Cut-off point & QNS of MRCP1 Sept 12th 2006

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by Dr_Osama77, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Dr_Osama77

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    Hi all.. Good luck to all of you.. Any expected cut-off point for MRCP Part 1 Sept 12th 2006??
  2. halit2005

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    cut off point for mrcp1 september 2006

    may be it would be 64 the cut off point for 12th september 2006 mrcp part1 exam, what do u think?
  3. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp 12 september 2006

    hello, how are you dr.osama 77, what do u think could be the cut point for mrcp 12 september 2006?
  4. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Sorry for being late..

    Yeah I agree with you halit2005. It will be higher than the previous 2 exams. up to 65% i think!
  5. halit2006

    halit2006 Guest

    mrcp 12 9 06

    hi dr osama 77, how did you find the exam?

    when you think the results can be declared?

    thanks alot hope tohear from yuo soon
  6. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Hi halit2006,

    Well, I think the exam was average! I'm sure that It was easier than the two previous exams.. but many questions are new and tricky!

    I hate that, but you know, any one can granttee that he can score 50-55% but still no one can be sure that he will pass untill the results appear, especially if the pass mark is higher than the previous 2 exams!

    They changed their stategy this time.. See, no questions on specificity no questions on sensitivity! All previous high yeild questions didn't work this time!! but still these new questions are easier than before.

    I was laughing during the exam! I was really surprized with new questions.

