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  1. Priy

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    hi ,
    I managed to clear the MCQ in the first it's possible.dedicated effort,clear understanding ,cultural know how,and a thinking head on ur shoulder and of course some luck.but last and important thing was an input from somebody called Emma.she is not a medico trying to teach us the subject which all of us know but the added icing on the cake in the form of how to approach the exam and what's expected out of all the vast ocean of medical knowledge.she was right about the level of the exam. Hence if you could contact her she will be willing to help u.I got her contact from this site only.
  2. dr_Khan

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    Hey Priy,
    where should i get that Emma's contact from????
    thanks in advance mate...
  3. aakhan

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    Hi Priy,

    How is the new exam pattern. I heard it's bit different from previous exam. How many question overall..
  4. mcs

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    Emma's contact

    I hope your study is going well and not to stressfull. I have managed to arrange some more time away from my work and so I will be running another free mcq study group in the State Library on North Tce in Adelaide.

    The study group will run over 4 sessions during December and January and each session will run for 3 hours. This will include discussing tips and techniques to help you with the mcq exam. A 1 hour practice exam of original (not recalls) mcq questions followed by answers and review of questions.

    Please let me know what day of the week suits you best e.g. weekdays, Saturday or Sunday so I can arrange the meeting days to suit you.

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