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  1. dk007

    dk007 Guest

    my marks is 55 in comedk what vil b my rank???????
    plz help me out!!!!!

    SUSHMA.N Guest


    ok so u ave got 55 and it might be 56 or 57 as their is grace mark in maths but its bit difficult to say that bcoz it depends upon the highest score marks which keeps changing every year we should hope tht his or her score is less so tht we get a better rank this year .ok

    SUSHMA.N Guest


    last year 167 was th highest score and 159 in 2006
  4. cool22

    cool22 Guest

    comedk rank

    hii...i secured 70 in comedk.....plzzz tel 70 enough to get gud rank..n plzz tel me wat will b my rank..approximately

    SUSHMA.N Guest

    ok so according to last year its in 14,000 and u can get into good coll but might ave to compromise with the course
  6. cool22

    cool22 Guest

    wat is d last rank given to d candidate......i mean uptil what number ranks are given

    SUSHMA.N Guest

    in comedk it goes upto 45,000+
  8. cool22

    cool22 Guest

    actually i want 2 do in computer science..can u tell wich gud college i can get it..according 2 my score
  9. surya

    surya Guest

    comedk uget

    my score is coming out to be 90...can u plz plz lt me knw if ramaiah or rv or pes is a possibility??plz...wasn't d paper this year much tougher thn before
  10. piyush

    piyush Guest

    my rank

    hii sir my no in comedk is 57,{16 in chem,17 in physics,24 in maths} my rank is....... ? pleases tell me
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my name is anand can u plz tell how to see comedk cutoff raking
  12. i think urs should be 28000 approximately.............
  13. hey dddddddddddddddddddddddkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
    i think urs rank should be around 28000 approximately.............................
    i hav given ur answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz giv the answer of my question??????????????????
  14. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii piyyyyyyyyyyyyush!
    i think urs rank should be around 25000 approximately........
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz giv the answer of my question???????????????????
  15. pradyumna

    pradyumna Guest

    plzz reply soon...

    hello comedk rank dis yr is 15,363 dis rank wud i get in BIET(bapuji institute of tehcnolgy) in mechanical branch???wich r da oder gud colgs lyk BIET in wich i wud get in mechanical branch??plzz reply sooon...
  16. comedk rank

    i aspect my score is 103.plz sir say about my rank
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my score is around 90 can i get electronics or cs in a good college if yes then lz tell the details plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    how many seats for non karnatakans in comedk 09????
  19. ashutoshdgr8

    ashutoshdgr8 Guest

    comedk answers

    were si u gt d answers of comedk?? cal ur self???
  20. ashutoshdgr8

    ashutoshdgr8 Guest


    i hav got 75 in comed k 2009 pcm

    cn ny 1 tell me d rank tht wl gt??
    ??? :?
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    sir i m expecting 95+ marks in comedk pls say my rank
  22. harshita92

    harshita92 Guest

    comedk 09

    hey i m getting 45 in comedk 09,can i gt admission in any gud college........n wat will b my rank approx.

    plzzzz any1 help me out...........plzzzzzz
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my score is 101 ...... wat can be my rank???
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    COMEDK 2009 result is not yet published - How is it that people are giving their score in comedk?
  25. tanmai

    tanmai Guest

    dude u can check ur marks on the net....
    im gettin 64...will i get admission in rv or pesit?
  26. cutoff

    my score is 74 can you please tell me the rank,can i get bit,bms,dayanand sagar or ramaih in eee branch,please tell me soon
  27. kaushik_89

    kaushik_89 Guest

    hiiiiiiii aashutosh........
    on 75 ur rank will b around 9000....
    but ur rank may improve dis yr as d no of applicants hv reduced drastically hope 4 d best..... :) :)
    best of luck..... :lol:
  28. anchit

    anchit Guest


    hi my name is anchit n i have secured 78 in comedk exam pla can anyone tell me if i can get eee in msrit or pesit
  29. aps m23

    aps m23 Guest

    my rank is 22,000+ in comed...can i get ne colg in b'lore...???
    if yes..then in which colg...???
    plz HELP..!!!
  30. information

    i got 100 marks in pcm i much rank we got in 2009. :) :( :eek: :lol:
  31. justin

    justin Guest

    wil i get civil in a gud coll in bangalore with 57 marks

    wil i get civil in a gud coll in bangalore with 57 marks
  32. panki

    panki Guest

  33. aAmMaAnN

    aAmMaAnN Guest


    ??? :eek: 8) :arrow: :idea:
  34. amlit

    amlit Guest

    hello sir... my score in comedk is 67 ... can i get IT in some gud college........
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    sir ....i secured64 in comedk.....plzzz tel me....enough to get gud rank..n plzz tel me wat will b my rank..approximately
  36. subhraneel

    subhraneel Guest

    i got 50 in pcm & 58 in pcb how much rank should i get
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

  38. i got 87 in pcm....wht is my probable rank? wt is d hyest ds yr?
  39. comedk

    my rank is 6825 in comedk 2010 which coll is suitable fo me with chem branch. ans plz................

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