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    I am starting this thread I hope you ppl will be interested in this type of prep,Please share charecteristic points of diseases mostly asked in MRCP

    Conn's Syndrom
    Primary Hyperaldosteronism
    Cause:Adrenal Adenoma
    1 Hypokalemia
    2 Alkalosis leads to muscle weakness and tetany
    3 low renin
    4 HTN
    5 Increased renin:aldosterone ratio
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    Tip of the Day

    :idea: Aspirin should be avoided in thyroid crisis,as it can displace thyroid globulin bound Thyroid hormones. :idea:
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    Primary Hyperparathyroidism
    1 PTH increased
    2 Calcium Increased
    3 Phosphate Decreased

    Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

    1 PTH Increased
    2 Ca low or normal
    3 phosphate increased (renal failure increases phosphate which is a direct stimulus for PTH release)

    Band keratopathy is an irregular region of calcium phosphate deposition at the medial and lateral limbic margins of the cornea. It is a rare but classical sign of hyperparathyroidism.
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    Secondary Hypogonadism
    1 Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism
    Failure of hypothalamus+Pitutary
    a)Decreased FSH
    b)Decreased LH
    c)Decreased Testosetrone
    Pathology involving pituitary or hypothalamus

    eg (1)Congenital defficiency of Gonadotrophins
    Kallaman Syndrome X-Linked recessive (anosmia+tall+colour blindness+nerve deafness+hereditary bimanual synkinesis+cleft palate+amennorhea in females)
    (2) HypoPituitarism

    Primary Hypogonadism
    2 Hypergonadotrophic Hypogonadism
    Failure of Testes
    a Increased FSH
    b Increased LH
    c Decreased Testosterone

    pathology involving Testes
    Klinefelter's syndrome XXY 47
    small testes+delayed speech+tall & centrally obese pear shape abdomen+gynaecomastia+Mental retardation(Borat)
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    Polycystic ovarian syndrome

    Insulin resistance (metformin)

    Increased LH
    Decreased FSH
    Increased FSH:LH ratio 3:1
    Increased Free Tesosterone
    Increased Androstendion
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    Thanks for sharing that with us.. I'll try to bring in some questions too
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    wilson disease

    wilson disease
    HSM, jaundice and cirrhosis
    heamolytic anemia
    Dementia,Parkinsonian disease,or choreoathetosis
    (Suspect it in young patient have liver and or CNS lesion)
    ttt penicillamine
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    In Conns syndrom Aldesteron:renin ratio is increase not the renin:aldesteron tHE SAME IN PCOS LH :FSH not FSH:LH
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    in conn, renin is decrease and increase in aldosterone.

    differentiate between primary or secondary hyperaldosterism.
  11. herpes simplex encephalitis
    Focal symptoms(eg musical hallucination)
    Focal signs(right sided weakness and aphasia
    CSF: Lymphocytosis is characteristic.LOW SUGAR
    A temporal location is typical.
    EEG: lateral periodic discharge at 2 hz pattern is seen but it is not diagnostic.definitive diagnosis with PCR
    Imediate treatment wth acyclovir is required on clinical suspicion. Do not wait for confirmatioN
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    what do you guys say is gilbert AD OR AR

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