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    What would be the fee structure for these courses.

    I am planning to write NBE CET this June 2009 and join one of reputed hospitals in Hyderabad. However I am bit worried about the fees that I am y have to pay. Cause I come from a middle class family. Asha Madam can you pls let me know what would be the fees for DNB courses (for 3 yrs)... Will this fee structure be same irrespective of the specialisation I take or is it otherwise. Awaiting your response
  2. DNB courses


    NBE has kept standard fees of Rs.50,000 per year for DNB residency, if quarters are provided & Rs.40,000 per year if quarters are not provided. The fees are same for all courses.

    Its a good idea to do a plain post in the meanwhile.

    Dr.Asha Paidhungat.
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    DNB Forms are now available for download.

    But what the hell just go thru the Pdf for the banks where you have to buy those 3500rs slip and my god mistakes?

    i guess DNB people hired a 5 year old to write that .

    Not one city has been spelled correctly !
  4. how 2 join dnb

    i m a medical officer in u.p /
    want 2 do dnb.
    what is the procedure 2 join it//
  5. DNB courses

    Hello Kamna,

    You'll have to pass DNB-CET first, so apply for it immediately.

    The exam is on 14th June 2009 & last day for submission of forms is 9th March.Forms can be downloaded from NBE website & DD of Rs.3500 has to be made on NBE's name, payable at Delhi.

    If you're applying as an in-service candidate, you'll have to get signature of your Superintendent, who is in charge of all medical officer's duties.

    Dr.Asha Paidhungat.
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    Dear Dr. Asha,

    I'm planning to take up the DNB exam in June. But the problem is I don't have my permanent registration, yet. My temporary is due in a week, is what the college authorities have promised. Is my temporary number, enough? Or, I need the permanent registration.
    Or, can I apply, because I'm sure before the date of the exam I will have my permanent registration number.

    Also, I'm planning to take DNB Radiology, here in Chennai. What do you think will be the best training centre for developing the best skills.

    Eagerly awaiting your reply.
    Thank you.

    Dr. Waseem
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    hi dr.asha
    i wanted to ask exactly what dr.waseem has asked.as i m about to complete my internship,i can only give my temporary reg no,but i am sure ill get the permanent reg no by mid of april.i have appeared for other entrances with the temporary reg no,it was not objected ,so i dont think so its a issue,but still eager to get it clarified :!:
  8. DNB-CET


    Its not clear whether you'll be finishing internship by 9th March 2009, the last day for submission of application forms!If you're not completing it by then, you're not eligible for the DNB-CET!

    In DNB-CET bulletin, they've clearly mentioned that MCI/SMC permanent registration is the eligibility criterion for CET exam!

    In the past, I was told by some candidates that NBE had accepted their forms with provisional registration, since they had finished internship & permanent registration usually takes a few months to come!However, I really don't know what's the policy now, if they'll still accept such forms!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    hello Dr. Asha;
    I have downloaded the form for CET-09 but I am confused how to pay the the examination fees ; as listed bank is not in my city ;and if I have to pay by D.D. of any centralized bank then to whom I should pay to (please provide name in detail)
    Thank you
  10. DNB CET 2009 Query : Application form

    Hi All,

    I have few doubts related to DNB form filling :

    1. Do we have to use our own outer envelope for sending the application form, inner envelope given and all the enclosures?

    2. My SBI bank branch in Delhi is not issuing a local DD, they have issued a banker's cheque. Will it work for this application?

    I couldn't find the answers in the prospectus or even by dialing the NBE office numbers.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    - Dr. V G Rao
    New Delhi
  11. Announcement:New format for registration of DNB trainee


    A new format has been posted on NBE website for registration of DNB trainees:-
    ANSARI NAGAR, MAHATMA GANDHI MARG, (RING ROAD), NEW DELHI - 110 029(Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India)

    1)NON-SCANNABLE APPLICATION FORMfor Registration as DNB Trainee - Application Form No.To be filled up for registration within one month of their joining as a DNB trainee.

    2)Format 1-9(for broad speciality & superspeciality)

    3)Annexures 1-12

    Those who are interested may please see post on NBE website urgently.

