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    perth clinical exam
    5.Anaemia and pregnancy
    6.Child abuse
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    1. Child abuse v vulvovaginitis (4 yo girl BIB mother separated with husband, started to live with boyfriend 3 months ago. Girl has symptoms for 1 m)
    2. Renal coic - do abdo exam, Mx
    3. Consell anxious mother of 18 yo acutely psychotic male (2 to drugs). Confidentiality issues.
    4. Postmenopausal vaginal bleeding in female. Lasted 1 day. Candidiasis. Rule our DM, cancer
    5. AMI
    6. Autologous blood transfusion councelling (lady have elective surgery in 6 weeks, wants your advice)
    7. Iron deficiency in 30 weeks pregnant vegetarian. Mx, Q re blood transfusion
    8. Hip osteoartritis
    9. Father worries about 2,5 yo son. Dietary advice, normal growth and development
    11. SOB in smoker for 2 month. Rule out cancer (mesetelioma) and pneumonia with plreural effusion
    12. Laxative abuse in 60 yo lady. All normal (bloods and colonoscopy)
    13. Visual exam - myopia
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    1) A man came with chest pain. Take history, examination findings and management
    Management of MI, cardiac arrest, indication of thrombolysis, contraindiations, ALS
    2) A father complaining of loss of apetite and growth retardation in his 3 years old son.
    Child growth, use of normograms and importance of balanced diet
    3) A 60 yrs old man complaining of long standing backache and new onset hip pain.
    Osteoarthritis and rule out PVD and Ca Prostate
    4) FBC results-- microcytic and hypochromic RBCs in a 30 week pregnant vegetarian lady.
    Counselling of Iron deficiency anemia. Its impacts on mother and fetal health. Treatment
    5) A 17 yrs old boy complaining of vision problem. Rule out serious eye condition.
    Examine eye and visual acuity. Counsel about myopia.
    6) A girl of 17 yrs brought by her mother who is concerned about her weight.
    Diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. Urgent management. Refer to hospital. patient refused to go to hosp. Use mental health act.
    7) 18 yrs old male complaining of swollen rt arm for 1 week. Basketball player.
    Axillary/subclavian vein thrombosis. referal to hospital and start heparin prophylactically without waiting for the transfer.
    3 yrs boy. Cousin had lymphoma. Mother noticed swelling in neck. Counselling.
    Lymph nodal swelling. usually benign. Rarely can be due to cancer. Basic blood tests and follow up after 1 week and reassurance.
    9) Female sterilization counselling
    10) Counselling for autologus blood transfusion
    11) A 65 yrs old lady, smoker having long standing cough. Present with SOB for 2 months. History, examination and management.
    Rt pleural effusion. causes and management
    12) A 60 yrs old lady complaining of constipation. All investigations normal including upper and lower GI endoscopy. Differential Diagnoses and management. IBS, low roughage in diet, hypothyroidism, and hyper calcemia etc
    13) Suspected Sex abuse in a girl. Management
    14) Psychotic man. Has used cannabis. Requested you not to tell family of his drug addiction. Confidentiality. Don't tell the mother. Just say I don't know when she asks.
    15) Lt sided abdo pain. D/D and emergency ward management.
    16) Vaginal Candidiasis in an elderly. Must rule out Diabetes mellitus.
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    thank you

    thank you very much and good luck
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    The written component has two segments:

    * The applied knowledge test (AKT) consists of 150 multiple choice questions that must be completed in 4 hours.
    * The key feature problems (KFP) test consists of 26 cases that must be completed in 3.5 hours. The cases contain a mix of completion items and items requiring written response.
    * The clinical component consists of 14 clinical cases, with a number of rest stations interspersed into the rotation. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete

    Examination centres for the written component have been arranged in Adelaide, Brisbane , Bundaberg, Canberra, Darwin, Dubbo, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Townsville.

    Candidates who live in rural and remote areas may apply to sit the written component under supervision in the rural or remote areas – conditions exist for these arrangements and these are outlined in Section 7 of the handbook.

    Examination centres for the clinical component have been arranged in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra , Darwin*, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Townsville.

    * Darwin’s operation as a clinical examination venue is conditional upon sufficient enrolments.
  6. to raffel

    there is 16 stations in amc clinical exams not 14 :roll: :!:
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    this is not october 2008. this is 2007
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    info regarding amc exam fee

    thanx to all dear ones for sharing such useful materials.can any1 tell me about amc exam fee for immigrants,i searched it on the amc website but i have a confusion that either they had mentioned fee for a student or for an immigrant?
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    Perth exam Sept

    Some recall for you guys:
    1.Physical exam for Tia as previous
    2.Xray pleural effusion with needed questions linking previous abdominal surgery as a cause.
    3.Hydrocele as previous exams
    4.Jaundice in a young man.
    5.Child with AGE and full history with mother not giving vaccination.
    7.Asherman syndrome
    8.Low mood in a female
    9.HIV pretest counselling
    10.Management of snake bite
    11.Weight loss
    12.Chronic asthma in child
    14.Diabetes in adolescent
    15.Memory loss in alcoholic
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    thanks for the recalls guys - sorry this is so delayed, but still mean it :)

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