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    hi everybody.

    does anyone know the genesis of anacrotic and dicrotic notch in the pulse wave form?
    some say the anacrotic notch is because of the closure of the aortic valve after LV contraction --- fine . but what about the dicrotic notch?

    thanks in advance.
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    good question

    if you dont know the answer of this simple point, well, you dont deserve a PG seat .sorry.
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    Pulse !!


    In a normal pulse there is a dicrotic wave and this is not palpable ....... it can be estimated by instrumentation(if any one needs to know more about dicrotic wave......please tell.... we will then go in for a detailed discussion)

    Dicrotic Pulse

    This is the second small wave (dicrotic or diastolic wave) following the peak of main wave in a pulse. (What we feel is actually an exagerration of a normal phenomenon). But this dicrotic pulse is physiologically not palpable and It may be found in debilitaing fevers, dehydration, severe congestive failure secondary to dilated cardiomyopathy, tamponade, low output state after aortic valve replacement for AR i.e. in conditions of low stroke output accompanied by peripheral Vasodilation

    Anacrotic Pulse

    Ana = Up
    Crotos = Beat

    When a small wave is felt in the up stroke ( analogous to the dicrotic wave of the dicrotic pulse) the pulse is called anacrotic. The anacrotic peak is due to thepercussion wave (early systolic wave) of theventricular systole transmitted through the stenosed valve in Aortic Stenosis
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    We can normally quite easily identify the dicrotic notch from the arterial waveform, but how do we identify them if we are using a computer to detect these notch.

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    Re: good question

    that was pretty snobby...if you think the ques is not upto ur standards jus go another post man...u have no reason to snub others!!!hope u get my point.
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    pulse question critics

    That was very unrealistic. You can not judge anybody from a single weak point....This is very sad when you think that someone should not deserve PG seat because he/ she does not know detail about pusle. What happens to reserved class people who don't even know the full form of MBBS...???They get seat in orthopedics, suegery, radiology and other higher branches...Please deliver your critics in preventing these things happening to our country and our bright students ....and not in critisising on someone who wants to learn and admitt their weak areas.....

    I hope you can learn something from this.....
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    the dicrotic notch is caused by closure of the aortic valve
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    From what I learned in my A&P class, the dicrotic notch can be seen on the aorta pressure curve...when the valves close, you get a deflection, or small peak in the curve due to that closing.
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    Dicrotic notch is due to the elastic recoil of the aorta.
    Anacrotic notch happens in AS.
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    DDI index(Dicrotic Dilation Index)-indicator of small artery compliance

    DEI index(Dicrotic Elastic Index)-Peripheral vessel elasticity (arterioles to veins)

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