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    Hi madam i am new in this forum. It seems you have quite detailed knowledge of DNB.
    I am diploma anesthesia (mci recognised) i want to join DNB anesthesia in delhi.
    1.Is there any website which keeps tab of all the hospital application status.
    2. What is stipend in apollo delhi and gangaram.
    3.do the above said hospitals have exams for entry in secondary dnb
    4. Can i join in army base hospital if i later plan to go abroad
  13. dnb courses

    Hello thevicky,

    As you've done MCI-recognized Diploma, you can join DNB in August. Watch out for ads in leading newspapers-they start coming out in June!You'll have to apply to multiple places to be sure that you'll get a seat.

    The only hitch is that as per NBE rule, a Secondary DNB candidate can be taken only if the institute also has a Primary DNB candidate in the subject!

    Unfortunately, there's no single website which gives complete information but you can look up websites of individual institutes for these details!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    Thanx for the reply madam
    do u also know about the other questions i have posted . It will be very grateful especially about apollo delhi
  15. dnb courses

    Hello thevicky,

    I've heard that Sir Gangaram holds an OSCE/OSPE type of exam during interview for DNB.(Read Dr.Ananthakrishnan's review of it on google)
    Of course, as per NBE guidelines, an aptitude test of 20 marks is what's usually followe everywhere!

    Contact Army hospital telephonically, to apply for DNB.Their website has given the address & phone numbers.At interview you'll know if there's a bond which you've to fulfill!

    Stipend is as per NBE guidelines. DNB residents in Delhi get more stipend.

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    Dear Dr.Asha,

    I have finished my DNB (ENT) from a reputed private institute with very good surgical experience.

    I have not cleared my theory final in my first ataempt and preparing for a second attempt. I would be greatful if you could kindly answer the following queries:

    Is it legal to use "DNB Trained" as my qualifcation as i have completed my 3 years of surgical training in ENT?
    Can i practise privately and operate on ENT cases?
    Am i allowed to use "DNB Trained" as qualification in the insurance claim forms and is it legally acceptable?

    Thanks a lot,

  17. dnb courses


    If you have a Diploma in ENT, you can practice the subject even while you're waiting to clear DNB!However, without DNB degree, don't put up things like DNB-trained as it may get you in trouble!

    You can work in a hospital set up as senior ENT resident, as these 3 years of residency goes in your biodata.

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    hello asha mam,
    i've cleared dnb dec 2009 cet exam and interested in joining dnb paediatrics in bangalore..i'm very new to this forum and donot know any details regarding admission 2 dnb courses..pls tell me wen can i apply?wen will it b notified in newspapers?shortly the whole procedure of taking a dnb seat.......
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    i hav completed my dgo this year and i want to do dnb in obstt & gynae. in delhi. do i need to appear in written exams held by institutes separately? will i be assessed on all medical subjects or only on obstt & gynae? is it true that primary candidates are given preference over diploma pass candidates? hav notifications for this session come?

    thank you so much,


    regarding DNB CET exam

    Dear Asha Madam,
    I am presently working in UK since my internship in india many years ago as an SHO, trying to pursue my career in surgery. Now i am having second thoughts of coming back to india to do DNB instead. I have been looking through the website and forums to gather information, I still have few unanswered questions, hope you can help me, and guide me.

    Firstly, is there any age limit for appearing the DNB CET exams.
    i am presently a british citizen and is that going to change or effect the circumstances in anyway, i can revert back to indian citizenship if necessary.
    will we get any stipend during the 3 years of post graduation, do we have to pay upfront to any of the hospitals.
    how and when should we approach the accredited hospitals for the posts, will there be any sort of formal advertisement and interview for that or should we be contacting them directly after the examination results.
    I am based at vishakapatnam, so it would be nice to get into one of the hospitals in the region, but where do you think will the cutting experiance be better.are there any teaching hospitals that we can get into for the training purposes, or is it always the private sector.

    Thank you for the response in anticipation
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    Thanks for the information. Can you tell me the last date of dnb form? Is it available online? If yes then what is the site url?

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