Completion of requisite training before registration

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by ann, Jul 27, 2004.

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    Completion of requisite training before registration
    Hi guys & gals,
    I have completed the required basic surgical training before registration and even before appearing in the part I MRCS. Now one of the regulation says that , Intern and pre registration training is not acceptable. Can anyone comment on this? I called the information section of Edinburgh, and a lady said that I am eligible. But I am still confused.
    Someone please clarify, thanx in advance.
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    :twisted: U dont need any BST for MRCS1
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    Gili,I've met u sumwher b4 :wink: !But what u hav said is partially currect!!While appearing for ur MRCS-1,either u need to have started BST or on the verge of doing so!!
    5.1 It is recommended that candidates do not enter Part 1 until they have commenced their Basic Surgical Training and completed their first year’s training. They are also strongly recommended to attempt Part 1 before Part 2. (However, candidates should note that they will have 3½ years in which to complete all parts of the examination dating from their first attempt at Part 2. This regulation applies even if they choose to sit Part 2 before Part 1.)[/url]

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