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    From 1 January 2005, General Medical Council, UK has made it mandatory for anyone applying for limited or full registration to submit a certificate of Good Standing from the medical council of the country of medical training and experience. This certificate is only required if you have worked outside UK in the last five years from the date of application for the registration.

    Who will be affected from this change in policy?

    - Overseas graduates working in UK, NHS for less than five years.
    - Post PLAB candidates who will apply for first grant of limited registration after getting the first job in UK.
    - Overseas doctors in UK who are applying for renewal of limited registration.
    - Overseas doctors in UK who are moving from limited to full registration in UK.

    The following portion of the article is relevant only for Indian Nationals requiring good standing certificate from MCI.

    How to obtain Good Standing Certificate in India?

    Indian Medical Council has prescribed an application form for issuing Good Standing Certificate to the Indian Nationals requiring the said Certificate for their employers abroad. This application form can be downloaded from here

    The following documents are required along with the application form.

    1. Permanent Registration Certificate
    An attested photocopy of Permanent Registration Certificate issued to you by a State medical Council or by the Medical Council of India.
    Exceptions: The Certificates of IMR or additional qualification issued by MCI are not acceptable as Certificates of Permanent Registration by Medical Council of India.

    2. Fees
    A bank draft of Rs. 1000/- (Rs. one thousand only) in favour of Secretary, Medical Council of India payable at New Delhi.
    Exceptions: Cheques are not accepted.

    3. Referees
    The name and address of the two Doctors who personally know the applicant and whom a reference can be made, if need be.

    4. Testimonials
    Two latest testimonials of Character & Conduct in original from persons of standing i.e. Gazetted Officers, MPs, MLAs, Magistrate Ist Class, the Principals/Professors of medical colleges or persons of similar status. It may be added here that there is no prescribed proforma/ format for the said testimonials.


    Find out where you are registered. If you are registered with your state medical council, you need to contact them and forward your application to MCI through the state medical council. You are requested to fill up the application form and forward the same through the State Medical Council wherefrom the applicant is permanently registered. In case the applicant is having permanent registration with Medical Council of India, the application may be submitted directly to the office.

    What is included in Good Standing Certificate?

    i) only the basic medical qualification i.e. MBBS is detailed in the certificate and no other qualification i.e. PG degree/diploma etc. are included in the certificate.
    ii) Only such registration details as provided in the permanent registration Certificate of the candidate are mentioned in the Certificate.
    iii) The Good Standing Certificate has a validity of only six months from the date of issue. After six months if you dont get a JOB apply for a new certificate....(isnt that SIC, but thats the way GMC is)

    Frequently Asked Questions about obtaining Certificate of Good Standing from MCI

    How to get the certificate in UK or directly dispatched to GMC?

    The Certificates are normally dispatched at the address as given by the candidate against the column “Present Address” in the application form. However, in case the Certificates are requested to be sent directly to the Registering/Licensing bodies of a country, the Council would have no difficulty in arranging to send the same with no extra cost attached.

    Is my certificate renewable?

    The Certificate once issued cannot be revalidated and you would rather require to apply afresh following the earlier procedure and the latest testimonials, in case you require the Certificate 2nd time.

    Are foreign nationals eligible for Good Standing certificate?
    Only Indian Nationals are eligible for grant of Good Standing Certificate; and the foreigners who might have graduated from Indian Medical Institutions are not eligible for the grant of Certificate.

    I have a question which is not covered here?

    Send in your question to
    Medical Council of India,
    Aiwan-E-Galib Marg, Kotla Road,
    Opposite to Mata Sundari College for Women, Near I.T.O., New Delhi - 110002, India,
    Phones +91-11-23232618, 23236081,23235178, Fax - General +91-11-23236604, Fax - Grievances Cell +91-11-23235178, Telegrams MEDCONCIND, New Delhi - 2, Email mci@del3.vsnl.net.in , Website www.mciindia.org.
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    how should i prepare this certificate if i am not from India?
    could you please explain it thoroughly?
    thank you kindly :)
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    i have not found the information at GMC website
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    cert of good stndng

    Hi Im graduated from India but im a Sri Lankan National ,i have my registration and good standing certificate from State medical council,so will that do?
    PLease do reply.....
    Many thanks,

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    Certificate of Good Standing

    Now the catch 22

    According to MCI Certificate of Good Standing is valid for 6 months but according to GMC it is valid for 90 days
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    For the benefit of such people registered with Delhi Medical Council, here's the process of submitting CGS application.

    1. Write an application on plain paper addressed to The Registrar, Delhi Medical Council(Maulana Azad Medical College, Room No. 368, IIIrd Floor, Pathology Block, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 2) requesting a CGS to be issued in your favor by the MCI.

    2. Attach a demand Draft @Rs. 500 in favor of "Delhi Medical Council".

    Attach the following set of documents (DMC forwards these documents to MCI along with their own CGS):-

    1. Duly filled CGS application form (available on MCI website).
    2. Attested copy of your state registration certificate (if you are registered with more than 1 medical council, then attach attested copies of each registration).
    3. Two Testimonials of character and conduct in original (There is no prescribed format).
    4. Attested copy of your MBBS degree (and any other PG degree/Diploma).
    5. Demand Draft for Rs 1000 in favor of Secretary, Medical Council of India.

