. If anyone wants all of them I can round it up to A$500. I am also happy to discuss how you should approach the exam. I was placed 2nd among 170 candidates for my MCQ in November 2009 and passed 15/16 stations in the clinical part held in October 2011 so I have a fair idea what they're looking for. Cheers!
  5. meghna123

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    can i get info regardin clinical amc exam books and study material??.....s coachin necesary for it??.....hw mny mnthz of studyis requred for it??
  6. vivekamb

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    have u taken amc-1? how was it nd wat next?
  7. ksunilra

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    Hello Sudha,

    Please suggest the books to use for AMC exams. My sister is writing her exams very soon. I will be very grateful to you.

    Thanks a lot,


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