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    Q):- Gartner's cyst arise from?

    ans:- 1- remnant of paramesonephric duct
    2 - remnant of mesonephric duct
    3 - cervix
    4 - vagina

    Q) Most common cause of vagnal bleeding in neonate?

    ans:_ 1) hormone withdrawal
    2) sarcoma botryoides
    3) birth trauma

    Q):- Hanging drop preparation used for?

    1)trichomonas vaginalis
    2)gardenella vaginalis
    3)candida albicans

    Q) dying declaration comes under?

    1) section 30
    2) section 32
    3) CrPC

    Q) Calculate BMI weight [snip] kg height is 175 cm

    1) 28

    2) 34

    4) 32

    Q) Earliest Ocular sign in acoustic neuroma?

    1) diploia

    2) ptosis

    3) loss of corneal sensation

    snow man sign sign seen in ?

    1) Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection

    2) TGA

    All are liquid except

    1. CO2
    2. N2O
    3. Cyclopropane
    4. ??
    Ans is 3

    Councilman bodies seen in

    1. Acute viral hepatitis
    2. Heart failure
    3. Wilsons
    4. Cirrhosis

    Ans is 1

    Q):_ Anaesthesia of choice in child with cyanotic heart disease?

    1) propofol

    2) ketamine

    degree of freedom in chi sq test with contigency 2*2?

    ie.. all r stored as liquid except

    complete cleft palate totally separated frm?
    4.all ???
    ans vomer

    cabot's ring in rbc?
    a)acqd hemolytic anemia
    d)after splenectomy

    all used in brachy therapy except?
    A)iridium 192
    b)cs 137

    linear accelerator produces?
    A)x rays
    b)beta rays
    c)gamma rays
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    oxytocin antagonist?? ans- atosiban

    mikulicz cells n russell bodies seen in?? ans- rhinoscleroma

    a person laughs to a joke, then suddenly loses tone of all muscles, diagnosis is? ans- cataPLEXY (not catalepsy)

    takayasu disease common in? ans- coeliac axis> coronaries

    "siffert katz" sign see in?? ans- blounts disease

    thrombocytopenia + eczema + immunodeficiency?? ans- wiskott aldrich

    marble bone disease?? ans- Osteopetrosis

    "nutmeg liver" seen in?? ans- CVC

    which drug can cause thorid dysfunction? ans- Amiodarone

    vibrio parahemolyticus seen in undercooked?? ans- shellfish

    chalazion all are true except?? ans- incision is made horizontally on eyelid

    common cause of death in PDA? ans- cardiac failure

    dying declaration is under? ans- sec 32 IEA

    Uveoparotitis seen in?? Ans- sarcoidosis

    Kawasaki disease all are true except? Ans- suppurative lymphadenitis

    enlargememnt of pituitary tumor after adrenalectomy is called?? ans- Nelson s syndrome

    Niemann pick disease deficiency of enzyme? Ans- Sphingomyelinase

    Most abundant extracellular ion? ans- sodium

    Misoprostol is analogue of ?? Ans- PGE1

    ecthyma gangrenosum caused by?? Ans- Pseudomonas

    Melanoma staging according to which classification?? Ans- Clark's

    All drain into coronary sinus except? Ans- Anterior cardiac veins

    Pain in breast cancer is due to infiltration of ? Ans- Inercostobrachial nerve

    Rituximab is antibody against? Ans- CD20

    all hav beta lactam ring except? Ans- Linezolid

    anti transglutaminase antibodies seen in?? Ans- Coeliac disease

    anti RNA antibodies seen in?? Ans- SLE

    Raynaud phenomenon seen in all except? Ans- Juvenile arthritis

    Which artery can be felt at anterior border of masseter?? Ans- Facial A.

