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    Could any one please post the name of stations of clinical exam held 13th October at Brisbane.
    A Karni
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    it was a tough exam guys really if you donot feel ready do not do the exam
    the topics were easy but the examers were not

    here with the topics
    1.CNS examination
    2.Ankel sprain
    3.chest pain
    4.Chest Pain + positive Stress test
    6.Injurry in the hand
    7.somatisatiom /refused to be discharged from the hospital
    8.Intermitant claudication
    12 Premature rupture of memberan
    13Pregnancy with pneumonia
    14 Fibroid
    15 HIV
    16POP delirum
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    could please send details about the station. Thank you
  4. Anas Karni

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    :? In topic 6 the man had a bandage in his hand, but he told he don't have problem in hand that can make him worry.Also said he came here as his wife told him to do so.He got the injury(?) 5/6 days back while working at night shift that he has started recently.He is not a drug user, has happy family life, no m/h--seems everything ok.He asked what he can do to stop falling asleep when working, he does not want to go to day shift as in night shift he earns more money.He denied any psychiatric problem when Psychi Qs were asked.= As one examinee described this station.
    :roll: A Karni
  5. Anil Ambani

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    About topic 1: Some examinee Dx it as TIA/Lateral medullary syndrome,because they found in the scenario the man has weakness in hand & in face.They examined power,tone, reflex, vib/co-oration and also pulse, BP, carotid brui.
    A A
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    thanks mate

    thanks mate for the effort
  7. boban

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    CNS examination

    what is the critical error in CNS examination? :?:
  8. WJK

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    AMC clinical 13th Oct 07 Brisbane PA hospital, orange group

    Hi guys,
    Here is the question set as I remember for the 13th Oct 07 Brisbane PA Hospital morning session. I got only for resit that the correctness of my answers is upto your scrutiny and judgement.


    1. A 4 mnth old girl unresponsive, drosy, poor feeding, and had only one nappy change. BT 38.something or 39 C. Given a picture very much similar to GP Book, Emergencies in Children, Features of a very sick infant, ED setting.

    Task.....Relevant H/O, ask PE from the examiner, Dx and magt.


    2. A 6 wk old Emmie, brought by her mother for immunization.
    Explain about the immunization and its complications.
    The mother asked whether Emmie can have HPV vaccine and
    asked about the diluted vaccine. She also asked about pertussis vaccine complication.

    3.A 5 mnth old boy, coming with mother, complaint of crying incessantly, and poor feeding for several hrs. He passed very little stool once today.
    PE showed a mass in the rt side of the abdomen at the level of the umbilicus.

    Task....Dx, and mgt.


    O & G

    1. A 35 yr old lady with 10 and 12 yrs old children, came with mass arising from the pelvis palpable below the umbilicus. She had menorrhagia for five months.

    Task...H/O, ask PE from the examiner, Dx and Mgt.

    The patient ask Can I get pregnant.
    The examiner ask what can happen when she get pregnant.

    Dx and Mgt....Uterine fibroid and myomectomy or hystrectomy.

    2. A 28 yr old woman with prg at 35 wks, comes with rupture of the membrane. She had history of cone biopsy for CIN.
    Cervical stitch has inserted at 15 wks gestation.

    Task.....H/O, ask PE from the examiner, and management.

    Questions asked are ; How do u know the flluid is liquor?
    Will you remove the stich now?
    Now labor pain started, what u will do?

    3. A 25 yr old lady with her 1st prg, presents with productive cough, yellow sputum and wheeze.

    Task....H/o, PE from the examiner, Dx and mgt.

    During the course of H/O and PE,

    ...had 2 similar episodes in the past relieved by doxycycline
    ...crepitations in the rt lower zone & diffuse rhonchi in both lungs.
    ...allergic to cephalexin and penicillin.

    Dx and Trt.....Asthmatic bronchitis or pneumonia.


    1. A middle age lady with multiple complaints compatible with criteria of Somatization disorder in AMC MCQ book, refused to be discharged from the hospital. Now complaint of pain in the neck for which MRI showed normal.

    Task....Dx and Mgt.

    2.A 65 yr old amn had operation of the hip or knee ( I forgot ) on the 3rd post-op day, having wild behaviour and shouting. You an intern and your registra is in the OR. It is a very long description covering almost the A4 size paper and there is another fullsacp size description of the intern's finding. I can't remember all. You have to report your finding to your registrar.

    Task...D/D and Mgt.

    What I remember as relevant in the intern's finding is anaemia, macrocytosis, normal blood level of vit B 12 and elevated GGT.

    D/D Acute alcohol withdrawal delirium
    DVT with embolism.
    Electrolyte imbalance.
    S/E of medications.
    Fat embolism.

    Med and Surg.

    1. A middle aged lady had accidental fall with rt ankle folding inwards.

    Task. PE, Dx & trt.

    The examiner said the X-Ray is normal.
    The patient asked at the end, can I drive.

    Dx ankle sprain.

    2. A 35 yr old man with left sided chest pain since this morning, ED setting.

    Task... Focus H/O, PE from the examiner, Inx and Mgt.


    3. A man age ? with intermittent claudication recently. Given sheet contains the following H/O:
    Hypertension controlled with metoprolol.
    Smoked 20 cig/day for many yrs.
    BMI 28

    Task .PE from the examiner, ivx, Dx, explain your mgt to the patient.

    4. A 50 or 60 plus yr old lady suddenly developed difficulty in finding words and weakness of the rt upper limb for 15 minutes yestreday. Everything is normal today.

    Task.. Focus PE and explain why this occur to thie patient.

    Dx TIA

    5. A 65 yr old man had chest pain and EST showed ST depression in anterior leads. He is on sublingual anginine and symptoms are controlled well.

    Given sheet described;
    Cholesterol 6 mmol/l
    BMI 24
    Quit cig 6 yrs ago.
    Social drinking only.

    Task ..Explain the result of EST and further magt.
    The patient said, during the conversation, he wanted to get rid of the pain .

    6. A middle aged man painful swollen rt 1st MTP joint.

    Task Dx and Trt

    Dx gouty arthritis.

    7. A young man with rt hand injury sustained at the end of the night shift in a factory. The injury had already stitched back in the ED and he is not painful now.

    Task....H/O , NO PE, Dx and your mgt

    During H/O, the patient said he took some sleeping pills during the day time.
    While I was tracking on his visual problem during H/O taking, he looked back to the examiner and told me that 3 mths ago, he had a traffic accident at an INTERSECTION ( he emphasized with intonation! ).
    Will you give me sleeping pills asked at the end.

    Dx. optichiasma lesion

    8. A young man came back from Phillippine, had sex with some prostitutes, and aske for HIV test.

    Task Counsel the patient.
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    Thank a lot.
    Ananta Kutti :D
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    thanks a lot for you all. wish you good luck

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