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    Anatomy 1)Deltoid ligament doesn't join med cuneiform.
    2)Scalenus anterior -wrong statement-subclavian art.lies anteriorly
    3)Pain along medial aspect of arm through in Ca Breast-intercostobrachial nerve
    4)Muscle in deep perinial pouch-sphincter urethrae
    5)Persistent primitive streak-Sacrococcygeal teratoma
    6)Carpal tunnel syn- median nerve
    7)Pudendal nerve- S2-4
    8)Pelvic diaphragm consist of – levator ani
    9)Lateral displacement of knee prevented by-
    10)Abduction of toes is by - Dorsal interossi
    11)Base of 5th metatarsal fracture pull of – Peronius brevius
    12)Ext rotation in semi flexed knee all except - Fibular Collateral Ligament
    13)Does not pass under extensor retinalculum - Ant interoseus artery
    14)Section of fibular nerve - Foot drop
    15)Not a part of epithalamus is - (parts are 1.pineal, 2.habencular nuclei,trigone &commissure 3.stria medullaris)
    16)Striae of Gennari seen in - also called the "band" or "line" of Gennari is a band of myelinated axons projecting into layer 4C of the primary visual cortex from the lateral geniculate nucleus
    17)Porto systemic shunt is present at A/E – Lower anal canal 18)Structure not passing through inf cerebellar peduncle – Pontocerebellar 19)Ophthalmic artery is Branch of – Intra cranial Int.carotid
    20)Not a part of Internal Capsule – Optic radiation
    21)Endinger Westphal nucleus – General visceral efferent
    22)Uterine epithelium develops from - Fusion of paramesonephric ducts
    23)Boundries of pudendal canal – Between obturator membrane and Facia lunata
    24)Diploic bone - Frontal

    1)Circadian rhythm controlled by – Suprachismatic nucleus
    2)Preganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic secrete – acetylcholine
    3)Diffusion of a molecule is directly proportional to – Mol wt/ Temperature/ Water solubility/ Thickness of membrane
    4)Parasympathetic stimulation – Increase airway resistance
    5)Most important Buffer in blood – Hb
    6)Inverse stretch reflex – Lengthening of Muscle
    7)Myoglobin is present in – Slow Fibers
    8)Inhibin causes
    9)Hyperparathyroidism asso c – Increases Alk phosphatase
    10)Neurosecretory peptide is – Somatostatin
    11)Oxytocin – Neurophysin
    12)True abt Capillaries – Large cumulative surface area/Small individual diameter/thin wall/incresed velocity
    13)Estrogen secreted by – Theca cells
    14)Intracellular cation most osmotically active – Na
    15)Interstitial fluid has most imp – Na
    16)Splanchnic circulation – 25-30%
    17)pH sensing receptors present in A/E – Jugular bulb
    18)pH of blood is – 7.35 to 7.45
    19)Arterial PO2 decreases in – CO poisoning/ cyanide poisoning/ anemia/ none
    20)Function of representative hemisphere – steregnosis/language/?/?
    21)Photoreceptor on stimulated release –Glutamate
    22)Laminae in substantia gelatinosa- 2+3
    23)Nucleus ambigus true is - 9th and 10th nerve arise from it.

    1) HGPRT – Hypoxanthene & guanine
    2) Allosteric type – bind site other than that of substrate
    3) Telomerase - RNA dependant DNA polymerase
    4) Degeneracy of Genetic Code – for 1 a.a. there may be more than 1 codon
    5) Hormone responsive element – DNA sequence where hormone -binding protein complex binds
    6) Not a w3 fatty acid – Linolic acid
    7) B12 is absorbed in – Ileum
    8) Protein in cell membrane can function as – Active transport/Carrier/??/ All
    9)Iron present in all except – Ceruloplasmin
    10)Fastest peak on electrophoresis – Adult hb/fetal hb/Bart's hb/??
    11)Vit D 1,25, OH no role of – Intestine
    12)Folding and unfolding of DNA -Topoisomerases

