Can any body know about FRCA course for anesthetist

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  1. Dr Swati

    Dr Swati Guest

    I `m anesthetist. I woulk like to do FRCA course. Can anybody know about this course. How much is the cost? How to apply for this course n what will be the benifit for one indian doctor....
  2. gcri

    gcri Guest

    hi swati,
    It appears to me that you want to do FRCA.You will need to come to UK and work as sho to DO that :lol: Advantage is that it is recognised all over the universe [except india of course].
  3. yyyy

    yyyy Guest

    hi gcri

    I dont have too much time to argue and dont like being a hostile......if you read a question and dont know an answer or dont like the question ... ....just dont reply........without mocking and making fun ..........and i dont care if he is in UK or India or Mexico .......he asked question and I know kind of an answer so need to ruin the forum in this way.........just dont reply or reply politly.........
  4. gcri

    gcri Guest

    hi yyyy,

    yes, reply politely and don't call others names!

    I had my reasons to write what I thought was correct.

    Anyway thanks for your polite answer,lets stop this discussion here.
  5. meera

    meera Guest

    dear swathi,
    i think you are doing some postgraduation in india and due to finish soon.frca is not a course you can do from india or elsewhere.for that you have to be in a training post in anaesthetics for atleast 1 year in uk. after that you can start writing the exams.and you know anaesthetics is a highly sought after specialty that things have changed so you should have applied for st training at a level which suits your experience in the specialty. now the rounds have wait for the next st application call. best wishes.
  6. dr jeevan

    dr jeevan Guest

    abt frca

    hi i ve three yr experience in anaesthesia can get any information how to clear frca. wheather i can apply for that or not , which place is better to do. how much cost for exam
  7. azher

    azher Guest


    would any one let me know wat sites would help me to find training posts for frca in uk, would i need to do do f1 nd f2, how much time does it take?
    nd how do i go about it?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello every one, my wife is an anaesthetist in UK. The aneasthetic dept. is struggling to recruit middle grade doctor. The job is fixed term contract for one or tow years, during which you can work and get some experience and if you are good may be pass your FRCR. This is a non-training post. Please respond by giving your email if interested for interview, as my wife is visiting india shortly.
  9. pushpa1

    pushpa1 Guest

    Fixed term training in anaesthesia in UK

    I am an anaesthetist in UK and in b'lore for couple of weeks and i am recruiting couple of post MD anaesthetists for 1-2 years fixed term training in my hospital. Give me your email id or phone no. for intereviews.
  10. koser

    koser Guest


    what is the eligibility for frca
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I'm interested in further training in UK. I have done DA and then DNB from India. My email id is samsdude @ hotmail dot com (plaese remove the spaces). Thanks.

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