breast lump

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    1.a pt with no obvious plapable lump but wth axillary lymph nodes

    2. a pt with retraction of nipples


    1. FNAC
    2. Mamaography
    3. MRI
    5.stereotactic biopsy
    6. Stereotactic fine needle biopsy
    7. Excixional biopsy
    8. lumpectomy

    answers given in the answer key are

    2. 7

    can some body please tell me if and how these answers are correct?
    what is the stereotactic biopsy and stereotactic fine needle biopsy?

    I am looking forward to some response for this question and my earler post on cervical ca. hope somebody replies.
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    agree with answers in the key
  3. new plabber

    new plabber Guest

    kindly give an explanation

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