    1)Fatty food increases absorption of – Griseofulvin
    2)Partial agonist – Can bind all receptors but produces submaximal activity
    3)Which is most resistant aminoglycoside to enzyme - Amikacin
    4)Requirement of iron in anaemia calculated by – 4.4*Body wt * Hb deficit
    5)True about Folic acid - Required for thymidine synthesis
    6)Pralidoxime C/I in – Carbaryl poisoning
    7)What will not be found in urine of person consuming multivitamin tablets- Cholecalciferol
    8)DOC for systemic aspergillosis – ?Iatraconazole/?Amphotericin
    9)Amphotercin B toxicity is monitored by -- ?Potassium Measurement
    10)Drug that increases blood level of carbamazapine – ?Ketoconazole
    11)True about Valproate is – Causes Hepatic Necrosis
    12)Quinidine is asso c A/E – SLE/Tachycardia on treating AF/Bradycardia/Torsades de pointes
    13)Anti-IgE used in asthma is – Omalizumab
    14)Local Anaesthetic used in I.V.Local Block(Bier's) – Bupivacaine
    15)Local Anaesthetic in patient with Hepatic disease – Procaine
    16)The drug with agonist receptor A/E – Pentazocine/ Buprenorphine/levonorphan/??
    17)BZDs in hypnotic doses consistently produce – Decrease BP/Reduces nocturnal acid secretion/respi depression/??
    18)True about Cefuroxime – excreted rapidly by kidneys
    19)Granisetron – 5HT3 antagonist
    20)Antiparkinsonian drug c antiapoptotic activity – Selegeline
    21)Instead of penicillamine can be used in cu poisionong – Edta
    22)Shortest acting Ach Esterase – Edrophonium
    23)Prophylaxis in heart disease for tooth extraction – 1hr before n 2 days after/?/?/
    24)Highest photosensitivity seen in – cipro/oflox/peflox/?

    1) Delayed type of hypersensitivity is asso c – Memory CD4 cells
    2)Not a mediator in allergic rhinitis – CD4/SRS-a/Brsdykinin/Leukotreines
    3)Cells like Reed Steinberg are seen in – Inf mononucleosis/mycosis fungoides/solid tissue cancer/all of the above
    4)Programmed cell death is called – Apoptosis
    5)Apoptosis true is – Cell self initiated
    6)HMB45 is tumour marker of – Melanoma/Angiomyolipoma/??/All
    7)Barr body first detected in - ?buccal mucosa/brain/liver/skin
    8)Stable cells – hepatocytes
    9)Falciparum binds to which receptor molecule in brain vascular endothelium – ICAM 1
    10)Following is not a tumour marker – CEA/AFP/HCG/(thus last option is answer)
    11)Alcoholism seen is – Raised ALT i.e. SGPT
    12)Thrombosthenin is – contractile protein of platelets
    13)Cryoprecipitate contains – Factor VIII and fibrinogen (Remember also vWF)
    14)Brain changes in Crutzfeld Jacob Disease – Spongiform encephalopathy
    15)Helminthic infestation true is -- ?/10 % basophil/?/?
    16)Antigen belonging to animal and bacteria – autologus/heterophile/?/?

    1)True about Hepatitis A virus is A/E – Carrier rate 2%
    2)Yellow fever virus is – Flavi virus
    3)Acute HIV infection is diagnosed – p24 Ag capture assay
    4)SARS is – Corona virus
    5)Not a RNA virus – Hepatitis B
    6)Mad Cow disease – protein-prion
    7)TSS caused by – Staph. Aureus
    8)Infant botulinism true A/E – preformed toxin
    9)Superantigens A/E – Staph. Endotoxin
    10) Lysogenic conversion – Diphtheria
    11)MC streptococcus in neonatal meningitis – Lancefield Group B
    12)Lipophilic fungus - ??cryptococcus
    13)Cryptococcus diagnostic test – India ink
    14)Yeast form in tissue A/E – Aspergiilus
    15) Diagnostic in 1st week of typhoid – blood culture
    16)Typhoid incubation period – 3 -21 days
    17)Perforation in typhoid commonly -3rd week
    18)Petroff method for sputum microscopy – Concentration method that don't kill bacteria, Incubation c 4% NaOH at 370 C --> Centrifugation at 3000 rpm for 20 min-->Neutralisation c N/10 HCL, Useful for culture & animal inoculation.
    19)Vibrio cholerae is characteristic for – growth in alkaline medium
    20)True about Pseaudomonas aeuruginosa A/E-- relatively sensitive to many antimicrobials
    21)Congenital toxoplasmosis occurs if – infection acquired in later half of pregnancy in non immune mother
    22)Earliest diagnostic test for H. Pylori infection – C14 Breath test
    23)Drug which inhibit saprophytic fungi -
    24)True about Polio – Man is only reservoir