    Lateral Medullary syndrome? Ans- Posterior inferion cerebellar artery

    most lateral cerebellar nucleus? Ans- Dentate

    Length of External auditory canal? Ans- 24 mm
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    following is the feature of schizophrenia...?
    1. it is the disorder of thinking
    2. it is spit personality
    3. it is due to emotional termile

    ans is ... 1. disorder of thought

    which is th typical intercoastal nerve...?
    1. 1st
    2. 2nd.
    3. 3rd
    4. 7th.

    what is defination of blindness according to who..?
    1. 1/60
    2. 3/60
    3. 6/60
    4. ??

    contents of adductor canal all except..?
    1. femoral artery
    2. femoral vein
    3. popliteal artery
    4. nerve to vastus medialis
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    heart failure cells stained by?

    vitreous is a dervative of?

    baby starts speaking sentence of few words at what age?

    interferon gamma secreted by?

    if the myopic power of eye is 1 dioptre and near vision point is 10 cm,then what is the power of accomodation?

    basis of division of anatomical segments of liver?

    most common site of spontaneous esophagous rupture?

    most common site of lodgement of foreign body in esophagous?

    post b/l adrenalectomy what syndrome occurs?

    satellite leison is seen in which eye ulcer?

    drug used in ovarian carcinoma?

    adriamycin toxicity is most specific in?
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    when a drug binds to the receptor and causes action opposite to that of agonist it is called ?
    1. antagonist
    2. agonist
    3. inverse agonist ..........answer

    a person presents with tense with haemorrhagih fluid and blister is at dermoepidermal junction diagnosis is ?
    1. pemphigoid ...........ans
    2. pemphigus vulgaris
    not able to recall other options sorry

    which of the following is not a bronchodialator ?
    1. b2 agonist
    2. methyxanthines
    3. steroids
    4. anticholinergic
    ipratropium is anticholinergic and is broncho dialator
    methylwanthine eg deriphylline which is bronchodialator
    b2 agonist is bronchodialator
    so the answer is steroid

    what is not found in hypothyroidism ?
    1. low t3
    2. high triglycerids
    3. low cholestrol
    in bhatia we were taught that hypothyroidism causes sec dyslipidemia and it is the one of the few sec dyslipidemias where the first lipid level to rise is cholestrol

    which of the following does not cause pulmonary htn?
    1.sickle cell anemia
    2. fenfluramine
    aleveolar hypovetilation is associated with pulmonary htn so i guess the answer shoud be hyperventilation
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    IF THERE ARE NO GI ISSUES AILIMENTRY CANAL ROUTE IS PREFERRED TO IV ROUTE SO WE ARE LET WITH RT And jejunostomy in case of coma rt usage may result in aspiration so i guess the jejunostomy is the answer
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    2. 5000 population , 50 have disease and 10 are fatal......what is case fatality.
    a. 1%
    b 2%
    c . 0.5%
    d 20 %

    10 OF THE DIED
    SO 10/50*100
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    1. convulsions during diarrhea becoz of ? na, k , cl , ca ?
    2. which has no effect on osteoporosis or something like that ? progesterone.
    3. rickets ? alk phos increase.
    4 . petechia in scurvy ?
    5 vitamin not def in ceolic ? a, b12 , folic , iron
    6 . 2 questions on ecf { most important and most abundant}
    7. symport , import export , antiport. ?
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    1. complete mole ? 46xx
    2 . hydatiform mole ? theca-lutein cyst { becoz of presence of syntiotrophoblast and cyto trophjoblast and these are there in chotiocarcinoma....and so the ans.}
    3. colour of hemosiderin ? brown
    4. some question on skin colour ? chocolate brown , red , bright red , etc
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    1 . meralgia paresthetica ? forearm or leg ?

    Meralgia paraesthetica, or meralgia paresthetica

    and Bernhardt-Roth syndrome is numbness or pain in the outer thigh not caused by injury to the thigh, but by injury to a nerve that extends from the thigh to the spinal column.

    Able to create acute and disabling pain, it's sometimes referred to as "jeans disease", because sufferers are frequently females who wear hip hugger pants.

