cleared in first attempt mrcog part 1

Discussion in 'MRCOG Forum' started by shalinik, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. shalinik

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    i cleared exam in first attemp and i studied only 8 weeks properly i would suggest to read
    Tim Chard theory and questions
    de sweit
    get through mrcog part 1 rekha wountkal
    past papers questions
    emqs from rcog as well crouchy wheeler
    60-70% repetition

    read each book 4 times and questions by heart.
    this is all more than enough t o get through.
    best of luck everybody
  2. Guest

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    i need to knw tht 4m where we can get these books????
    any one having mrcog 1 past papers ?????
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz contact me at drlaloona at gmail dot com

  3. addi

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    i didnt heard of tindall and de sweit cn u plz post their full names thanx
  4. Guest

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    hello shalinik i want to know from i ll get all these books.plz reply

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