CHANDLER'S INDEX is used for ? What is the Index formula ?

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    Chandler’s index is used to identify the importance of hookworm infestation as a public health problem in a community. It is calculated based on average number of hookworm eggs / gram of stool.

    <200: no significance
    200-250: potential danger
    250-300: minor public health problem
    >300: major public health problem

    Morbidity and mortality from hookworm infection depend much on the worm load. Chandler worked out an index on the basis of an average number of hookworm eggs per gram of feces for the entire community, which is as below:

    Average number of eggs per gram of stool
    Below 200 Hookworm is not of much significance
    200–250 May be regarded as potential danger
    250–300 Minor public health problem
    Above 300 Important public health problem

    Chandler’s index is still used in epidemiological studies of hookworm disease. By this index, worm loads in different population groups can be compared and also the degree of reduction of egg output after mass treatment.

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