    This chronic neurological disorder involves a single peripheral nerve, namely the Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh (also called the Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve). The term meralgia paraesthetica comprises four Greek roots, which together denote "thigh pain involving anomalous perception."
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    earlIEST sign in acoustic neuroma ?..loss of corneal sensation...
    taste to ant 2/3 rd of tongue ? chorda tympani n.
    lateral geniculate - light--vision
    complete mole ? turner's syndrome....46x
    hydatiform mole ? theca-lutein cyst
    some question on skin infec in child 10 yrs age ..had some congenital infec.mom also had it.method of diagnosis .......?--IgE levels.....its a case of atopic dermatitis
    highest atomic no or smthin---radium ...222
    pregnant woman lacks which clottin factors or smthin?---ans.factor 9
    rheumatoid arthritis and pneumoconiasis = caplan
    neuroangiofibroma ioc-ct scan(contrast enh)
    fastest conducting fibres--purkinje (4m/s)
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    lyme's disease is caused by: a) B.recurrentis, b) B.burgdorferi **, c) leptospira, d)..

    not present in cerebral cortex: a) betz cell, b) basket cell, c) stellate cell, d) purkinje cell **

    IFN Y is secreted by: a) mucosal epithelial cell, b) leukocyte, c) CD4 T cell, d) fibroblast

    true about weber's syndrome is a/e: a) i/l ophthalmoplegia, b) c/l hemiplegia, c) cerebellar symptoms, d) c/l umn facial palsy

    4.true about weber's syndrome is a/e: a) i/l ophthalmoplegia, b) c/l hemiplegia, c) cerebellar symptoms, d) c/l umn facial palsy

    c) cerebellar symptoms,

    Weber's syndrome (superior alternating hemiplegia) is a form of stroke characterized by the presence of an oculomotor nerve palsy and contralateral hemiparesis or hemiplegia.
    1 Cause and presentation
    2 History
    3 References
    4 External links
    Cause and presentation

    This lesion is usually unilateral and affects several structures in the midbrain including:
    Structure damaged Effect
    substantia nigra contralateral parkinsonism because its dopaminergic projections to the basal ganglia innervate the contralateral hemisphere motor field
    corticospinal fibers contralateral hemiparesis and typical upper motor neuron findings
    corticobulbar tract difficulty with contralateral lower facial muscles and hypoglossal nerve functions
    oculomotor nerve fibers ipsilateral oculomotor nerve palsy with a drooping eyelid and fixed wide pupil pointed down and out. The oculomotor damage will likely lead to diplopia