    1)Acrodynia – Hg
    2)Drug and Cosmetic Act-import,manufacture,distibution,[no ads please] of all drugs.. controls quality,purity
    & strength.
    3)Contributory negligence- ??avoidable circumstance rule
    4)Boiled lobster appearance seen in- boric acid/oxalic acid/??
    5)Common toxin through vegetables –???oxalic/carbolic/etc
    6)Juvenile court -1st class magistate (must be) Female
    7) True about household emetic -- ipecac most potent n safe/Nacl solution safest/Apomorphine not act orally/?
    8)law related with cadaveric spasm Nystans rule
    9)Chilotic line – seen on hip bone for sex determination
    10)Inverted fer tree appearance seen in – ?sperm in vagina
    11)Cholenesterae seen in – elapide mainly i. e. cobra crates , viperade crotalide some amount
    12)Botulinism toxin used for – Blepharospasm/risus sardonicus/?/?

    1)Neonatal tetanus eliminated when incidence – is Less than 0.1/ 1000
    2)Contribution of employer in ESIS – 4.75%
    3)Clorination of water criteria – Clear water
    4)Rat flea – Endemic typhus
    5)Not transmitted by mosquito – Kala azar
    6)Epidemiological investigation of choce for kala azar - ELISA /Montenegro test/ Aldehyde test/??
    7)Natural mosquito control agent – Pyrethrum
    8)reading of abraded skin by dog – Class 2 – So Vaccine only
    9)Sullivan's index-life free of disability
    10)Entry of pathogen & maximum infectivity-Generation time
    11)Definitive diagnosis of leprosy – skin smear
    12)Antigenic shift is in – influenza
    13)True of carrier in typhoid – urinary carrier with anomaly
    14)Shortest incubation period in food poisioning – Staph aureus
    15)Chandler's index – ankylostoma duodenle
    16)Drakunculosis transmitted by – Drinking Contaminated water
    17)Multibacillary Leprosy is followed upto – 5 Years
    18)The concept of Female Health guide was given by – Kartar Singh
    19)Socrate's method of health education is by – ?Didactic method/Group discussion
    20)Best guide of iron defiency – Serum ferritin
    21)Different communities best compared by – Age specific death rate
    22)Burden of disease formula – (Positives/Tested)*Population
    23)Comfortable temp range – 77-80F
    24)Mother to be labelled high risk – Ht less than 140cm
    25)Efficiency of Malaria elimination program is evaluated using – ABER
    26)Prophylaxis to maniac person not on medication coming to Bihar - ??Mefloquine
    27)Percentage of para para in DDT-- 70-80%
    28)Corpulence index used in – Obesity
    29)Correct statement – ans-Population density 324/sq km / TFR- 6/ growth ratio – 2.2/??
    30)Triage is used for – victims of disaster.

    1)Kisselbach's plexus – Plexus of arteris in ant septum(littele's area)
    2)Quadrilteral cartilage – Ant part of septum
    3)Young's syndrome – Nasal polyp, bronchiectasis, azoospermia
    4)True about A/C polyp – Single seen in choana
    5)Sphenoid sinus drains into – Sphenoethmoidal recess
    6)Drainage of nasal mucous – Cilliary action of Mucosa
    7)Inferior turbinate – is a separate bone
    8)In FESS C.T. Scan is advised-??
    9)Caldwell-Luc's operation – For Maxillary sinus
    10)Nasal bone # corrected by- Walsham's forceps
    11)Aspirin use is asso. With - Nasal polyps
    12)All sinuses are best viewed in – Caldwel's view/Water's view/Trans orbital view
    13)Nerve coming out of Stylomastoid foramen – Facial
    14)Epulis is sweling from – Jaw
    15)MC cause of fungal Oesophagitis – candida

    1)Intermittent proptosis – orbital varices
    2)Most dangerous injury for vision - # Optic nerve canal
    3)Corneal ectasia with inflammation – Ant Staphyloma
    4)Keratoconus is not asso with – Hypermetropia
    5)Osteosclerosis of orbit – Meningioma/retinoblastoma/?
    6)Rees-Elsworth classification – Retinoblastoma
    7)Large choroidoma is asso with - ??
    8)Pars planitis visual loss due to – CME
    9)Facial paralysis epiphora due to - ??
    10)Corneal Ulcer C/I in Rx - Corticosteroids
    11)MC cause of blindness in India – Cataract
    12)Thyroid ophthalmopathy MRI finding swelling of – Origin/Insertion/Whole belly
    13)Endogenous fungal panophthalmitis - ?Aspergillous
    14)Aphakic eye finding A/E – 8% Magnification
    15)Second sight is seen in – presbyopia with improved near vision.

