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    A child has operated for intussusception. He underwent rsection of affected ileal segment which revealed a tumor. most likely tumor would be?
    A) Lymphoma
    B) Villous adenoma
    C) Carcinoid
    D) smooth muscle tumor

    which of the following has most variable anatomy?
    A) right colic artery
    B) middle colic artery
    C) left colic artery

    nerve root of dermatome supplying thumb and index finger:
    A) C6, C6
    B) C6, C7

    Vaginal epithelium is deriverd from?
    A) mesoderm of urogenital sinus
    B) endoderm of urogenital sinus

    Sternocleidomastoid is supplied by all except:
    A) occipital artery
    B) posterior auricular artery
    C) thyrocervical trunk
    D) superior thyroid artery

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