    Human brainstem blood supply description. Posterior cerebral artery is #6, and midbrain is behind it.
    It is caused by midbrain infarction as a result of occlusion of the paramedian branches of the posterior cerebral artery or of basilar bifurcation perforating arteries.
    Weber's Syndrome has presented as a manifestation of decompression illness in a recreational scuba diver.
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    1)henoch schonlein purpura----which Ig deposition
    2)Waldenström Macroglobulinemia---which Ig seen
    3)malignant melanoma---which classification(clark)
    4)diseases caused by EBV
    5)which disease is not transmitted transplacentally
    6)components of partograph except
    7)endemic typhus caused by
    8)CD4 count 300 which causes pneumonia in a HIV pt
    9)which subtype of rickettsia causes fever
    10)shortest diameter of female pelvis
    11)withdrawal symptoms in an alchoholic except
    12)uses of propranolol except
    13)Rib notching is seen in all except
    14)where does the venous plexus of prostrate lie
    15)component of BCG vaccine
    16)Michaelis-Gutmann bodies seen in
    17)most common cause of pulmonary embolism
    18)neuron seen in cerebellum
    19)characteristics of weber syndrome except
    20)which hypoxia without cyanosis
    21)pitting of nails and hair scarring seen in
    22)which gas is not seen in green house effect but can cuase climatic changes
    23)which causes increase in insulin receptors
    24)which releases aflatoxin
    25)in which disease absent vagina
    26)first stage of puberty
    27)all conditions causes hypercalcemia except
    28)child 28 weeks gestation 950gms when should eye examination be done
    29)globet cells are seen in all except
    30)Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) all diseases are included except
    31)heart failure cells are stained by
    32)which cells sudden burst in seen in respiratory inflammation
    33)all are related to raynuads syndrome except
    34)polyps seen in
    35)caseating granuloma seen in all except
    36)amount of insensible fluid loss per day
    37)drugs given in parkinsonism are all except
    38)increase in TRH causes -------- to be released
    39)amenorrhea maintained during lactaion by
    40)all are true about calcium channel blockers except
    41)mechanism behind giving ethanol in ethylene glycol poisoning
    42)sickle cell gives resistance against
    43)man is intermediate host in
    44)anti HIV drug which can be used for both HIV AND TB together
    45)true about both warfarin and heparin
    46)true abt warfarin
    47)shortest acting insulin
    48)beta lactums which doesn't have a beta lactum ring
    49)extended beta lactum are resistant against
    50)wat do u infer from HbsAb +ve and HbcAb +ve and HbsAg -ve
    51)cabot ring seen in
    52)lobes of liver divided on basis of
    53)wat is definition of serial interval
    54)prophylaxis of meningitis
    55)Gartner's cyst arise from
    56)Most common cause of vagnal bleeding in neonate
    57)wat should be done if a baby is brought for 4 days of vaginal bleeding
    58)Hanging drop preparation used for
    59)dying declaration comes under
    60)medical negligence has a small part of wrong in the part of
    61)Calculate BMI
    62)Earliest Ocular sign in acoustic neuroma
    63)snow man sign sign seen in
    64)Councilman bodies seen in
    65)all are kept as gas form in cylinders except
    66)Anesthesia of choice in child with cyanotic heart disease
    67)degree of freedom in chi sq test with contingency 2*2
    68)complete cleft palate totally separated frm
    69)all used in brachy therapy except
    70)linear accelerator produces
    71)oxytocin antagonist
    72)mikulicz cells n russell bodies seen in
    73)a person laughs to a joke, then suddenly loses tone of all muscles, diagnosis is
    74)takayasu disease common in
    75)siffert katz sign see in
    77)marble bone disease
    78)nutmeg liver seen in
    79)which drug can cause thyroid dysfunction
    80)vibrio parahemolyticus seen in undercooked
    81)largest protozaon
    82)chalazion all are true except
    83)common cause of death in PDA
    84)Uveoparotitis seen in
    85)Kawasaki disease all are true except
    86)enlargememnt of pituitary tumor after adrenalectomy is called
    87)Niemann pick disease deficiency of enzyme
    88)Most abundant extracellular ion
    89)most abundant intracellar ion
    90)in a patient who is on fat free diet which is decreased
    91)Misoprostol is analogue of
    92)ecthyma gangrenosum caused by
    93)All drain into coronary sinus except
    94)Pain in breast cancer is due to infiltration of
    95)Rituximab is antibody against
    96)anti transglutaminase antibodies seen in
    97)anti RNA antibodies seen in
    98)Which artery can be felt at anterior border of masseter
    99)Lateral Medullary syndrome
    100)most lateral cerebellar nucleus
    101)Length of External auditory canal
    102)feature of schizophrenia