    Obs -GYN
    1)At term amniotic fluid volume is – 800ml
    2)Amniotic fluid contain - ~Glucose/?Fructose/?Mannose/?Galactose
    3)Oligohydramnios - Renal Agenesis
    4)Early amniocentesis -12-14wks
    5)Immune rejection of fetus prevented by - HCG
    6)Pre-eclampsia GFR -Decreases.
    7)Fetal adrenals secrete -Cortisol/DHEA/??
    8)Shortest diameter of Cavity- Interspinous
    9)Large Chorioangioma asso with - polyhydroamnios
    10)Commonest presentation of Choriocarcinoma – bleeding
    11)Choriocarcinoma – Villi absent
    12)Frog eye appearance – Anencephaly
    13)Partial mole -Triploidy
    14)Cervical change pregnancy- incre.collagen/incre.Hyluronic acid/Incr.glands
    15)10U of Oxytcin bolus imm.complication- Hypotension
    16)Oxytocin levels not reduced by – Suckling
    17)Latzko operation – VVF
    18)Drug contraindicated in pregnancy- enalpril
    19)Not a tocolytic – Misopristol
    20)Not a steroid synthesis inhibitor – Mifepristone
    21)IUD Failure rate – 1 to 3/less than 1???
    22)Ovarian tumour spread – Para aortic node
    23)Folic acid supplement required in pregnancy – Anti convulsant therapy/ Sickle cell anemia/ Multiple gestation/ All of the above
    24)30 yr old female with endometrial hyperplasia DOC- medroxyprogesterone
    25)HELLP syndrome recurrence rate - ? 2%
    26)Avascular structure is – Amnion
    27)Mg So4 to prevent seizure – 4 to 7 mg/ml
    28)Hypertension in pregnancy korotkoff's sound – phase 5

    1)Hydatid cyst scolicidal agent not used – Povidone
    2)Barret's Osophagus is – Metaplasia
    3)Not used Breast Ca – Bleomycin
    4)RCC not true is – Common in women/ Radiosensitive
    5)Acute papillary tip necrosis – Diabetes Mellitus
    6)Risk of thromoembolism is highest with – Femoral vein thrombus
    7)Hyoid bone is related to – Thyroglossal cyst
    8)Young woman who received mantle radiation in childhood is likely to develop – Ca thyroid/ Ca Breast
    9)FNAC in testies is indicated in – Azoospermia to identify cause/Necrospermia/Differentiate between torsion and inflammation/ all of above--????
    10)Vaginal hydrocele is open upto – Upper pole of testies
    11)Excessive catabolism seen in – Severe sepsis/Pancreatitis/??/All
    12)Mesothelioma- Decreasing incidence reflects ban on use asbestos
    13)Clot of size of fist accounts for blood loss of – 500ml
    14)Family history is not asso with – Lung cancer
    15)Renal Imaging in pt with allergy – USG
    16)MC site of Actinomycetes – jaw
    17)Watermelon Stomach -
    18)BRCA gene positive Breast Ca – Good prognosis to radiotherapy/bad prognosis to radiotherapy/bad prognosis to chemotherapy
    19)In a child with gastric outlet obstruction fluid used – Normal saline/Ringer lactate/dextrose
    20)Narrowest part of male urethra – Meatus Ext.
    21)Middle aged man with renal failure with B/L abdominal mass – ADPKD
    22)Lung injury with good prognosis – Open pneumothorax
    23)All causes of painless haematuria except – Acute Cystitis
    24)Spindle cell tumour is – Retroperitoneal fibrosis in infants/??
    25)What is true abt prostate Ca – 30% of all malignancies in male/10% incidence in general population/??
    26)True abt PSA – Lipoprotein/Measured by immunoassay/Sensitive and specific to differentiate between Ca & BPH
    27)Curling ulcer is asso with – Burns
    28)Hashimoto's thyroiditis – Auto Ig present / Always presents with hyperthyroidism/askanazi cells/?
    29)Raynaud's phenomenon sequence – Pallor , Cyanosis , Rubor
    30)Ca not spreading by lymphatics – Basal Cell Carcinoma
    31)Increase in risk of colorectal cancer – Low fiber diet
    32)Most radio sensitive – Bone marrow
    33)Breast cancer related with – Early menarche
    34)Not used for hemostasis in surgery – gel foam/micronised cellulose/micronised collagen/
    35)highest prognostic value in breast cancer – H/O ca in contralateral breast.
    36)Complication of epidural Anaesthesia A/E– cord compression/low volume headache/backache/meningitis
    37)Total spinal Anaesthesia seen A/E – hypotension/tachycardia/respiratory depression/unconsciousness
    38)Rectus cutting incision – Maryland
    39)MC cause of intestinal obstruction in infants -- ??
    40)MC indication of amputation – injury/infection/vascular disease/tumor
    41)Von meyer complexes seen in – Bile duct hamartoma
    42)Granulomas c abcess formation – ulcerative colitis/TB/crohn's disease/?

