Bridging courses for AMC clinicals

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  1. There are several organisations that offer clinical bridging programs. You can apply after passing AMC MCQ and gain PR status.

    The GPEA offers two clinical bridging courses covering stage 1 & 2 of the AMC clinical examination. You can complete both courses within the 10 week program or choose either clinical stage 1 or stage 2 M-CATS.

    The VMPF offers a government assisted course on full time basis over 22 weeks with bedside tutorials, role play workshops and communication skills. For this you need to be eligible for BOTPLS (loan).

    Or a weekly fast track course over 12 weeks with 2 hour tutorials in medicine, 2 hours in surgery and 1 hour in Obs & gyn
  2. Dear Doctor ,

    how much the coast ???
    most of us are with out job even the doctors with jobs they have family to look after and they have to pay for the fees of the clinical
  3. The cost of bridging course varies from place to place e.g. in Melbourne it is appx. 4500 AU #, where as in Sydeny it may be appx. 3500 AU #, also duration of the courseis a major deciding factor, cheers, Dr.Anees from Perth.
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    Just to let you all know - the Centre for International Graduates in Brisbane (Royal Brisbane Hospital) has Clinical and MCQ preparation courses which Queensland health will pay for IF you are currently working for Queensland Health! So it costs you nothing. These courses are absolutely EXCELLENT for the exams.
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    Hi Dr Anees
    I'm in Perth and preparing myself for clinical exam.May I have your contact detail? Would you provide me some information about bridging courses in Perth ,please? Thanks in advance.
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    clinicals in perth

    i m in perth and scheduled for clinical exam in october. can someone please guide me with the approximate time period required for preparation? also which books to refer? are they the same as for the MCQ exam? are there any bridging courses available in perth? lastly is somebody interested in group study, but only at weekends..
    i know they are a lot many questions in a single post, but i wud truly appreciate if someone cud please answer my queries.
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    AMC clinical course

    Along with the courses above mentioned(there is a mixed response about their usefullness) there are small preparation groups run by AMC successful candidates like me. I have been working in Australia for the last five years and have keen interest in assisting OTDs with AMC clinical. If anybody is interested kindly email me at dangarchaatyahoodotcomdotau.
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    Sorry I am based in Brisbane
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    The best are those in melbourne and the royal college for general practitioer in sydney. best of luck
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    Amc bridging course

    Can anyone please let me know what visa status you should apply for when going for a clnical bridging course? i have given mcq exam and now i am planning to appear in the bridging course before appearing for the clinical exam. Is it also true that once you get there to take the course, you can apply for permanent residence? kindly answer these questions. thanks.. Dr Mushtaq from Karachi, Pakistan
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    Do you offer tax deductible courses?
    Does AMC give your course attentants priority?
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    from Sudan

    you have to apply for a tourist visa. if you have a first degree relative in Aus then he can apply for a family sponsored visa for you. I myself passed the MCQ and is applying for a tourist visa.

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