    103)typical intercoastal nerve
    104)definition of blindness according to who
    105)contents of adductor canal all except
    106)vitreous is a derivative of
    107)baby starts speaking sentence of few words at what age
    108)interferon gamma secreted by?
    109)if the myopic power of eye is 1 dioptre and near vision point is 10 cm,then what is the power of accomodation
    110)most common site of spontaneous esophagus rupture
    111)most common site of lodgment of foreign body in esophagus
    drug used in ovarian carcinoma are all except
    112)adriamycin toxicity is most specific in
    113)when a drug binds to the receptor and causes action opposite to that of agonist it is called
    114)a person presents with tense with hemorrhagic fluid and blister is at epidermo junction and IgG deposition diagnosis is ?
    115)blister formation in which stage of burns
    116)which of the following is not a bronchodialator
    117)what is not found in hypothyroidism
    118)which of the following does not cause pulmonary htn
    119)pt with coma for 20 days which is best route of nutrition
    120)5000 population , 50 have disease and 10 are fatal......what is case fatality.
    121)lyme's disease is caused by
    122)cell not present in cerebral cortex
    123)earliest sign in acoustic neuroma
    124)taste to ant 2/3 rd of tongue supplied by
    125)lateral geniculate meant for
    126)complete mole chromosome composition
    127)hydatiform mole arise from
    128) child 10 yrs age had some congenital infection,mom also had it.method of diagnosis
    129)longest half life for which substance
    130)pregnant woman lacks which clotting factors
    131)rheumatoid arthritis and pneumoconiasis is called
    132)neuroangiofibroma investifation of choice
    133)fastest conducting fibres
    134)meralgia paresthetica is
    135)colour of hemosiderin
    136)which cyst exactly refers to hydatiform mole
    137)liver scan hypoechoic lesions,no septa,no debris.wat is diagnosis
    138)convulsions during diarrhea becoz of
    139)which has no effect on osteoporosis
    140)in rickets which is raised
    141)petechia in scurvy is due to
    142)vitamin not def in ceolic
    143)2 or more molecules in one direction thru membrane is which port
    144)all are true about herpes simplex except
    145)granulation formation which type of hypersensitivity
    146)boy comes wth lesion single which subtype of leprosy
    147)all causes ventricular cardiomyopathy except
    148)skin graft at 4 degree C can be stored for how many hours/days
    149)all causes hyponatremia except
    150)cetuximab is used in the treatment of
    151)lantoprost is used in
    152)Sumatriptan used in
    153)5-HT3 antagonist
    154)5-HT Agonist used in migraine
    155)all are true abt calcium channel blockers except
    156)why exercise is useful in diabetics
    157)action of chylomicrons
    158)drug used in MRSA
    159)increased glutamine indicates
    160)all are congenital thrombotic disorders except
    161)method of disinfection of hepatitis A virus
    162)Vit K dependent clotting factors
    163)gum hypertrophy seen in which subtype of AML
    164)metastasis from which organ is common to bones
    165)secondary amylodosis is due to
    166)metastasis is least common in
    167)all are true about basal cell carcinoma except
    168)pheochromocytoma causes increase in
    169)ramsay hunt disease
    170)not included in MEN 1
    171)drug used in clostridial infection
    172)xiphoid process attaches to the strenum at the age of
    173)which nephropathy seen in diabetic nephropathy
    174)wat factors contribute to pulse pressure
    175)normal cardiac finding in a pregnant mother
    176)age to give consent for transplatation
    177)till which age is a person called child
    178)commonly used solution to preserve organs
    179)sharp instruments are disposed in which color bag
    180)all are true abt ranula except
    181)best method to detect unruptured ectopic pregnancy
    182)no of bacteria present in a ml to say it is tuberculosis
    183)no of holes in a square meter of mosquito net
    184)how is femoral hernia placed
    185)drug used for partial and complete seizures all are except
    186)acute otitis media is caused by
    187)features of bipolar 2 disorder
    188)which is true for nitroglycerine
    189)to know intestinal obstruction which imaging is done
    190)bile acid secretion depends on all except
    191)part for duodenum for curling ulcer
    192)which part of sub clavicular artery related to pain in inner aspect of arm
    193)compartment syndrome is due to pressure of
    194)all are true of antro-chonal polyp except
    195)treatment of breast in case of T4,N0.M0
    196)salphangitis is caused by which worm
    197)neural involvement is seen in which tumours of salivary glands
    198)which operation is done in case of a child with hernia
    199)wat arises from 2nd brachial arch
    200)which ion is needed for the conversion of thrombin

