Characteristics of hyperna-tremic dehydration with

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    Characteristics of hyperna-tremic dehydration with Na+ in serum 170 meq/L and 10 percent loss of body weight include all the following EXCEPT -
    a- Early evidence of low blood pressure
    b- Convulsions
    c- Thirst
    d- Lethargy
    e- Hyperirritability
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    Answer: - The answer is A. (Behrman 15/e, p 209, Rudolph 20/e, p 1324.) The extracellular fluid and circulating blood volumes tend to be preserved with hypernatremic dehydration at the expense of the intracellular volume. Therefore, hypotension may not be characteristic not are the other signs of circulatory inadequacy that are typical of isotonic or hypotonic dehydration. Signs suggesting involvement of the central nervous system are characteristic of hypertonic dehydration.

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