    1)Stress # of- 2nd metatarsal
    2)# Neck of femur- Ext rotation and adduction
    3)Tuberculous spine mc site- T12/L1
    4)Tuberculous arthritis first sign- reduced jt space
    5)PID investigation of choice- MRI
    6)Clutton jt MC cause- Diabetes Mellitus
    7)Neuropathic jt not seen in – DM /amyloidosis/leprosy/sarcoidosis
    8)Dactylitis not seen in- sarcoidosis/psoriatic arthritis/tuberculosis/reactive arthritis
    9)Standing on toes not possible in paralysis of- Gastrocnemius
    10)Card test- Ulnar Nerve
    11)Onion peel appearance – Ewig's sarcoma
    12)Rheumatoid affect axial skeleton – cervical vertebrae
    13)AVN commonly in – intra capsular # NOF
    14)Treatment of choice for postmenopausal osteoporosis- Raloxefine
    15)Nerve regeneration – 1 mm/day

    1)Displacement of Apex to Lt. And downward – LVH
    2)Sinus Bradycardia – less than 60
    3)Blood culture is diagnostic in – Infective endocarditis
    4)MCC of infective endocarditis – Strepto Viridans
    5)Atherosclerosis asso. Infection – Chlymadia pneumonae
    6)Osler's nodes – SABE
    7)CPAP asso c A/E – Incresed Cardiac output
    8)Systolic murmur asso c – Ejection click
    9)Physiologocal murmur asso c A/E – Distolic murmur
    10)Conn's syndrome – Hyperaldosteronism c Hypokalemia
    11)Pure red cell aplasia is asso c - Thymoma
    12)Exogenous insulin is differentiated from endogenous by – Presence of 'C' peptide
    13)Ion used in Insulin storage – Zn
    14)Metabolic syndrome is asso c A/E – Incre HDL
    15)Chynes Stokes breathing – Metabolic alkolosis
    16)Granulomatous condition with hypercalcemia – Sarcoidosis
    17)Apoplexy – Sudden attack of Paralysis
    18)Viral Meningitis not asso c – Normal Sugar/Normal chloride/Lymphocytes/Decreased proteins
    19)CRF anaemia due to – Erythropoietin deficiency
    20)Autosomal Dominant A/E – Beta thallasemia
    21)MC cause of Secondary HTN – Renovascular disease
    22)Refractory HTN commonest cause – Pt non compliance/Drug induced/ Pheochromocytoma
    23)Hypokalemia produces ECG changes A/E – Tall 'T' waves