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    good job guys. here r some more questions

    ultra short acting insulin- lispro

    smallest pelvic diameter-

    1.diagonal conjugate
    2.true conjugate
    3.interspinous diameter- ans.
    4.intertuberous diameter

    serotonin antagonist-ondansetron

    socio-economic scale for rural population- pareek

    antidote for acetaminophen- N-acetyl-cysteine.

    aflatoxin produced by aspergillus

    coagulation factor deficient in pregnancy- factor 13.

    alpha 1a selective alpha blocker used in BPH- tamsulosin

    incubation period of LGV-

    not stored in platelet granules- ca

    not true- aPTT used to assess warfarin action

    not true for meniere's dis- schwartz sign

    best investigation for intestinal obst.- CT scan

    doesnt cause pseudoprecocious puberty- hypothalamic hamartoma

    cyproterone+ ethinyl estradiol gn for

    2.hirsutism- ans

    not a green house gas- SO2

    pheochromocytoma mainly secretes - epinephrine

    mc git malignancy under d age of 10yrs- lymphoma

    goblet cells absent in -stomach

    not true abt autism- seizures dont occur

    seizures are seen in 25% of autism cases

    myringotomy done in antero-inf. quadrant

    nerve decussating in superior medullary vellum- CN 4

    largest human protozoan- balantidium coli

    epley's manouvre done for BPPV

    curling ulcer in- 2nd part of duodenum

    not true abt ranula- plunging is a common feature

    IOC in nasopharyngeal ca.- CT scan

    macular injury due to injection of following drug in vitreous-?
    1. gentamycin

    contributory negligence-

    appearence of burn hematoma

    most richly vascularised-
    1. scalp
    3.gala aponeurotica

    not a derivative of 2nd branchial arch- ant. belly of digastric

    no. of holes per square inch of ideal mosquito net-?

    not true for PTH- binds to receptors on osteoclasts
    ( receptors for PTH present on osteoblasts)

    mc site of aneurysm in marfan's syn-?

    q on zero order kinetics

    ethanol used as antidote for ethylene glycol- bcoz acts as competitive inhibitor of alcohol dehyrogenase

    in vWD what is prolonged-aPTT only,PT is normal.
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    In order of volume, Earth's most abundant greenhouse gases are:

    * water vapor
    * carbon dioxide
    * methane
    * nitrous oxide
    * ozone
    * CFCs

    By their percentage contribution to the greenhouse effect[12] the four major gases are:

    * water vapor, 36–70%
    * carbon dioxide, 9–26%
    * methane, 4–9%
    * ozone, 3–7%

    The major non-gas contributor to the Earth's greenhouse effect, clouds, also absorb and emit infrared radiation and thus have an effect on radiative properties of the atmosphere.
  16. Lavanya.

    Lavanya. Guest

    In addition to the main greenhouse gases listed above, other greenhouse gases include sulfur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons (see IPCC list of greenhouse gases). Some greenhouse gases are not often listed. For example, nitrogen trifluoride has a high global warming potential (GWP) but is only present in very small quantities.[9]
    Atmospheric absorption and scattering at different electromagnetic wavelengths. The largest absorption band of carbon dioxide is in the infrared.

    Scientists who have elaborated on Arrhenius's theory of global warming are concerned that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are causing an unprecedented rise in global temperatures, with potentially harmful consequences for the environment and human health.[10] Although contributing to many other physical and chemical reactions, the major atmospheric constituents, nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and argon (Ar), are not greenhouse gases. This is because molecules containing two atoms of the same element such as N2 and O2 and monatomic molecules such as Ar have no net change in their dipole moment when they vibrate and hence are almost totally unaffected by infrared light. Although molecules containing two atoms of different elements such as carbon monoxide (CO) or hydrogen chloride (HCl) absorb IR, these molecules are short-lived in the atmosphere owing to their reactivity and solubility. As a consequence they do not contribute significantly to the greenhouse effect and are not often included when discussing greenhouse gases
  17. anubhav.

