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    2-tempral artritis.

    3-side effect of antitypical psychotic drug

    4-gestational diabetes
    5-threteand abortion
    6 secondary amenorrhea
    7runny nose in 3 years child more in sesaon(hay fever.forgein boday.adeniod)
    8-knee pain in 14 mounth baby
    9- refer of his wife confidently
    10-antepartum hemmorage
    12-synocal attack aortic stenosis
    13-brain death
    14-prostate cancer
    15- sepsis in 2 years old girl
    16-peanuts allergay.
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    thank you and good luck
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    thanks a lot
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    thank you
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    Hi Guest 234
    Have you got a date fro your exam??
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    Not yet,but most probabaly in july.anyway i will read as if i have a date in april,may

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    study partner?

    I am looking some study partner to sit the exam between july-Sep. I am living in New Zealand, I can use video or MSN study together with any study partner.

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  9. does anyone have question/scenarios of what came in the sydney retest held on 8th march??
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    I am looking some study partner to sit the clinical exam. I am living in near Sydney University, Sydney.

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    what could be the causes for knee pain in a 14month old child?
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    does anyone have scenarios/topics that came in the 15 march sydney Clinical exam?
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    does any have clinical qiestions 15 march, 9 february 2008? thanks
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    One was a case of limp in a child not knee pain - it was hip pain in a well looking child with no history of trauma - my scenario was transient synvovitis
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    clinical scenarios

    hi everyone,
    is there a particular place for the clinical exams where the examiners are stricter? i don't have the data from last year's but so far, for this year, the highest passing rate has been in brisbane(86%), followed by melbourne (65%), Gold coast (52%), Sydney (54% for the Mar 15 & 39% for the Mar 7 exams ave: 46.5%) and last is Adelaide 43%.
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    can any one tell me, can AMC be bypassed??

    Hi All.
    I have done my MCQs Nov 06. I might geta date to sit clincals this July 08. I have been working in aus for the past 3 years. I am just thinking to skip this exam , tell me if it is a good idea to wait till july for this so called work place based assessment to come up???

    thanks :?:
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    A much more detailed history is needed to assess if she is on the right treatment. Like, does she have other medical conditions, is she intolerant to particular medication, how bad is the heart failure and agnina?
    Generally, people with angina should be on a beta-blocker as this is the one medication that improves their prognosis.
    Patients with heart failure should be on an ACE-inhibitor as this is one of the main medication that slows down the progression of the ventricular impairment.
    She should also be prescribed a cholesterol-lowering tablet such as a Statin or alternative.
    And the usual dose of Aspirin is 75mg.
    Ofcourse, there are many factors that affect the above treatment and her doctor would have taken all of those into account.

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    about the clinical scenarios

    ...........about the clinical scenarios on the first post: where was this exam? brisbane/ perth...?


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