difference between mrcp ireland and mrcp uk

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by dr.siddique, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. dr.siddique

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    Is there any difference between the value of mrcp uk and ireland? should a person prefer any one of those? which exam u find is more difficult when comparing both?
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    Honeslty i found the Irish part more difficult but the Irish questions were much more wonderful than the UK part ( this is for part I ) .
  3. dr siddique

    dr siddique Guest

    thanx very much for your prompt reply. could u please tell me people who have done mrcp irel and the people who have done mrcp uk stand at the same level. is any qualification superior to the other one? and if i do mrcp uk part 1, can i do my training in Dublin is there any hosp accepted by the NHS there at Dublin? or i have to come to uk for this?
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    dea dr siddique.....i appeared in both the UK and Irish parts ....both are the same regarding the final qualification and diploma impact .
    yet the irish part is more expensive than the Uk one...and the irish question format is different also by having a true false format in paper one....Regarding the job opportunity ...remember that the mrcp part I and II are NOT degrees and u have not yet finished all parts so will not affect the job opportunity.......but if you would you like to get a clincal attachement in Ireland ,they prefere those having mrcpi part i and preparing for the part II written ..
    please contact me again for any query .
    Good luck
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  6. al saraaj

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    i think its much easier to find an SHO job in ireland .. not sure if the same story applies for a registrar post though!

    does any one know where can i find good questions to practice the slides that you get in the MRCPI, part one?
  7. dr.siddique

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    Dear Dr. O A,
    thanx for your reply. One thing is still not clear in my mind, could u pl tell me: suppose i am living in ireland, but i want to take mrcp 1 uk, and i pass it, could i complete my trainging in ireland before appearing in mrcp2? i mean to say NHS is not there in ireland. could uk accept my training in ireland for mrcp2uk? or i have to come to uk for training purpose?
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    dear dr siddique...honestly i did not understand your point ....do you want to work in UK then to get the MRCP, or to get the MRCP first to increase your opportunity of getting a job ,or to get an asylkem ..etc....please elaborate ..or if you prefere to be a private thing ...please pm me.
    thank you
  9. dr siddique

    dr siddique Guest

    I am sorry for the confusion. Actually I have an oppurtunity to go to Ireland and stay overthere for a few years.But i always preferred uk to do any postgraduation study,i am in uk now but unemployed. I want to be clear, if before moving to ireland i take mrcp1uk, and then i move to ireland, could i complete my training over there and then come back to take mrcp2? or i must appear in mrcp1 ireland if i intend to do training overthere. I just want to be sure does a trainging post in ireland equally recognised by uk for mrcp uk or it would be useless? so that i simply could think for mrcp ireland. Although i wanted to do mrcp uk.
  10. basheer

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    scope in ireland or uk

    a.o.a dear doc my qs might not b relevent to ur discussion but i am posting this msg with hope that inshallah u'll ans me. I am fellow of college of physicians and surgeons pakistan in paediatrics so i am exempted from part I of MRCP IRELAND .My query is what i smy future in uk or ireland if i come after clearing part II or if i come before doin so.I'll b looking forward to ur guidance
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    dear dr siddique
    no need to work in proven medical centers to appear in the mrcp uk or ireland .
    you just need to pass 1.5 year from your graduation date to appear in part I in both and 2.5 years for the clinical one.
    If you are non employed since graudation ( for any reason...say immigration or asylum etc ) ....i would suggest e mailing the colleges for this topic.
    Good luck
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    what is better
  13. dr siddique

    dr siddique Guest

    dear dr. OA,
    Many thanx for your reply, i have made it clear in my mind now. What i have seen at the MCP uk site is that they dont need training for MRCP1 and MRCP2 but they do require about 18month experience on training posts for PACES. Is it so?and if it is do you know any hospital names in Ireland whose training is accepted by the NHS when one is ready for PACES?
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    dear dr. siddique.....you dont need to work or undergo training in a large approved center ...again, you just need to pass the 1.5 year duration after graduation to be eligible to enter the mrcp part 1 both uk and ireland .i would suggest first reading well and well for the theory part and dont distract your thoughts towards the paces from now.
    good luck
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    Sir Iam a canadian citizen and passed ECFMG,MCCE and MCCQE-1 from canada I have MRCP PART-1 G.Med its going to be expired in sep 2009 Now lam thinking to move Ireland to get SHO job what is your advise ,Is it easy to get or do Ihave to appear in any exam
  16. kidsdoc

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    ? mrcpch more difficult ?

    Dear all,

    I have moved here to the UK and not working at the moment. But I have done my fellowship back home, and have had work exp. there.

    1) Just heard that MRCPCH is much more difficult than MRCP Ireland, and has a much lower pass percentage. Comments please....

    2) Also, I want to know if MRCP Ireland will be considered an equivalent degree to MRCPCH in the job scenario.

    3) Can MRCPCH Clinical be taken without work experience in the UK? I plan to do just clinical attachments for now, and apply for work after I am done with the entire exam.

    Thanks for all help.
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  18. scullyplt

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    dear dr OA i am a dr from Malaysia and have 4 years of working experience which 2 and half years from surgery but i intend to changed fields and do the MRCP Ire and go to IR..however jsut wondering if i need to pass the PRESS to be able to work in Ir? if i have MRCP 1 and intending to sit for 2 could i get into their specialization programme in ireland?

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