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    oxygen toxicity q
    ans.free radicals


    Too little oxygen is obviously incompatible with life. Too much oxygen likewise is not tolerated well. With the increasing popularity of oxygen enriched gas mixtures for both recreational and commercial diving, oxygen toxicity is becoming more common. The body's systems can be overwhelmed by the production of free radicals. The pulmonary and central nervous systems are most readily affected.

    Pulmonary toxicity typically takes more time to develop than could be expected during a dive. The fibrosis that occurs in the lungs develops slowly and, at least at first, is reversible. It does not cause acute incapacitation, but gradual loss of vital capacity, lung compliance, and oxygen diffusion. At one atmosphere of oxygen, symptoms can appear after as little as four hours of exposure.
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    1) level of HCG required to detect gestational sac by transvaginal USG a) 500 b)1000 c)1500 d) 2000

    2) Investigation of choice in ectopic pregnancy a) culdocentesis b) laparoscopy c) HCG measurement

    3) Aortic Dissection in Marfan's a) ascending aorta b) descending c) arch of aorta

    4)Not of normal size in child on birth a) mastoid antrum b) external auditory meatus c) auditory tube

    5) MCC of postmenopausal vaginal bleeding a) CA cervix b) CA endometrium

    6)Drug of choice in Actinomycosis a) Ampicillin ans

    7) Secondary amyloidosis seen in a) emphyesema b) chronic cholecistitis

    8) Iodine level for endemic goiter a) 25 b) 50 c) 75

    9) Increase CSF glutamine levels seen in a) stroke b) hemiparesis

    10) Congenital Cataract needed to be operated first ( don't remember the options)
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  20. GOOD JOB GUYS...
    KEEP GOING.....

    1.the following measures the strength of association b/w cause and ds- ODDS RATIO

    2.cross sectional study measures-PREVALENCE

    3.acute flaccid paralysis surveillance after-60DAYS

    4.true positives-SENSITIVITY

    5.DOC 4 meningococcal meningitis-RIFAMPICIN

    6.endemic typhus caused by-RAT FLEA

    7.EBV causes all except-

    8.all are major criteria 4 AIDS except-

    9.essential medicines are those-

    10.general fertility rate includes females of age group-

    11.drug used in emergency contraception-LEVONORGESTRIL

    12.1st milk teeth appears by-6MONTHS

    13.RDA includes indian males and females of age group-60 AND 50 RESPECTIVELY

    14.weight is the only parameter in -GOMEZ CLASSIFICATION

    15.cut off value for anemia in pregnancy according to WHO is-11 GM%

    16.plastic cover of syringes to be discarded in which color bag-

    17.fat stain-SUDAN 1V

    18.brown atrophy seen -LIPOFUSCHIN

    19.all are congenital prothrombotic factors except-ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID ANITBODIES

    20.most common cause of pulmonary thromboembolism is-DVT

    21.perineural spread common with-ADENIDCYSTIC CARCINOMA

    22.RBC'S have biconcave shape due to -SPECTRIN

    23.in hemoptysis,blood comes from-BRONCHIAL ARTERIES

    24.common position of thyroglossal cyst-SUBHYOID

    25.carotid body tr also called-PARASYMPATHETIC PARAGANGLIOMA

    26.pseudopolyps seen in-ULCERATIVE COLITIS

    27.renin is implicated in -RENOVASCULAR HTN

    28.all r true regarding BCC except-MCC POSITION IS UPPER EYELID

    29.nitric oxide produced from-ENDOTHELIN


    31.all r complications of a/c viral hepatitis except-A/C PANCREATITIS

    32.LVH is seen in all except-MS

    33.all r true supports of uterus except-

    34.brocas area is situated in-INFERIOR FRONTAL GYRUS

    35.which evertor muscle inserted into 1st metatarsal and medial cuneiform-PERONEUS LONGUS