    24)Angina duration – 1-5mins/5-10mins/15mins/30mins
    25)Unstable angina – Crescendo with normal ECG
    26)Sino atrial disease – Atrial ectopic/Ventricular ectopic/Sinus arrest/Sinus Arrythmia
    27)Repeat as above
    28)Adenoma Sebaceum in Tuberous Sclerosis is – Angiofibroma
    29)Drug induced lupus- anti histone antibodies
    30)Portwine urine seen in – porphyria/ nephritis/melanoma/ All of the above
    31)Nephritis syndrome A/E – Hypertension/ Hematuria/oliguria/oedema
    32)Hepatic carcinogen is – Aflatoxin
    33)Liver cirrhosis is d/t – Galactosemia
    34)Parentral fat nutrition c/i – Hyperlipidemia/DM /thrombotic states/All
    35)Prophylaxis of pneumocystis carinii advised – AIDS/Symtomatic HIV/asymptomatic HIV/acute HIV
    36)Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia - ?inter-alveolar septum
    37)Normal urinary protein excretion - <150mg/150-200/200-250/250-300
    38)Loud P2 is with - Pulmonary HTN
    39)Hydropic degeneration of Basal Cell seen in –Lichen planus/Lichen sclerosis atrphicus/??/??/
    40)Furuncle is caused by – Staph. aureus
    41)Disease causing orchitis – Mumps
    42)Commonest psychiatric diagnosis – Depression
    43)Psychosis is asso with – Delusion
    44)In a patient with mania drugs to be used is – Mood stabilizer
    45)Excessive buying is called – Oniomania

    1)Nada's criteria for – heart disease
    2)TOF radiological features A/E - ??Rt sided arch of Aorta
    3)Single Umbilical artery is asso with cong anomalies – 10-20%
    4)The organ in Child with same size as adult – Pituitary/Eye/Adrenal/thymus
    5)Brown fat is present in A/E – Cheek
    6)Fore milk contain A/E – Fat
    7)MC valve asso with Rheumatic affection – Mitral
    8)Ratio of chest compression to breath – 3:1
    9)Thallasemia faces not present – Anti mongoloid slant
    10)1 yr baby with diarrhoea flushing , bone pain, fullness in flanks- neuroblastoma
    11)Fetal hemoglobin – α2/γ2
    12)Brain to liver ratio in malnourished – 1:2/3:1/2:1/5:1
    13)Hypsrrythmia seen in – West syndrome{infantile spasm}
    14)Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis A/E – affects more females/pauciarticular/ RA factor +ve/(ans)
    15)Citrate added to ORS – To provide base.

    .MC Solution used for wound debridement --eusol/NS/Betadine/cetrimide
    .ASD seen is -- Rt axis Deviation n RVH
    Estrogen secreted by – Granulosa cells
    HMB45 is tumour marker of – Melanoma
    Barr body first detected in - buccal mucosa [by barr]
    Following is not a tumour marker – Melatonin

    Drug which inhibit saprophytic fungi - Nystatin
    True about Polio A/E- More common in females than males
    Epidemiological investigation of choce for kala azar - Aldehyde test
    Multibacillary Leprosy is followed upto – 10 years ??[as relapse can be seen in MultiB Leprosy till 8-9 years]
    Socrate's method of health education is by-group discussion

    In FESS C.T. Scan is advised- It is a Must
    Facial paralysis epiphora due to - Pump failure [as orbicularis oris is paralysed]
    Fetal adrenals secrete -DHEA
    FNAC in testies is indicated in – Azoospermia to identify cause
    Total spinal Anaesthesia seen A/E – unconsciousness
    Neuropathic jt not seen in – sarcoidosis
    Conn's syndrome – Oedema
    Citrate added to ORS- increases NA absorption
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    thanqs guys excellent work. some questions other than the above 300 questions. 301.diploic bone/?
    2.second sight?
    3.drug which inhibits saprophytic fungi?
    4.rectus cutting incision?a;maryland
    5.juvenile rheumatoid arthritis a/e?6.chorio carcinoma-chorionic villi absent.
    7.citrate added to ors why?
    8.avascularised structure a.decidua b.amnion.......
    9.capillaries a/e? a.velocity max b.high surface area. c.thin structure.d......
    10.mc cause of intestinal obstruction in infants
    11. mc indication of amputation.a. injury. b.infection.c.vascular disease.d.tumor.
    12.furuncle caused by ?
    13.nystans rule regarding cadaveric rigidity.
    14.folding & unfolding of dna . ans.topoisomerase.
    15.effective con. of mg. to prevent seizure is..
    16.von meyers complex is seen in .....
    17.true about polio...
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    1. symptoms of hyponatremia is seen at
    a. 110-120
    b. 120-130
    c. 130-140
    d. 140-150
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    :D thanksdr.michelle...it will be very helpful to others preparing for dnb
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    Kudos on your memory and way of putting up the questions...most sensible and best way of posting a question i have seen in a long time..
    thank u very much dr.michelle
    :D :D
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    dnb 2008 june

    boiled lobster syndrome is seen in boric acid poisoing [ref; F.Mjournal]
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