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    Very Urgent

    ComedK 2009 First Round Will be in April.

    Next J.S.S.DENTAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, MYSORE. (Deemed University)
    DC10 (Comed K College Code ) Will have Separate Counciling.

    Please Refer Below Web Site and Apply for Seat.

    website jssonline

    Even though Fees is 4.26 Lac it is worth investing as it has good facilities, and also it is Deemed University with ISO Certified.

    It is Karnataka's Top 4 College After AB Shetty, SDM, Bapuji

    To apply with COMEDK PG 2009 Score card to JSS UNiversity Before 15th March 2009.

    Nobody is Ready to Apply So, Guys Hurry Up .

    Above info Got By Mine Friend from Bangalore.

    All the Best Guys
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    website is www,jssonline,org

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    i have heard AB Shetty College which has got 50 mds seat has Become Deemed and it is not participating in comed pg from this year ?
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    Regarding AB Sheety And JSS College

    Yes AB Shetty is Deemed so this Year Comed K Will Have Around 25 Less Seats, Hence i said to Apply to JSS Dental College.
    For Which You have to Apply Separatly with COMEDK Marks Card.
    Because JSS Dental College Will have Separate Counciling and they will not charge Extra Fees (Like other COMED K Colleges) Apart from Mentioned Fees.

    So i Personally prefer JSS College.
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    hi i am from JSS . let me tell you seats are booked i have booked a seat myself only some seats mostly non clinical are available. with only 30 seats total. there is JSS quota, institute preference, NRI , management quota . after all this few non clinical seats remain. dont waste your money guys. rest is up to you .
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    About JSS

    Many College take More Fees than Specified so insted of Opting that JSS is a good bet i feel
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    thank u jss student for enlightning us but booking seats is not fair at all i hope all d deserving candidates including me to get seat..
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    RGUHS PGET Counselling

    Anyone's got any clue on when the seat selection / counselling for RGUHS PGET is scheduled? I have tried calling up the university but that has been of no use.
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    i agree booking seats is not fair , hope you get a good college in comedk.
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    What ever it is i will apply for Jss.
    thanks for giving details of website
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    hi yr does anyone know when the rguhs pgcet councelling is going to be
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    plz tell me what was the last selection rank last year

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