    36.contractile unit of a muscle is -SARCOMERE

    37.pO2 in arteries is-

    38.mechanism of oxygen toxicity is due to-FREE RADICALS

    39.treatment of MRSA is-VANCOMYCIN

    40.judicial magistrate can punish a person upto-7YRS

    41.dowry death investigated by-JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE

    42.treatment of congenital hydrocele in NB-HERNIOTOMY

    43.cause of intermittent stridor in 4 month old-LARYNGOMALACIA

    44.abductor of vocal cord-POSTERIOR CRICOARYTENOID

    45.laryngocele arises from-

    46.herpes zoster infection of geniculate ganglion is -RAMSAY HUNT SYNDROME

    47.all r contents of adductor canal except-POPLITEAL ARTERY

    48.primordial cells arise frm-YOLK SAC

    49.fairbank's trinagle seen in -PERTHES DS

    50.3 slow spiked waves in ecg-ABSENCE SEIZURE

    51.DM screening in pregnancy-GCT

    52.preload determined by-EDV

    53.hemolysed sample can give spurious values of which electrolytes-

    54.most important buffer in ECF- HCO3

    55.nor epinephrine derived from-TYROSINE


    57.primary amenorrhoea+bling vagina+no uterus-HUSTNER SYNDROME

    58.galactosemia ,wat def seen-G1-UT AND GALACTOKINASE


    60.longest half life 4 which radioisotope-COBALT

    61.which is true regarding psoriasis-MICRO MUNRO ABSCESS

    62.metabolic syndrome X,wat not seen-

    63.ICD code contains how many numbers-

    64.Q tip test in-

    65.otoacoustic emissions from-OUTER HAIR CELLS

    66.noncaeseating granulomas seen in-

    67.for ROP screening,wen to check-

    68.sickle cell ds protects against which malariae-

    69.thumb print sign in X RAY-A/C EPIGLOTITIS

    70.addictive behaviour due to -

    71.using genes in treatment for individual basis-PHARMACOGENOMICS

    72.pheaochromocytoma secretes-

    73.long established antiepileptic used in both partial and complete seizures are all except-GABAPENTIN

    74.nontraumatic cause of amputation-DM

    75.soft tissue sarcoem less than 5 cm in LL-

    76.osteoblastic mets seen in which ca-

    77.1st sign of puberty-BREAST DVPT

    78.unruptured ectopic ,investigation of choice-TV USG

    79.which strain in BCG-ACCENTUATED M.BOVIS

    80.all r causes of oligohydramnios except-ESOPHAGAL ATRESIA

    81.alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency leads to -LIVER DISEASE

    82.28wks+ 950gms,which usg finding to measure gestational age-

    83.all r seen in pseudoparkinsonism except-

    84.in human development index,life expetancy form which to which age group-

    85.WHO vacciine surveillance includes which age group-
  21. dhiva

    dhiva Guest

    thanx for your good work.it will certainly help other pg aspirants[/quote]
  22. dhiva

    dhiva Guest

    1.nerve not involved in wallenburg syndrome-12th CN 2.antrochoanal poly-doesnt bleed on touch 3.Alcoholic withdrawl-abd cramps not present.
  23. dhiva

    dhiva Guest

    1.curling ulcer-1st part of duodenum2.subclavian steel syndrome-1st part of subclavian artery3.blisters-superficial second degree4.ergotamine not corect-not met in liver
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When is d result expected..
  25. dhiva

    dhiva Guest

    1.not included in partogram-NST 2.lateral medulary syndrome-vertebral artery 3.yellow fever vaccine certificate valid from-10days after vaccination 3.

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