    here is my recalls!
  7. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    1. Pt e typhoid. She wants to continue breast feeding, Rx? Cipro, chloramphenicol, (C) ceftriaxone
    2. What antiemetic acts by inhibiting neurokinin?
    3. Statistics: Confidence interval 95%, Power 80%, what's the probability to get type 1 error?
    4. ECG feature to exclude LVH?
    5. Underwent pneumanectomy 2 years ago, what's reduced in PFT? (C) TLCO
    6. Quinine overdose 3 hrs ago, how to increase elimination? (C) Repeated-dose charcoal
    7. Mech of action of intimib in CML? (C) inhibit tyrosine kinase
    8. Screening of hemochromatosis? ferritin, (C) transferrin
    9. Upper lobe bronchiectasis, diagnosis? (C) ABPA
    10. Somatostatin Mech of action?
    11. ttt of tremors in parkinsonism? (C) bezhexol
    12. Mother with a child who has heart block, antibodies? (C) anti Ro
    13. Pt given carbemazepine. two weeks later you increase the dose, y? (C) Auto-induction
    14. Past Hx of rubber exposure, present with hematuria, Dx? hypernephroma, (C) Transitional cell Ca
    15. Pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathy in diabetes? (C) accumulation of sorbitol
    16. ECG with ventricular pause 3.6", treatment? (C) ICD
    17. Statistics: Normal distribution, what's the probability to get values above mean + 2SD? (C) 2.5%
    18. Pt e palpitations...found normal and reassured..last year he insisted he had cancer despite all normal findings...dx?
    19. Pt had amnesia for 1 week then recovered.. during attack complty consciuos and oriented, dx? transient global amnesia
    20. Psychotic one complaining of itch and something crawling on her body and coming from her umbilicus and nostrils...partner unaffected..she has collected some in a matchbox....what would be the finding under microscpe? (C) squamous debris
    21. A case of autoimmune hepatitis she had very high IgG
    22. Post MI pt...came for checkup...ventricular aneurysm was daignosed...drug to be added or replaced? warfarin in place of aspirin
    23. Gonorrhea, treatment? no ceftriaxone, (C) cipro
    24. Pt sees halos and acute eye? (C) glucoma, may be uveitis but i can't remeber ciliary findings
    25. Propranolol poisoning, given atropine no response, next? (C) Glucagon
    26. Q on mice in genetics??!!
    27. Migraine not responding to analgesics, every 2 months attack, ttt? (C) sumatriptan
    28. Mech of action of NAC in paracetamol poisoning? (C) replenish glutathione
    29. Peanut butter allergy, IgE normal, what to do next? (C) nothing
    30. Common peroneal nerver, sensory dermatome? (C) dorsum of foot
    31. A question of surgery, pain on resisted hip abduction? trochanteric bursitis
    32. Drug to decrease peripheral resistence? procylin, endothelin
    33. Pt e IHD on many drugs, takes cranberry, what drug interacts with canberry? amiodarone, simvastatis, frusemide, b blocker, carbamazepine
    34. Cisplatin side effect? (C) nephropathy
    35. Aciclovir mech of action? the one in kumar is not there but (C) inhibit DNA polymerase
    36. Respitatory changes during pregnancy?
    37. Pt on haloperidol, what feature to support neuroleptic malignant syndrome? (C) rigidity
    38. Olsalazine side effect? (C) watery diarrhea
    39. Prolong remission in UC? choosed elimentary diet but correct is 5-ASA i don't remember if it was there
    40. Pt with dermatitis herpitiformis, on biopsy what antibodies present? (C) IgA
    41. Nursing home, vomiting and diarhea, gave a table with number of new cases. start from day 2 peak day 4 no new cases after day 8, cause? may be rotavirus
    42. Oral pigmentation, presented with rectal bleeding, diagnosis? crohns, UC, colorectal Ca (i though of petz juger and choose CRC)
    43. BRCA2, what cancer? no breast (C) ovary
    44. HEF2 gene, what cancer her sister will develop? (C) breast
    45. Peptic ulcer by endoscopy, no culture or malignancy, what to give? (C) oral omeprazole
    46. Q on malignant melanoma!!
    47. Q on paget? normal Ca and P but high ALP
    48. pt e B12 def, what is expected? (C) high LDH
    49. Q on behcet, oral ulcer + thrombophelibitis
    50. Q on vertigo, related to movement but no hearning loss, dx? begnign postural
    51. Pt hypotensive e vitiligo, what to give? (C) hydrocortisone
    52. another Q on addison, Ix? (C) short synacthn
    53. Q of carcinoid synd, flushing, diarhea, hepatomegaly, TR
    54. Pt e typical insulinoma then confirmed, what ix? (C) MRI
    55. Underwent peptic ulcer surgery long ago, now has diarrhea and bloating, o/e sensory neuropath, diagnosis? (C) bacterial overgrowth
    56. Typical infectious mononucleosis but platelet 15. what to do? steriods
    57. Easy brusing on warfarin, INR high, what to do? Vit K only
    58. Pt e leukemia, transfered with many platelets, now developed antibodies, what to give next? washed platelet, radiated platelet
    59. Pt e neuro signs and hemolytic anemia (typical TTP), best management? (C) Plasma exhange
    60. Pt given heparin and warfarin, 3 days later INR 2.5, APTT 49 (NR upt 50). Dr ask him to continue heparin 2 more days because there is risk of thrombosis. y? inhibition of protien C
    61. Indication for surgery in Ao stenosis? (C) symptomatology
    62. Side effect of Na valpoate? (C) tremor
    63. Mech of action of aledronate? (C) inhibit osteoclast function
    64. Cocaine abuse, high BP, what to give? phenoxybenzamine
    65. Asthma, diagnosis? (C) PEFR
    66. mild COPD, what to expect in PFT? the answer i know (FEV1 50-80%) wasn't there
    67. Testicular faminization syndr, what's correct? (C) female appearance & female genitalia
    68. what ttt aggrevated grave's ophthalmopathy? (C) radioiodine
    69. Acromegaly, Ix? (C) glucose tolerance test
    70. started anti-TB e stridor? (C) prednisolone
    71. Father had disease at 51, he had disease at 40, he's 2 year duagther is affected now, phenomenon? (C) anticipation
    72. BNP? (C) comes from the venticles
    73. Q on derma described kerratin plugs in follicules? (C) Discoid LE
    74. First-order kinitic, half-life 2 hours, when to get 1/8 of concentration? (C) 6 hrs
    75. Diplopia when looking to left, cover one eye inner image disappear, cover the other outer image disappear, which muscle? Rt medial rectus, Lt lateral rectus
    76. Pt had influenza then developed pneumonia, organism? (C) staph aureus
    77. Supraclavicular lymph node 1 year, acrocyanosis 6 months, 2 month ago had pnuemonia, diagnosis? Mycoplasma, (C) non Hodgkin's
    78. DIP arthritis, diagnosis? (C) psoriasis
    79. Recurrent abortion + DVT? (C) Anticardiolipin antibodies
    80. It seems like ankylosing spondylitis, most useful investigation? (C) sacroiliac X-ray
    81. Kaposi's sarcoma, etiology? (C) HHV-8
    82. Drug causing cholestasis? (C) flucloxacillin
    83. Why they changed the screening age from 20 to 25 years in cervical Ca?
    84. Meningitis...signs of raised ICP? Bradycardia
    85. MI....Thrombolysis fails, what to do next? PTCA
    86. Status epilepticus, you are in a small hospital with only cardiac monitoring...Treatment? Phenytoin
    87. Boy with head injury showing lucid interval and now deteriorating....diagnosis? Extradural
    88. Malignant htn....treatment? Nitruprosside
    89. primary pneumothorax...50%....treatment? Aspiration
    90. HRT...most compelling convincing indiacation?
    91. Bronchial ca.....SVC obstruction...treatment urgent? radiotherapy
    92. new onset atrial fib......which treatment will decrease risk of stroke in next 48 hrs?
    93. H/o some vegetative tea ingestion....Goitre with normal TFTs but myeloperoxidase +ve, diagnosis? Hashimoto's
    94. Prolactinoma with suprasellar extension+field defects? Bromocriptine
    95. which feature is not suggestive of IBS? wakening due to pain at night
    96. Infective endocarditis in na old man with H/O altered bowel habits, organism? strep bovis
    97. Old woman with raised Lymph 16000 on CBC before Hip surgery, no previus history, what to do? nothing
    98. Investigation for PSC? ercp
    99. Relapsing multiple sclerosis....What treatment? interferon
    100. Pt in ICU, got pneumonia, likely organism? MRSA
    101. Pulmonary hypertension for 2 months, heart sound abnormality? loud S2
    102. Q on vWD.

    I still don't know when the results will appear. I made a phone call to the RCP but they didn't mentions anything about Part 1 results!

    best wishes to all of you...
  8. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Good news! results will be declared on 9th of october!
  9. halit2005

    halit2005 Guest

    mrcp 1 12 09 06

    hi dr osama 77, u think the result can be declared before 9/10/2006?

    how do u expect the cut off point for this exam?

    hope to hear from u soon

    thanks alot for participation
  10. saleemas

    saleemas Guest

    84-Menigitis --gives fever -tachycardia--IC MASS --shows bradycard---so i went w VOMITING
  11. please can you specify how you determined the cot off percentage for MRCP september 2006 exam :?:
  12. Dr_Osama77

    Dr_Osama77 Guest

    Expectations!! According to exam difficulty :p
  13. congratulations for all who passed. Moving on to the exciting part two's.............good luck
    Please continue to provide your valuable advice to pass part one

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