chances of getting job in uk in surgery after MRCS 1 &2

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by bil, Mar 7, 2004.

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    Hi, i wanna ask that i havent pass my plab-1 yet, and i m thinking to sit in mrcs1&2 first and then i wil try for job regarding orthopedics,,,,, plz tell me is there any chances for that to be happen??? i mean that wat is the trend of getting job in surgery in uk after mrcs1 &2?????
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    Re: chances of getting job in uk in surgery after MRCS 1 &am

    I have the same questions!!I have passed Plab Part-1 though!
  3. salman79

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    I passed both parts of PLAB and now preparing for MRCS 1. Dont know yet about the job prospect even after passing MRCS 1
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    Hi guys,

    I have done PLAB n took MRCS 1 on April 26th 2005.Regarding ur question abt job prospects in surgery after MRCS 1 and/or 2 ,i wud say that along with MRCS 1 /2 they have started askin about ATLS ,ALS n BSS courses which u can get only in UK.To get a place these days on these courses, they have started asking for ur BST posts and when u apply for BST in any hospital they ask u for these courses.I m really confused which to go first.I m sure there shud be way out .If anybody can comment on this it wud be helpful for all of us.

    So you see,its never sure these days in UK.Grab the oppurtunity as soon as u see matter what.U cannot sit and decide which to do first n which wud be next or last for that matter.

    Have fun.
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    being frank

    gettin a post in uk nowadays is a dream which might come true but most of the time it stays just a dream .....think about that carefully
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    Hey guys,

    think carefully...think of alternative rather than coming here...if u r desperate to come to uk.....than i would advise finish mrcs 1,2,3 and than come....
  7. Depressed

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    all endeavour gone with wind

    I am Board Certified Suregeon( 5-years Speciality Board), passed MRCS1,2, and 3 viva.... with ATLS certificate and BSS.... still without job since Feb. 2005.

    its rubbish to waste time here...
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    yes u can

    Yes one can get a job after passing MRCS 1 even without plab 1 or 2 in UK. be patience and pray to be lucky. :)
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