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    hello.. I am doing my internship now and wish to do diploma in skin.. but i am not sure if DVD Skin is MCI recognised or if i do CPS in Skin what i'll have to do further so that i can practice in other states.. plz help me out. m totally confused.
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    You must have a degree that is recognized by MCI, because a Diploma alone is not enough nowadays.Besides, the CPS Diploma in Skin is not recognized even by MOHFW!

    The best option for you will be to do your FCPS in Dermatology, either directly or after Diploma.Of course, you'll have to do 4 unregistered posts in any of the 4 major teaching hospitals(JJ, KEM, Nair, Sion) in Mumbai, to get MCI recognition.

    As FCPS Dermatology is recognized by MOHFW, you can appear for DNB Final in Dermatology rightaway.So even if you don't clear DNB exam for whatever reasons, you have at least got your FCPS degree with you!

    Dr.Asha J.Paidhungat.
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    FCPS in Skin after Diploma will b MCI recog right..

    Hello Maam... thanks for helping me.. So if i do Diploma in skin n then FCPS( how many months course is it) it'll be MCI recognized then right? At present am totally confused so as to which's better Diploma in Radio or Skin. thinking abt doing Diploma in Skin n later spcl in cosmetology. I don how the course duration of splc in cosmetology. Basically m looking into something which isn't hectic.. plz guide me..
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    Dermatology is a less hectic branch with very good prospects, even if you don't go in for Cosmetology!Its recognized by IMC Act of 1956 as per the circular dated 15.10.2004, given on MOHFW Website!

    Radiology certainly has better prospects but one has to invest a lot in place, equipments & personnel .So it is usually done in partnership or one works in a hospital for that branch.

    Dr.Asha J. Paidhungat.
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    helllo maam... so if i do diploma in skin n then FCPS it'll b MCI recognised n I'll b able to practice out of maharashtra right?? a bit confused regarding this aspect so asking again.... because doing DNB for 3yrs n with low success rate.. m not sure abt it.
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    FCPS Dermatology can be done either directly or after diploma, but as diploma alone is not enough, nor is it recognized even by MOHFW, you'll have to at least do FCPS to practice anywhere in India.It will take you 3 years totally, after registration with CPS.

    If you wish, you can certainly do DNB additionally, because that has got more weightage, both nationally & internationally.

    Dr.Asha J.Paidhungat.
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    hello maam... i guess it's better to do FCPS in dermat directly then. Maam where can i get info regarding the colleges providing this FCPS in dermat course? does it have any entrance exam or such? if u have any info or contact no regarding the FCPS admissions plz do let me know.
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    i was talking to one of my collegues who said the success rate in clearing FCPS is very less.. If it has a entrance then how should i prepare for it maam?
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    You'll have to find a teacher from the CPS list & do 4 unregistered terms in any of the 4 teaching hospitals in mumbai(JJ, KEM, Nair, Sion).You'll be attending their lectures in CPS building itself for 1 year(about 60 lectures)& will have to submit a thesis as well.The total duration of FCPS is 3 years.

    The passing rate of FCPS is quite comparable to that of MD/MS in the concerned branch.I've been an examiner for FCPS Medicine on several occasions, before I retired from BMC in 2002. I suppose that it must be similar in other branches too.

    Dr.Asha J.Paidhungat.
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    Hello Maam.. thanks for giving me the required info. If FCPS is of 3yrs duration then i guess it's better to do MD dermatology directly. will try to get info abt the MD skin seat then.lets c.. thanks a lot for your help maam.
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    diploma in dermatology
  12. RR

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    diploma or certificare course.....

    hi. i am doing bhms. i m an intern. can anyone help me wat are the courses that can help me as i m inteested in dermat and cosmetology..
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    P G diploma in dermatology

    hello, i am doing internship after compleat B.U.M.S. and i want to diploma in dermatology . can i do it, how and where
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    hello madam..m an ayurveda student... doin my intrnshp...few days left to finish..
    cn i do dip. in dermat?
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    The information given by you is quite informative and guiding.
    I appreciate. But recently i've heared that all FCPS courses from these colleges have been removed due to some reasons?
    I'm a CPS DDV student, so what next for me?
    Please guide.
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    MCI has recommended all CPS courses for derecognition & their website displays-Admissions stopped!

    However FCPS is recognized by MMC so you can practice in Maharashtra. Its equivalent to MD as far as private practice goes!

    Please check with NBE about the position of the following CPS courses as they're still approved as per MOHFW website!
    Diploma:DGO,DCH, DCP
    Degree(FCPS):Medicine, Surgery, OBGY, Patho, Dermat, Ophthalmology.

    DVD is not recognized by MOHFW, but FCPS Dermatology is recognized by them! Perhaps you may be allowed to directly appear for DNB Final after FCPS Dermatology!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    what is the duration of this course. & what is the cost How i can do it.
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    hello mam, i just wanted to know what to go for:- whether i should go for DNB (TB chest) or DNB (Medicine). Please do reply?
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    hello mam, myself from assam. i took admission in MD DERMATOLOGY IN ASSAM MEDICAL COLLEGE in dibrugarh this year. plz guide me about jobs which i can do aftr passing out. also mam what r the future prospects in venerology

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