clinical exam in sydney today (17/08/2007)

Discussion in 'AMC Clinical Exam' started by dr. jana, Aug 17, 2007.

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    thers is a clinical exam in sydney today (17/08/2007), don't know what topics are involved.
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    The exam in May (Sydney) was very difficult, only 20 candidates passed.
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    would you please tell us the recall questions please?

    thank you kindly!
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    Could anyone attended the exam post the recall please? just topics if you don't have time. Thanks.
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    I heard it was a difficult one again (just like May's exam).
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    Successful Candidates
    Candidate Reference Number 7

    Retest Candidates 6
    Candidate Reference Number
    Notification of available retest dates will be enclosed with formal examination result letters.

    Unsuccessful Candidates 5

    what are the recall qestions?
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    Questions were on following topics

    1. Anoerxia Nervosa
    2. Bee sting anaphylaxis
    3. Pill (OCP) request in 14 y.o. girl
    4. Small Bowel Obstruction in 24 hour old baby
    5. LL exam in Diabetic Patient
    6. Intermittent Claudication (LL exam)
    7. Ovarian Cyst in Pregnancy.
    8. Pyelonephritis (? in pregnant patient)
    9. Generalized anxiety disorder
    10.Failure to thrive in 18 month old
    11. Myopia
    12. Breast Cancer in 22 y.o. lady
    13. Fundus less than dates
    14. Adrenal Tumour and elevated urine catecholamines
    15. Anaemia in 55 y.o. man
    16. Herpes Zoster (Shingles) 40 y.o lady

    I passed! (my first attempt). Good luck to all.
    General tip. Stay confident. Speak with conviction. Use common sense and keep things simple. Remember to be safe, refer on to specialist or admit to hopsital if required and make sure you explain why you are referring and what is likely to be done
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    Just a question for discussion:

    when you examine sensation on a diabetic patient, do you use pin prick to test pain? and why?
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    Thanks for the recall.
    I wonder "Question 14. Adrenal Tumour and elevated urine catecholamines", it's about neuroblastoma or pheochromocytoma?
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    Just want to ask , why such a small No of Candidate it the exam only 18 ??
    and 202 in the waiting list of Series 2 ??

    Funny :roll:
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    So far I know few candidate appear on 25/08/07. Is it true?
  12. aaljobair

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    more details

    would you plz give more details about the senarios like ovarian cyst in pregnancy and others

    Thanking you

    Plz don't discourage/ criticise any one for their effort . After all these feed back is very valuable for you to pass until you clear up . If someone contributes something in here it should always be appreciated .
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    thank you

    thank you very much

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