chances of getting residency with a good score on Step3 ?

Discussion in 'Residency Matching' started by srigauri, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. srigauri

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    while getting into a residency is getting more and more competitive what are the chances of getting into one with a good score on Step3 along with US clinical experience
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    USMLE step 3 means much to the PD. Not only he will be able to process your license requirements early if you matched with him but also it will give him a good impression about your clinical knowledge. Most PDs rank people who have finished their Step 3 high and most of them will prefer to invite you to interviews on others. Prepare well for this exam, it will definitly help you earn more interviews if you had the result before 1 September.
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    So when we say this is a decent or a good score?

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