DNB medicine Dec 2014 theory question paper

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    PAPER 1
    PART A
    1.Describee the physiological role of zinc in health. Name the zinc deficiency states.describe signs of zinc deficiency (4+2+4)
    2.Discuss the term "true positive rate" and "true negative rate " in relation to research
    3.What is gestational diabetes? What are the risks to the fetus? How is gestational diabetes managed?
    4. What is stem cell biology? Classifiy cultured stem cells.What are the applications of stem cells in clinical medicine?
    5.Describe Lung problems in environmental science
    PART B
    6.How is hypothalamopituitary adrenal axis regulated ? Discuss the etiology and clinical features of adrenal insufficiency.Describe the workup of a suspected case of Addison's
    7.Define delirium.What are its causes? describe the workup in a case of delirium
    8.(a) State the cockcroft gault formula and its use
    (b)Describe lab findings in prerenal azotemia
    (c) List the modifications of diet in renal disease with reasons
    9.Describe the causes , manifestations and Rx of genital ulcers
    10.Define FUO.List the infective causes of FUR and describe the evaluation of FUO
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    Paper 2
    PART A
    1. Biomedical terrorism
    2.Systemic Inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS)
    3.Cardiorenal syndrome
    4.Methanol poisoning
    5.Clinical features , complications , chemotherapy regimens used in Rx of multiple myeloma
    PART B
    6.(a)Discuss the infective agents in community aquired and nosocomial pneumonias
    (b) Outline the management of both types
    7. List the causes of lower limb pain due to organic pathology in the vertebrae and spinal cord. Outline the Rx approach
    8.Define and classify gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors . How are they diagnosed and managed?
    9.What is latent tuberculosis? Describe the investigations and management of latent tuberculosis
    10.Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
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    PAPER 3
    PART A
    1.WHO classification of lupus nephritis and its management
    2.Extraarticular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis
    3.Electrophysiology of AFib and its medical and surgical management
    4.Pathophysiology,classification,diagnosis and management of pulmonary hypertension
    5.Variants , clinical features and treatment of Hemolytic Uremic syndrome
    PART B
    6.Causes and pathogenesis of refractory hypokalemia
    7.Systemic manifestations of COPD
    8.Pathogenesis of hepatorenal syndrome. Discuss in brief its management and prognosis
    9.Causes and mechanisms of diarrhea due to disorders of gut mucosal function or structure
    10. Classification and management if chronic hepatitis

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