    DMC office will issue you a receipt and will ask you to collect a "forwarding letter" within 2-3 days. This forwarding letter will confirm that DMC has forwarded your application to MCI. Along with the forwarding letter, you will receive a CGS issued by DMC (don’t know if this is good for GMC) in your favor.

    MCI will then issue, in good time, a CGS on the basis of these recommendations from Delhi Medical Council and will post it to the address mentioned in "Present Address" on the CGS application form.
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    For those renewing their limited registration

    For those renewing their limited registration
    3. Certificates of Good Standing (or past good standing if appropriate)

    These must be from the medical regulatory authority of any countries other than the UK where you have practised in the five years before you applied for further registration.

    The Certificate of Good Standing must confirm that you are entitled to practise medicine in the appropriate country AND state that you have not been disqualified, suspended, or prohibited from practising medicine. It must also state that the regulatory authority is not aware of any matters that call into question your good character. The certificate must not be more than three months old when you are granted your renewal of limited registration.

    If any of the certificates are not in English, they must be accompanied by an original official English translation.

    If you are being offered sponsorship, you must provide your sponsor with certificates of good standing before they confirm the offer. The certificates of good standing must be no more than three months old on the date you present them to your sponsor. If you do not obtain limited registration within one year of an offer of sponsorship being confirmed, you may be asked to provide us with further evidence of your good standing.

    If you do not currently hold registration in any other countries where you have worked in the past five years, you must send us original Certificates of Past Good Standing issued by the appropriate competent authorities.

    If you have never held registration in any countries (other than the UK) where you have worked in the five years before you made this application, you must send us an original letter from the appropriate competent authorities confirming you have never held registration with them and stating that they are not aware of any matters which bring into question your good character.

    If there is no competent authority to issue Certificates of Good Standing or Past Good Standing, you will need to ask your employer(s) in each of those countries to complete the Overseas Employers Reference.

    Doctors who require a Certificate of Good Standing from New Zealand:
    The GMC and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) are piloting the electronic exchange of information about good character and good standing. If you require a CGS from the MCNZ, you can apply online at www.mcnz.org.nz/about/forms/cgs.pdf. The MCNZ will then email your CGS directly to us.

    If you are a refugee:
    We realise you may not be able to provide us with the appropriate Certificates of Good Standing. If that is the case, then you will need to provide us instead with a structured character reference from a medical practitioner who is registered with the GMC. If you are unable to obtain a structured character reference, please contact us for advice. You will also need to provide a letter from the Home Office confirming your status as a refugee.
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    For renewal of limited registration.....

    From a recent EMAIL from GMC

    You do not need CGS if

    You have limited registration and have not worked outside UK since you were granted limited registration in UK.

    Meaning for example you have not worked in India since you were granted limited registration
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    Dear friends,

    For those of you taking PLAB 2 in the UK and coming here for the limited registration route:

    Please get your good standing certificate with you when you come to england, issued within the past 3 months. ( The great GMC does not accept any certificate issued more than 3 months before date of submission). So the whole question of 6 months validity given by MCI is useless.

    After that , no matter when you go to them again for your limited registration, they will not bother you about the CGS. Provided you have remained within UK in the interim period, or have not worked anywhere else outside the UK in the interim period.

    AIPPG Support group and others , I hope this is helpful to you.

    Thanks, Devadi
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    hi guys!
    You have any idea of how to get a CGS for foreigners who studied in India? Can you answer this, please?
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    it's all on the gmc site

    all the bodies for each country.
    i'll have a look for you. bare with me for a sec.

    where in india have you been employed/registered?
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    here's the main page link:


    and here's the targeted .... answer :)

    Certificates of Good Standing

    » India Competent Authority Information
    Country: India
    Competent Authority: Medical Council of India
    Job Title: The Registrar
    Address: Aiwan-E-Galib Marg
    Kotla Road
    Opposite Mata Sundari College for Women
    New Dehli - 110002

    Telephone: 00 91 11 23232618
    Fax: 00 91 11 23236604
    Website: www.mciindia.org

    » India Special Notes
    The MCI does not issue letters of non-registration. Please contact us for further information on the evidence that are required to submit.

    » India Regional Authorities
    No regional authority information available for this country.


    If there are any alterations or corrections required to this page, please contact GMCGoodStanding@gmc-uk.org

    hope that's helpfull

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    hey good standing certificate is valid for one year from the date of your PLAB(OSCE)
    you have to show this certificate to GMC anytime after PLAB
    VAlidity will be there for the same duration
    The certificate should have been issued within three months of the date you are taking it to GMC
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    can anyone tell me if its necessary to submit the certificate of good standing at the time of the plab 2 exam day itself ? can it be submitted later
  16. ota

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    yes, it can.
    you need at at registration. what's more....if you are still employed back home after submitting the gsc...you'll need another one.
    that's what i know

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