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    1.Say to examiner: i will make sure env is safe 4 me to approach pt
    2.Time is 2:30.
    3.Approach pt and kneel to him.Place one hand on eithr shoulder and say Are u alrtight twicw one after other ear
    4.Say as pt is not responsive : shout for Help thrice in 3 directions.
    5.Open airway and look for f.b
    6head tilt , chin lift look listen feel for 10 secs and count out loud .
    7 As pt not breathing call 999
    tell who u rname etc
    where u are
    wat happened
    time and ur dress
    ask to act cardiac crash team
    ask to repeat
    8.Go to pt give 30 compressions 2 f.b aove costal margin
    9.Head tilt,chin lift, nose pinch
    10.2 rescue breaths over 1 to 2 seconds looking at chest to see rise and allow to fall.
    Again do compressions and keep on continuing

    pls if any one can tell me that do we have to circulation at any time or not?
    secondly in children same protocol except that call for help after 1 min or resussitation?
    and thirdly the old protocol should be folowed for infants with 5:1 compression and vent?

    pls if anyone knows all this then answer my quesrries.

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